Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Thankful

It's been a while again...again it', been a while, this is because i don't have a computer of my own at home YET. I only get to this at work most of the time when i am doing the graveyard shift because i get to have some break and internet connection... I have had a very long night, between 8p.m and this time which is 7:21, i have only slept one and half hours, on a couch, i am not complaining though, i am actually thankful for everything...Ok i shall name the things i am thankful for one after the other ..I am thankful that i have the strength top work through the nightI am thankful that i am healthyI am thankful because i have found loveI am thankful for my family membersI am thankful that i have the greater one to rely onI am thankful that my life is in His handsI am thankful for people around meFor these and many more things i am thankful , so join me in saying THANK YOU to my father in heaven if you are reading this