Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can i Walk on Water???

Step on the water, you can do it, walk towards me, yes you can walk on the you see me do it, you also can...

He stepped on the water in response,he was actually walking on it! doing the impossible! He could do it, he was ecstatic! And then he looked around, he looked at the water, he looked at the rest of the people in the boat, they're not doing the same thing he's, he definitely can't be doing this! He was defying natural laws, it was impossible, how could he? Then he noticed he was losing his stand, gradually he began to sink...he couldn't do what he did just a few minutes ago anymore, he had considered the outward circumstances and all the false evidences appearing he started to sink

Then he called to Him and He stretched forth his hand and caught him saying 'O you of little faith, why did you doubt?' His name is Jesus and his name is Peter. Jesus told Peter he began to sink because he allowed circumstances around him to dictate his response.

I'm so sure most of us are familiar with this story, yeah it's from the bible and when i think deeply about it, it applies to my daily life and that of most of us. I want the circumstances to be right before doing anything, i know what to do inside me but i want to wait for the signs, i don't want to step out on a limbo...i don't want to walk in blind faith but He says that's the way to go...

Without faith it is impossible to please God, without faith one cannot reach the great heights of life, without faith, we can not step out and achieve all that God has destined us to achieve, without faith we'll cling to dead dreams and visions and refuse to see new horizons...without faith, we will live life on a mediocre level...

How many times have we known the right thing to do but allowed the circumstances around to dictate our reaction or hinder us from doing what we need to do. How many times have we chosen to stay in our comfort zones and refused to step out in faith knowing when we start to sink in case we doubt, He'll stretch forth His hands to catch us.

Daily i'm learning it's very easy to live a mediocre life, make no sacrifices, take no risks, have no faith, just do the average that is required to get by in life and in the end look around and envy the people doing great things and allowing Him to take the lead. I have decided i am going to step on the water, and if i start to sink, He'll stretch forth His hand to carry me. And i will renew my faith again!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New year my peeps

It's a new year and i'm very excited becuase it will definitely be a good year!
Hope you all had fun over the Xmas and New year breaks. I did although i worked some of it.

My Christmas was spent with my family back home in our 'village', it's a once in a year event my dad instilled in us as kids but i haven't been there for the celebration for the past 7 years so when hubby agreed we should go, i was really looking forward to it. It's usually a time of reunion not only with my immediate family but also the extended one; usually a time of much eating and visitation! Well we went and had fun but it was so so cold, i was sneezing and blowing my nose throughout christmas day. It was fun all the same

I meant to type a longer post and fill y'all in on what went down at Xmas and new year but don't have the energy, i've been under the weather, not been at work this week at all. Just wanted to update at least so all the people leaving me messages to update would know that it's not have things to write, stuff to pour out but don't have the energy

I forgot to mention in my previous posts that i met favouredgirl in real life and we hit it off. We had been chatting several hours before then so it was like a continuation. I thank blogville for giving me an extra friend. We're kindred spirits! Was at a bloggers event last Saturday and it was nice to put faces to some of the blogs i visit often, we had fun and hope we can do it again.

Well, i'll leave you with a food for thought. Do you have goals for this year or did you just make resolutions? Resolultions to me are wishful thinking, things you'd love to do but goals are targets you set for yourself with ways on how to achieve them. My pastor encourages us all to write our goals forthe new year, every December 31st, that takes me through a thinking process and makes me reach deep into myself. I hardly sit down to think, dunno if it's good or bad. I have goals for this year and i'm giving God something to work with and i know i will achieve more than those set goal. I hope you have your goals for the year written down.

I wish you well in the new year, i wish you lots of happiness, i wish you loads of blessings and i'll say this prayer for you:

'May God keep you and yours and may His face shine upon you'

Have a happy year everyone and blog soon!