Friday, September 30, 2011

Writefreak Blogs Again; Who Do I say I Am?

Say what? I thought she was gone for good...

Hmmm, I thought so too. For some reason, I've been so engrossed in being a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, a home maker that blogging hasnt been high on my list of priorities. A few times, I actually came here and then I silently went back out. I didn't know what to write. Yep, Writefreak, didn't know what to write! How ironic! I'm not out of ideas, it's just been tedious putting it together.
Maybe I'm back fully, maybe I'm not, I dont know. But it's my space and I can come as I wish, I think....Thanks to a friend who reminded me on yahoo messenger that I'm a blogger..:)

Loads have happened in the past 6 months for which I'm eternally grateful. Hopefully, gradually, I might get to share. For today, I'm blogging about an idea I got from aloted's.

I'm writing Ten good things about me.

1. I love God and seek His opinion on all the matters of my life, even the minutest details.

2. I'm very dedicated to my family. My hubby takes no 1 priority in my life, then comes my little boy (chairman). My siblings and parents are also always top on my mind. I make sacrifices for them everyday and i'm always willing to do it.

3. I'm a good writer. I get compliments about my writing skills all the time.

4. I am compassionate. I think people find it easy to talk to me about their problems. Hubby jokes all the time about me starting a Dear Aunt Pam column in a magazine.

5. I cook well. Hubby says my food is the best :) Not just him anyway because he'll be a partial judge LOL.

6. I am very neat and organised. I can't function properly in an untidy space. I like everthing spick and span.

7. I am quite amiable. People find me very likeable and i am easy to talk to.

8. I am easygoing and don't fish for trouble. I've never kept malice with anyone, I don't know how to do it.

9. I am entreprenuerial. I always quit my jobs to start something, so I have chosen to be my own boss.

10. I love children. I connect with them easily and people find it easy to leave their kids with me.

Gosh! There are actually so many good things about me, I could go on and on..

I'll stop there for now and leave you with this..I'm totally awesome! *cheeky grin*