Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Purpose 2

..."what do you think your purpose is"? my husband asked me a few days ago and i honestly wasn't able to come up with anything reasonable, i was thinking in terms of my family, career, goals and ambition and i couldn't put it into words, so he encouraged me to think about it the more. I took pen to paper and believe me i still drew blank, i came up with ZILCH!"It is not a crime not to have it clearly defined yet", he said.

So i started thinking and thinking..., he also encouraged me to write down my thoughts. Thinking did not initially yield any result so i started on a journey, one that is to have my purpose defined in clear terms and by the time i finish, i hope not to be the same.

In Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, the first chapter says: It's not about you", so i went through the chapter and i think the reason i have not been able to come up with my purpose is the fact that i am looking at myself, the things i am good at, what i enjoy doing, my goals, ambitions and aspirations. All these might be pointers but the most important thing as i learnt is to make God the focus, since .."all things were made for his purpose" Col 1:19b. I came to a decision, i have been looking in the wrong direction, i need to look in and not out!

That's my first step in discovering my purpose, my life is not about me, it's about the God who sent me, i want to take it a step at a time and discover what he has put me on earth to do....I am going to read the book for 40 days and at the end of it all, i hope to be able to put pen to paper and in coincise words define my helop me God

I'm at work right now and need to go back to the subscribers. Just took a short break to do this...