Friday, July 27, 2007

Oprah- Narrow Minded ?

A friend buzzed me and said "did you hear what Oprah said on her show about Nigerans"?
She actually said America should sever diplomatic relationship with Nigeria because aacording to her "all Nigerians – regardless of their level of education – are corrupt.” There is an article published in the Punch of 26th July on this, please check it out by clicking this link: Punch

How would a respected human being say something like that about a whole people? What sort of general statement is that?

Can i say, "because some teenage americans do drugs, all teenage americans are drug addicts?" I think that would be the words of a mad woman.

How would she because of the evil acts of a minute segment of the Nigerian population which is over 120 million generalise and say we are all bad. That would mean all notable Nigerians who have made differences in their chosen fields of endeavour are corrupt,right? How can?

We have so many people who have made a lot of difference around the world and have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavour, I'm sure some people come to mind as you read. Would Oprah refuse treatment from a Nigerian doctor if she had an emergency and she was taken to a hospital? I doubt that.

The most painful part for me is that i mentioned it to a colleague and he said "is it not true?" we almost fought, and i made a point to him that i am not correct and i am aware of several other Nigerians who are innocent and hardowking people, maybe he is? . What do we say about our country? Do we have faith in Nigeria?

This is an insult on Nigeria as a country and on honest hard working citizens of our beloved country. We need to rise up as a people and speak against injustice or any ill spoken word to our country.

I admired Oprah but i have lost every iota of respect for her today. I am not watching her show anymore and i am spreading this word to everyone i know. Americans defend their country with everything they have, let's do so for ours.
I rest my case!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby steps

It's been a week since the fire incident and i'm thankful i've gotten over it, even in the process of buying a new cooker.

The week since then has been very wonderful. For one hubby suprised me by coming home that day. He just called like some minutes before 8pm to say he'd be switching off his phone for a while, then he'll call me, i was wondering ok? Then it occured to me he might be coming home and i thought, could he? Well, like one and half hours later, he called to ask where i was, i said home, he said come open the door. Boy, was i impressed! Well, i don't need to tell you what happened after.:)

I'm making progress on my book, i've set a target for myself to finish my debut this month end so help me God and so help myself. Hubby has been so supportive, giving me the necessary push when i'm being slack. I'm taking a step at a time and i believe God is ordering the steps. If i've got a gift, then i should maximise it, shouldn't i? Well, i've decided to do just that!

Then, i made contact with some publishers. I want to believe they'll be interested in my work once i finish and then i'll be qualified to say i'm a writer.:-). I got to meet Ebun Olatoye randomly and she's been such a huge help. She answers my questions like she's meant to.

Things are looking up. I'm on the way to where i believe i was meant to be. I just need to keep my focus and stay true to it...cheers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fire, fire, fire!! Thank you Lord

I woke up this morning, it was supposed to be a normal day...

Work would start at 8a.m and my ride would leave at 7:15 a.m

My alarm rang, i went to the kitchen and put the kettle on the cooker to boil as PHCN would not give power and i can't use the electric one...

I went to my room to pick what i would wear for the day, then i felt this compulsion to go to the kitchen and take something...

Then what i saw shocked to my my bones, my kitchen was covered in smoke and i managed to go inside...i froze at what i saw!

My cooker was in flames, all over and under it, i have never really seen a fire incident so i was really in pieces. well the proactive side of me took over, i shut down the gas, and was wondering how to put up the flames right in front of me, then common sense told me it was better to have a wet and flooded kitchen than a house on fire, so i started pouring water on the cooker, and finally the fire was out!

And then the shock of what happened finally settled in...i was shalink all over, then i called hubby and woke him up from sleep (he's out of town) and he tried to calm me...he was so sweet on the phone. I didn't even know i was crying till he said..."Ah! you're crying".. then i realised.

He made me seat down for a while, yes over the phone:..) And i was a bit calm. I had my bath and dressed up on auto pilot...i didn'even pay the usual attention to my dressing

The irony is i'm here at work trying to resolve issues and queries while i am in a state of shock myself, i'm just trying to get over it....guess i will by the time the day is over and i am begging that it will be possible and easy for hubby to come home. I am overwhelmed..

Flashback to Sunday, i was in church trying to buy tapes when a thief picked my pocket, my new phone that hubby bought for me was stolen! Chei! I was in love with that phone. My friends and i went for the first service which ended at 9 am but we ended staying for all three services because the person in possesion of the phone who claimed to be a policeman that had retrieved promised to bring it back. well he didn't, guess he changed his mind or finally figured out how to remove the battery since he couldn't switch off since i had a lock code on it.

Another shocking thing that i was just recovering from. I have a new phone and a new sim, and then this?

Well, i guess life's just full of challenges and one has to move over them...


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tribute to a friend

Not to Udeme as the guineess advert goes....
To a wonderful friend whom i cherish so much, i know you and you know me, it's between us!
You have been more like a sister to me than a friend
When i think about our meeting, it's really funny, but i think we just had to meet. God had planned it that way.
For several years, i looked for you and one day by divine orchestration, i met you out of the blues...(really?)
We met and that was it!!
Kindred spirits, that's who we are...sometimes we complete each other's statements, we share silly things and we laugh...
You opened up to me, i opened up to you,
We've shared our laughters and our tears
Always there for me even when miles away
You're always so close
When you are away, i miss you so much
But i know you're always there, just a call or e-mail away
You're never too busy for me (i hope you feel the same way.:)
When i think of something or an event occurs, i always think you must hear this..
Just want to say i love being friends with you
You're my best friend always
You'll alway be with me everywhere i go, anywhere you are
Though oceans apart we might be
Dear friend, i carry you in my heart!!!