Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And They Came To Town!

I was so excited. I hadn't seen my closest friend since she got married. We talked everyday but seeing each other had become long thing. So when her trip for Naija was set, I quickly booked her ticket to come to see me. We bargained back and forth on how long she would spend and eventually we agreed on a week. She arm twisted me actually, I didn't agree.

D-day! Hubby and I were at the airport and then I saw this chic with a baby carrier. I was so excited. It didn't feel like two years though, I still spoke to her the day before. First thing was to carry my goddaughter that I was seeing for the first time. I looked at her and I knew I was in love. I loved her since she was in the womb! The day she was born, I knew already she was here! I knew when her mother went to the hospital. I dreamt of them all night and prayed in the dream and she was born in my dream. When I woke up, I knew she was born that night. And yes, the text message confirmed it. I wept tears of joy that day. I loved my goddaughter already! And looking at her, I knew I was sold for life!

Ok back to my god-daughter's mother, who happens to be my friend (hehehehe), so we hugged each other and I told her she looked good (did I?). We got in the car and we just picked up our conversation like we saw each other fifteen minutes before then. It was so good to see her again. I didn't know if the room I had them in when we got home was comfortable enough or not, considering my little love, but they got settled quickly and my friend assured me they were cool.

I couldn't get enough of the little lady. She is sooooo adorable. OMG, i could play with her forever! Lol. She had a cold that night and I felt sorry for her. Hubby went out to get her nasal drops with a doctor friend while her mum and I fretted. The night flew by and the little miss had to go to bed. She goes to bed at 9 and stays in bed. Jeez! She is such a good child! My friend looks nothing like she has a little baby...hehehehe (i hope she doesn't kill me).

The week flew by, we went to the market. We bought gold for the little miss. I had dreamt of buying her earrings from day 1. We fulfilled the dream. We got scolded in the market for bringing such a little baby in the sun. Case in point, an elderly Yoruba woman who instructed us to take her home immediately. We still had a bit of shopping to do so we entered a shop and right there was the woman again. My first impulse was to 'flee' the shop, my friend and I were in sync, we both saw her, looked at each other and we were gone. When we got outside the shop, with the little miss in my arms, we both burst into laughter. We were giggling like idiots. Such great moments.

We went to eat fish and on their last night with us, hubby ordered the fish in. It's amazing how your life changes with a child in it. Great changes! But I learnt in the one week that one would definitely have to make adjustments. You can't just up and go like hubby and I are fond of doing. Many times, we had to finetune plans of going out because of her. It was so much fun!

Oh and hubby was sooo good with her. He calls her his darling (?). They had their moments where they would whisper to each other, she would give him sloppy kisses and they just said things my friend and I both didn't bother to find out. He's great with kids and I think the little miss made his week. There were so many pictures of their moments!

And my friend actually allowed me to bath her without supervision one afternoon! Wow. That really tripped me. She just told me what to do and said i'm sure you won't let her fall. You can bath for her and we went and did our thing. Oh little miss, we sure had fun in the bathroom, didn't we. She rewarded me with lots of spit on my face. She started spitting when the got here. I think she's teething. She would just do phhhbbbbttttt and there you have your face full. I love the sloppy kisses she likes to dish out. So many sloppy kiss moments. Little miss, i love the sloppy kisses you dish out and I miss them.

I changed diapers, I sang lullabies, I was pinched and I was kissed. I love them all. My friend is not clingy to her baby and I love that. Yes she has all those motherly tendencies and would say things like 'don't do that to my baby o(hehehehehehe)' but I love the way she's slightly detached and would even gist while my god daughter is crying. Mscheew, one day I yelled at her to go and attend to the baby and she said 'finish your gist'. Agbaya. She's a good mummy and sometimes I would just look at her and think, 'seriously, my friend is a mummy'.

It was a reunion of two ladies who once had hopes of becoming adults and are now becoming. Before it was just us, now it's us and our husbands and a little one. Soon, it will be us, our husbands and a good number of little ones. I see us having family reunions, get togethers, parties, barbecues etc.

One thing I know for sure, I'm sold, I'm in love. I love my goddaughter and I love her mother even more. Aloted, thank you for coming to town. We miss you and the little miss so much. See you soon at yours!