Thursday, November 04, 2010


My BBM status all of yesterday was 'Lord I know you are faithful, even when life seems so unfair'. My hubby joked that it was sounding like the kind of things people write to each other in a polygamous home and i told him not to worry, everyone know he only has one wife and he is faithful to her. He was kidding but i was serious about the status. A lot of times, we feel we haven't gotten what we deserve, or maybe people close to us but the bible makes me realise that God is ever faithful and He does no wickedness. Every good and perfect gift is from the father of light.

I know the God I serve, a faithful one and I'm thankful for the so many ways He is showing His faithfulness in my life and that of those close to me. I am thankful for the following reasons.

I can call God my father without a shadow of doubt, I can call Him my friend. I have access to the throne of grace anytime and everytime of the day. I am awed at this fact that God calls me His own and I am just thankful that I have a personal walk with Him.

I have a loving and faithful husband who never gives me a cause to doubt his love for me. We can talk about anything and everything without fear of being judged.I don't take this for granted. We share a beautiful relationship and it's not just because we know how to, it's because we have Christ at the centre of it all. Thank you Lord.

I'm thankful for the ability to be able to call on friends to pray and know that they will. It's awesome when you know there are people all around who cover you in prayer and that when you call on them, they will answer.

I've been in good health. My family and I are well. This is something I think I might have taken for granted but events in the past few days have made me realise that health is nothing to be taken for granted. Dear Lord, I am grateful!

It's awesome when you know you can minister to and inspire someone. I had one of such opportunities again yesterday and I'm thankful that God used me to turn a heart that was going astray back to Himself. He has given me the tongue of the learned that I may know how to speak a word in season to those who are weary!

A friend has been in hospital and although it seems she might have lost something, all is not totally lost. What the enemy meant for evil is turning out to not be a total loss. For this I'm extremely grateful.

Lastly, The Soulsistas are back! Aloted and I took an extended break from our blog but we're back now and for good this time I believe. I'm thankful that both our lives are wholesome enough for us to know we have things to say to our generation!

I could go on and on, God has been faithful to me. What are you thankful for?

Ps: We have a post up on the soulsistas blog, please check it out and don't hesitate to leave your comments.

Much love peeps!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are we really free or Neo-colonised?

It's Wednesday, and I'm so thankful for God's grace and mercy. There are so many amazing miracles around me that I can't count.

But it's not really a thankful post. I'm bothered about something and I need to let it out. Aloted wrote a post recently and although I didn't comment on it, I was saying hear hear!

I know a lot of us would rather lose our green passport if we carry any and pick up a blue or red one for life. We hate this country. Does anything even work here? And for some of those who live abroad, when I hear comments they make about Nigeria, it makes me want to cry. There's nothing wrong with living abroad or anywhere but there's something wrong when you see no good in your own roots or your own culture.

Trust me, I know a lot is wrong with this country that should be fixed. We have a million and one challenges. Governance, leadership, etc etc..but it's not all gloom and doom. I watched a show yesterday and all the expatriates that were interviewed had one word in common about being here- opportunities. I kept listening for that word, which sadly a lot of my country men and women don't see.
This is actually not a post about patriotism either. I'd like you to be patriotic though. Your country is your country and even if you do carry another passport, your roots are here. Neo-colonialism is a word I'm sure a number of us are familiar with and I'm seeing a trend that is just making me so sad.

I have been guilty of it too. On Independence day, I asked hubby why the president couldn't have worn a suit and he wisely asked me why he should. Should he wear a suit so he can look colonised? That word got me thinking. But I had my pay back time a few days later (lol). Hubby accused me jokingly of speaking too much Yoruba when we visited a friend. I let him finish and I reminded him of what he told me. I asked him what was wrong with speaking too much Yoruba, not enough colonialism in that, is there? We all laughed.

I speak a lot of Yoruba, I grew up speaking mostly Yoruba to my parents and none of us (my siblings and I) has turned out badly in the English speaking department. Infact, two out of us five have English degrees, and the third person is on his way to bagging one. I speak very good English if I dare say so myself. My mum majored in English for her teaching certificate and she made sure we said English words with the right diction but she taught her children Yoruba. I see it as an advantage, I can hold my own speaking the two languages. Maybe she should have insisted I learnt a third language. I don't write Yoruba too well but I can write it.

On the show yesterday, a black American woman who had lived here for 33 years said she migrated because she wanted her kids to have a culture and a root and she insisted that they spoke only Yoruba in their house while growing up. She said we have a rich culture but we're losing it gradually. I agree and it's extremely sad. I don't do Yoruba traditional worship in case you're wondering lol.

These days I hear of kids who live here in Nigeria but can't eat any real Nigerian food. What in God's name is that? They can't even pronounce their own names correctly! And they think it's 'razz' to speak their native languages. If they can't speak, how can they write??? I'll blame a lot of it on their parents who have given them no sense of pride in their heritage. Some kids won't touch native wear ever, when they can wear jeans.

I saw something on facebook a few days ago and I actually ranted on my profile. Someone wrote 'erekpa lo wah shey'. Is that Yoruba or some foreign language??? I can understand when a non Yoruba peron writes like that but for a Yoruba grown man, it's just totally unacceptable. We should be able to write the basics of our own language. Erekpa is erepa, wah is wa and shey is se. I felt like giving him a lecture...I have seen people write 'jo' as jor. Please it's not an English word, no yoruba word ends with an R.

I bet such blunders might be going on with other Nigerian languages, only I don't know those languages.

I reject every form of colonialism, I am free and I refuse to resell my birthright. I'm proudly African, proudly Nigerian and proudly Yoruba. We should be proud of our rich heritage. I'm afraid the younger generation will meet no culture if we go on this way. God forbid that I let that happen to my children!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living with the Parents

I have a bit time on my hands so I've been watching some TV, actually maybe too much TV...:)
This post is inspired by a movie I saw on Africa Magic Yoruba. An elderly couple decide to go and live with their two sons. The younger initially refused but the older prevailed on him. The agreement is that each parent will spend six months each with their sons and swap.
The mother gives the wife a tough time, and gets angry when her son does not greet her before going to work. She wakes up early in the morning and goes to sit in their room saying she wanted to talk to her son. The wife walks out (I'm getting pissed already)
The father dishes out his own medicine. He won't let anyone serve him food aside his son's wife. If she goes out for hours, he refuses food lamenting that his son's wife is punishing him. Wife is watching a movie, he asks, and she says she's been watching out for the second part of the movie so she's happy they're showing it. Father in law decides he wants to play a music video at the same time. So she stops watching her movie.
The brothers eventually decide to send their parents back home since they were beginning to have problems in their marriages. I'm totally in support, infact, they shouldn't have waited that long.
Go forward some time, apparently their parents are cut off from them. Both children are having problems in their lives and the younger consults an Islamic cleric (the way they always go in our movies) and the cleric says he needs to get his parents shoes. The son says it's an impossibility. Eventually the cleric goes with him and they make up with the parents.
We're made to understand that these two young men are having problems because they sent their parents out of their home.
I've got a good question for the writer of this movie: does it mean children can't do right by their parents if they're not living together?
We later find out that the parents were informed by a herbalist to stay with their children for some time and pronounce blessings on them daily to make sure they have no issues in life. They're supposed to keep it a secret from the children.
I have another question. Do people actually consult herbalists in real life? Can't we reach resolutions in our movies without involving the spiritual? I'm a believer and I trust in God for solutions but I don't go round consulting different pastors! Ok, this actually isn't about me..
Are we still such a fetisg society?
The brothers find peace after they make up with their parents and their parents pray for them and forgive them.
No mention was made of what the parents did to their daughters in lawnd how they almost ruined their homes. The writer's focus was on the children sending their parents out.
Does it mean parents have a right to run their children's lives or take over their homes because they suffered for them and fended for them. So it's pay time and they must move in?
I'm totally for taking care of one's parents and supporting them. The bible encourages honouring our parents but I believe parents should allow their children live their own lives. Parents who respect themselves don't impose on their children in my opinion. I know there are circumstances when a parent has to live with their child, sometimes in case of illness or some other unforeseen circumstances. A lot of times though, a parent will side with their child against a spouse which might cause problems in the marriage. Many wives have been known to contend with mothers in law for their husbands' love while a lot of husbands have been made to suffer the wrath of protective mothers in law.
Our society believes children are parents' investments and a parent must depend on children as they get older. I've seen different cases though.
I won't flog it. We all should take care of our parents and not abandon them. Please honour your father and mother so you may live long and it may be well with you.
My question to you is this though; will you bring your parent to live permanently in your home with your spouse?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick A Side

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a stickler for what I believer, most of the time when it comes to making a decision or taking a stand, I say what I believe unapologetically. I try not to be obnoxious though. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything, I totally agree with that and believe it.

There was a time when if you met a believer, by their words and action, you could say this person is indeed different or indeed a believer. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not about the mode of dressing. It's just something about them, it's the way they conduct themselves. Their conduct is not an arrogant air, it's just a calm assurance that comes from believing and having a relationship with someone greater.

I'll use the word Christian for a believer. Why the name? They were first Christians in the bible because they were Christ like. Their actions were different. They walked and talked differently and people said indeed they must be Christians. Everyone is a Christian now, so long as they belong to a church. Christianity is no religion, it is a way of life! Does Christ rule your actions and thoughts? Do you submit to His lordship?

In the book of James, the apostle said 'a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, let that man not think that he can receive anything from the Lord'. Who is a double minded man? One who can't make up his who can't decide where he wants to be, what he wants to be and how he wants to be. One who has refused to choose a side!

An interesting discussion ensued between some friends and I a couple of days ago and it has not stopped bothering me. It makes me ask the question are there still Christians (definitely)? Are we still allowing the author of life to reign in our thoughts and actions?

I came up with a story and said a believer I know is asking his wife to have an abortion since she's pregnant the third time and they're both workers in church. If she didn't do it, he was going to leave her. I said what I thought, abortion is murder and the fact that you didn't plan another kid is not enough to go ahead and kill a life you didn't give. I know pro choice ( or whatever people will have my head), no apologies, I believe the bible. Thou shall not kill has not been removed from the word of God.

The interesting bit is that I was said to be judging and that in matters of relationship between a man and a woman, every relationship has its own uniqueness. I don't really like arguing, most times I make my point and back down but you'll know where I stand. The conversation generated several topics but my issue was not resolved. It was painful to me that we were all Christians and subtly, the guy was excused from his 'sin'. A Christian guy would not be leaving his wife and asking her to have an abortion...afterall the bible says God hates putting away.

I know nothing is cast in stone and there are not only black and white lines, sometimes they're grey...with the word of God though, it's usually grey or white. God doesn't sit on the fence. I think that's why He said, 'choose o man, who you will serve'. I could rewrite that and say, 'dear human, you're either for or against me, pick a side'!

Do our unique circumstances sometimes excuse us from living as Christians, definitely not! If you have chosen to be a believer, please uphold the name of our God and live by His word. His commandments are not grievous!

On another note, women who have had real and serious reasons to terminate pregnancies (mostly medical) know how painful it is emotionally and physically and I think it's so superficial to go through it because you didn't plan another child. Can that person plan when to die? If you can, then pls plan when to give life.

I said to my friends, what if you did everything, took all measures (of family planning) and still ended up getting pregnant. It was disturbing for me that it was silently considered ok to make the choice you have to. Someone said 'if the husband allows her, she'll have a fourth'. And I dare say, it's not their fault, it's because they never stayed awake at night asking God for just one child. If they ever went through the pain of infertility, they would not think it's ok to end a life just because 'it was not in the plan'.

Part of the conclusion was that I'm too shielded, my marriage is too wonderful for me to know what's reality and I was priviledged to meet someone who really loves me and vice versa. I know I am but that was beside the point. There were insinuations that the said woman might have planned to get pregnant. In my story, she didn't plan it but I guess each person chose what they wanted to hear.

This is just one of many instances. The 21st century does not change the word of God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He won't change His mind about what He has said.

Whose side are you on? Please pick a side and live on the principles of that side.
The grass withers, the flower fades but the word of our God stands sure forever! Isaiah 40 : 8

Ps. Thank you Rita for inspiring me out of my hiatus. I don't promise to be here everytime just yet but I'll be back..
A lot happened while I was away, I added a year, a milestone, I turned 30, might talk about that later. I love you all bloggers and I kinda miss you :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bless the Lord o my soul and everything within me, bless His holy name...

I'm thankful for so many things that might sound very basic but I never ever want to take God's blessings in my life for granted.

For being a daughter to God and having a relationship where I can call Him my loving father.

For being married to the most wonderful man. My husband is very busy and under a lot of pressure but he never neglects me or our relationship.

For laughter in my home constantly. There's always a reason to smile even on the very blue days!

For my mum and dad and my siblings..God continually keeps them in good and perfect health.

For my sisters in law and their kids and husbands and for my brother in law. God continually keeps them all in health and we have peace.

For healthy, safety, and provision for hubby and I. It's wonderful to know God consistently watches over us.

For the way God always tries to get my attention and get His word to me. This week I have once again been reminded of how He alone should be first place in my life and not allow anyone or anything take His place. Thank you father for reminding me of what is most important.

For the wonderful friends that surround me. Sometimes I don't find comfort/understanding where I expect but God has given me some friends who continue to stand by me.

I'm thankful for all these and more, what are you thankful for???

Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Rants!

I've been jogging almost everyday for the past one month, well over a month, remember the 3Ps, i sorta continued after the first 30 days and just intensified the pace. I cut short my length and now jog all the way for about 25 minutes and then get back. I must say it's not been the easiest thing to do, getting out of bed at 6:15 am but it's been good. I love the adrenaline rush i get from running, i love that i can talk to God as i get out that early and it has sort of helped give my day more order. I now have to make sure i shower early and start my day on time. It's had a good number of benefits. I haven't lost that much weight but i think i'll get there if i don't give up. I'm going to be adding some more ingredients to the mix that will help me lose help me God.

Even hubby has commended me on how disciplined and focused I've been. He thinks I'm really trying hard, so imagine how upset I am when I met some spoilt brat yesterday. I haven't seen this person in about 6 years and infact I didnt recognise her. She called my name while hubby was introducing me to someone important and I thought the fact that I didn't have my glasses on had something to do with me not recognising this person. I walked up to her and she introduced herself. So I was like oh yeah, sorry it's been long, I just didnt recognise you. She said something i thought wasn't funny then went on to ask me why i had added so much weight. I smiled politely, then she went on to let me know how after having two kids, she's slimmer than me (not having any kids yet). She was like 'this is not good, not good', go and lose some weight, infact you should start jogging.

I just stood there tongue tied, typical reaction when i'm upset. I wish i could be more outspoken in instances like that. I didnt bother asking for her number or anything, I don't want to remain in contact with such people. I walked back to hubby and told him what had transpired. He was very angry and said i shouldn't have let her get off with it. I wish i didn't and a part of me just wants to email to call her to order.

In the first place, Mrs 'i'm slimmer than you', who is in a competition with you? Is it my fault you have such a low self esteem that you must make yourself feel good by comparing yourself to others? You should watch it because someday you will meet your match or someone more brutal than yourself, and you could just end up with a slap. Infact, I might be glad to be the one doing the slapping! You don't know anything about me, you don't know me, other than seeing me once 6 years ago, so how dare you run your mouth like that! Just warning you, you prolly won't be reading but i'm telling you...NEVER ever stick your nose in my business again! I love myself the way i am, you don't know the effort i'm making...and just don't stick your nose in my business.

I don't know why people think it's a prerequisite to make comments on someone else's weight if they haven't seen the person in a while. Stop it! It doesn't make for good conversation. Learn some tact if you haven't got it. Unless someone asks your opinion about their weight, no matter what it is, please shove it! Or well, unless you're very close to them and it's not too personal to talk about! The next time i get unsolicited advice or comment about my weight, i would be really nasty, i think! ( i wish i could do that!. You'd think i am that big sef...nonsense.

My hair is pretty damaged, i just found out. I'm trying to decide what to do about that. I just noticed one whole side is pretty much shorter than the rest. I think i might have to let it grow naturally for some time and trim it all to the same length. It's so painful though. I remember some years back, something like that happened to me but it was even worse, oen side went bald. I really need to find me a good salon/hairdresser in this city of Abuja.

Ok, rant over, i got me some work to do!

Have a nice week everyone! :-)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Tale of My Blenders

Any woman who has a good relationship with her kitchen knows blenders are a very essential tool in the kitchen. Blenders, you gotta love them! I have a good relationship with my pink kitchen, yes my kitchen is pink! Some days, it’s a love hate relationship as I sweat over different meals bt when I see the outcome, I fall in love all over with my kitchen.
Ok so the kitchen can’t steal the shine from its component today. The story is about my blenders. They serve me so well, I’m sure sometimes, they want to flee the kitchen as I work them to death! I don’t do the usual grinding with machines that people do. I blend everything, even the beans for moinmoin!
Five years ago, I bought a blender, it was a Kenwood one. At the time, I thought it was a bit costly as I priced others of different makes but the black and silver was so sexy to me, it got me and I had to buy it! See, I don’t like white gadgets in the kitchen, everything in my kitchen that I had an input in how they got there are silver and black/grey. I will never use my money to buy anything white, to me they’re just too clinical! I kind of kept the blender till I almost got married, so let’s say that blender has served me four years!
As wedding gifts, you get a lot of gift items, mundane and useful ones. Several weeks after our wedding, a cousin deposited a gift from an uncle to my house, it was a Binatone blender. I unwrapped it and one look at it, I thought, no way, this doesn’t belong in my kitchen. Yep, you guessed right, it was a white blender with green controls. I decided to keep it anyway as a smoothie/fruit blender. It served its purpose once in a while. I didn’t use it much. My Kenwood on the other hand was always at work!
After serving me almost three years, one of the components gave out, I replaced it with the one in the smaller cup and it continued working. Some months back, I was blending pepper, or was it beans, I don’t remember. The controls between the upper and lower part wasn’t connecting. The blender wasn’t rolling. Alas, my invincible Kenwood blender had given up. I mourned its loss but refused to part with it. I packed it up and kept it in the kitchen cabinet. I brought out the Binatone that hasn’t seen much work.
The think about the Kenwood is that the parts are collapsible, you can couple it yourself. It’s not the same with the Binatone, the only detachable part is the cup. After using for a few months though, the blender gave out on me while Jhazmyn was here. I was making moinmoin for her and her husband (points accusing finger). I used the small cup and finished it up. The plastic on the control part got burnt and that was it, the end of my Binatone blender that I had no real sentiments towards, except necessity. Two blenders laid to rest in my Pink kitchen L
Two nights ago, No Limit was here (yeah, I know, bloggers visit me and I love to entertain them J), and I was cooking, I needed to blend some pepper and it just occurred to me that I could try my Kenwood blender again. Well I brought it out, changed some of the parts of the big cup to the old one, coupled it and tried my luck. Yes, you guessed right, it worked! It so worked! I came to the living room and exclaimed to hubby and the friend that was here; ‘Kenwood rules baby’! I explained to the friend who is getting married in a few weeks how Kenwood kitchen gadgets would be better for their kitchen. He listened attentively, probably just humouring me and wondering what on earth this woman was going on about. Well, hubby told me, his wife is the convert I need to explain my theory to.
So my Kenwood blender is back, in top form, I still used it this night. And one word of advice for you ladies, Kenwood rules! Never buy inferior gadgets for your kitchen!
Have a nice weekend y’all!

Ps; the 3Ps are going well..I think I've only missed two days since starting, Sunday and the day I had shin splints...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Day 2 of the 3Ps

I got out the door at 7:46 a.m, I got back at 8:39a.m. My maths is not so good..o can't calculate how long that was. I only calculate money well :-)

I must be looking hot, two young guys said hello and winked at me as I was rounding the bend from my street. They waved and I waved back. I didn't hear them with my ipod plugged in and very loud. I waved back. It was a good start to my walk! Lol
I must make a playlist of my favourite worship songs, I had to look for them manually this morning as I went. I ws in my own world, at peace with the world and in tune with God. I played a song 'Usher me' by Aretha Murril-Crooms among others. I don't know why some drivers hooted as I went, I was on the side-walk, a few even waved at me. I don't know why! Maybe they were just fascinated! The same car passed by me twice, I wonder where he was going, it was on the same side both times.

I felt like I could go on for a while longer , maybe because I was praying but I decided not to overdo it.

Mystoriesmytestimonies, I prayed for you and I do believe you'll pass that board exam this time. Will keep thanking God for you.

Jaycee is my only committed partner, thanks girl for agreeing to do this with me. If you're interested, you can still join us...not too late!

For those of you who just want to do the 2Ps, you're welcome. I'm sure we will have testimonies in these 30 days!

YNB, thanks for thinking of me, you can see I did this!

Love and peace y'all.

Hope the formating isn't too bad! On my mobile.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For Thirty or Sixty Days...3Ps

This time last year, I had recently moved into a new neighbourhood. I was fascinated that i could walk, jog or run on the sidewalks, i did it consistently for some months, then i stopped, mainly due to circumstances almost beyond my control.

A year down the line, 2 or 3 extra kgs, I thought to myself that it's time for a change, time to do something drastic, or well something different. My husband asked me on Sunday if i really want to lose weight as i claim because he doesn't see me doing much about it, i just keep saying. He told me he's not complaining (he really isn't) but i'm always talking about it. Talk is cheap! So i shrugged and kept thinking about it. Hubby has that effect on me! :-)

Most people tell me i'm ok at this size and bla bla, i kinda agree, at the same time, i have an ideal weight in my mind's eye and it's not 68.5kg, it's a maximum of 65kg. Like hubby told me, my problem isn't food, it's not even junk food, i don't eat much and i hardly snack, people who know me very well can testify to it. Most days my eating habit borders on starvation, i don't know why, don't ask me.

And even if I'm not looking to lose weight, I know I need to exercise regularly to keep fit, be healthy and all that. I've preached that message so many times, my once in a while gym going won't do it. At a point, I said to myself that having an Ipod will help me walk or exercise better (excuses...).Hubby gave me an Ipod on Valentine's day, i use it a lot, not just to walk or run. The last time i did some major power walking, it was both of us, and that was two weeks ago.

So we went to bed at a good time yesterday (i usually don't, i'm a night owl) and when hubby started getting ready for work this morning, i woke up(as the custom is). I said to myself, it's a good time, it's before 7:00a.m, why don't i go walking. I said it to him, he didn't respond, sharp man!

So as hubby got out of the door, I didn't waste time, I got into my sports gear, picked up my Ipod and voila, i was on the sidewalk. I didnt jog or run, i only walked but it felt good. I asked myself, 'why not do his everyday?' Then I thought I could actually do it consistently for thirty or sixty days.

All I need is some motivation and some form of accountability. So my blogville family, I am choosing to be accountable to you first for the next thirty days.

My commitment is to power walk everyday of the week except Sunday mornings (we go to church very early) and when something unforeseen comes up,for the next thirty days and then I will decide to continue or not.

I might need to make some changes especially to my bedtime because that has been one of my issues. When I go to bed at 3am, what time do I wake up to go walk or run? So it looks like bedtime might need to be adjusted.

I will blog about my experience everyday, the things I see, who i meet and so on. That is going to be some big commitment, considering how haphazard my blogging has been! Help me Jehovah!

And considering I am a spirit that has a soul who lives in a body, I have decided this 'exercise' is not just going to be about power walking. It will have two other p's. So the three Ps;

Power walking.

I will praise God, listen to worship on my Ipod and pray (about anything and everything)as i power walk. To include you my friends, I think if you have anything you really need someone to pray with you about, you can email me (through my profile), leave a comment, and I will pray about it as I walk the next day.

I won't mind if anybody wants to join me in doing the 3Ps, first for the next 30 days starting today (well tomorrow). It will make it fun and we can all be accountable to each other. You can let me know in the comment box if you want to be involved. Let's build our bodies and our spirits in the process!

Ps: It's Nolimit's birthday! She's such a great lady! One thing I know about her is that she's really dependable. She was in my house Friday night/Saturday morning and it was great. Father I thank you for this your daughter, how far you have brought her and I pray you continue to give her wisdom to live her life for you. Amen!

Jhazmyn has also been in my corner of the world. She's in Abuja with her hubby and we hung out together all day yesterday. It was great hanging out with you girl. She went with me everywhere; bank, grocery shopping, etc etc. Then we came home to cook while her hubby kept calling to find out when she was coming back (it was getting late). It was fun...

So who wants to join me in doing the 3Ps? If you don't want to join, if you have a prayer need still, let me know. I believe we will have testimonies!

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Wednesday...

Another lovely Wednesday, another opportunity to worship, another opportunity to be alive, another opportunity to fulfill purpose...each day brings such wonderful opportunities.

God is ever good and worthy to be praised so i'm thanking Him again this week for the following things.

I'm thankful for life and the opportunity being alive presents. God constantly gives my loved ones and I the opportunity to be alive. It's easy to take being alive for granted but when I think about where some people are, I just lift my hands and say thank you father. I can aspire because I am alive, a living dog is better than a dead lion!

I'm thankful for my marriage. Lord I thank you because even when I want to take my eyes off my blessing and take the man you have given me for granted. I only need to look around at the relationships existing around me and I have to say thank you Lord for my husband is a good man indeed!

I'm thankful for the ability to dream. Sometimes i want to stop dreaming, i want to quit but you never let me. You constantly give me things to aspire to, to pursue. And for a man that won't let me rest on my oars, thank you Lord.

I'm thankful for the weather. I know we have all complained about the dust, yes it is very dusty Lord but it's not so hot anymore so I thank you Lord.

I'm thankful for wonderful friends who surround me. Thank you for that call that came through to me even when i thought nobody cared.

I'm thankful for provision. People say times are hard but I haven't had cause to say that. When men are saying there is a casting down, you help me Lord to see a lifting up.

I'm thankful for journey mercies for hubby. He travels a lot but you keep him safe and keep bringing him back to me. Thank you Lord.

So many things I could list, may I never take your blessings for granted father and may the reader of this be able to pick out at least one thing to say thank you father for.

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writefreak on Bookaholic Blog

Writefreak is on Bookaholic

Hey my people, hope you had great weekends and that your plans for the week are working out.

It's been only two days this week, and i feel like I've done so much already!

Quick one, there's an interview of mine on bookaholic blog and you might want to read. It's basically for my contribution to the In my dreams series...Hope you guys have been following!

You can find it here.

Please read and drop a comment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Against All Odds, I Glorify!

Today I don't feel like praising. I don't even want to worship but I will because I do not only praise You father for what I can get or for what You can do. I praise you Lord because you are God, because you are faithful and you are just. And although questions rage in my heart, I will not yield to the temptation, i will NEVER question you. You number the hair on my head, Lord You care in an amazing manner and for this I surrender to You in worship.

I am tempted to go into a dark place and maybe stay there. I am tempted to cover my head with my blanket and stay there but although it is so tempting, I will not yield. I choose to praise You for that which You said You can do because that is exactly what You will do. Almighty God, indeed, Your might is more than any I have ever seen.

When I want to doubt, You constantly show me in Your word that You are capable of doing all things and showing Your might strong on behalf of those whose hearts are blameless towards You. Sarah was 80 years old Lord when you decided to make her a sign and a wonder. Who else can do that but you Lord? You are awesome! Inspite of her unbelief, she even laughed when you spoke but my Lord, you blessed her!

Abraham was 90 years old, you fulfilled your promise to Him. Father I might not understand but like Isaac, with a knife to my neck, I will trust that You have provided my ram. The one that will take my place for the sacrifice. I thank You o Lord because you're never late! You're always on time although in my head, I wonder what is taking You so long! (you must shake your head when you look at me Lord).

When Job was in the most uncomfortable situation, He chose to praise You. He said though He slay me, I will praise Him. I have not been uncomfortable like Job father, I choose to praise You and even if i were, Your praise would NEVER leave my lips. He was advised to curse you and die but he held on and praised you. Like Job this afternoon, I praise You.

Habbakuk knew how to worship and even when everything seemed so bleak, the fig trees would not blossom, the vine would not yield their increase, He chose to praise. I choose to praise Lord. You are faithful.

I remember the Israelites in Egypt father, how you brought them out with a strong hand and fed them with manna. You even gave them water out of a rock. Dear father, You are AWESOME!

I remember Hannah, how you turned her story around. Thank you Lord! You turned around the story of Jabez. Thank you father. You were in that fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. My God, you are a DELIVERER! Paul was bitten by a snake and nothing happened to him. Look how you gave them wine at the wedding Lord and saved them from disgrace. Oh Lord, You alone cover my shame and i praise you!

When I remember all these amazing testimonies, I cannot but praise. You are the God who is NEVER late.

For my life and my husband's, I thank you. You constantly care for us. You are our pillar, our rock and you sustain us. You keep us together in your love and harmony and give us joy that only you can give. Thank you dear Lord.

I thank you Lord for all my family and friends. You constantly keep them.

For those friends I was praying for, the ones who have experienced heartaches and losses that You have now blessed Lord, I give you thanks. This time Lord I am thankful because in theirarms, they will welcome bundles of joy.

I thank you for all You are and all You do. I thank you for the air I breathe though I constantly complain of how hot it is.

Lord I thank You because You constantly choose to use this earthen vessel for your glory. You give me the opportunity to encourage and bless others even though I might be grumpy sometimes. You let them see a beacon of light through me and I am grateful that although I might have an albatross on my neck, You use it for Your glory. And through me, the scripture that says you have given me the tongue of the learned that I may know how to speak a word in season to the weary is fulfilled.

Be magnified o Lord, You're indeed worthy!

Borrowing from Rita's post, I can say

You keep track of all my sorrows
You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book (Ps 56:8 NLT)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Get In The Deep End!

I learnt to swim some years back and the instructor did a great job of teaching me, actually us. My husband and i (then fiance) with my sister all learnt together. He was a task master and he would make us go to the deep end with no warning. The pool was fairly large and the first time he made me do it, it felt like a feat i could not achieve. He went with me, and i did it! It was amazing.

Coach I was like a slave driver and if you managed to drink water, he would call you 'Shakira' (something about shacking Left to me, I would know all the styles he could teach, back strokes, breast strokes, free style etc. I stayed with breast strokes, that was the one he first taught me. I tried back strokes too and i was ok with it but i just liked breast strokes better.

A few years later, i had not gone swimming in a while, there were so many reasons not to. There was no good pool around, I would have to travel a far distance from my house in Surulere when i lived in Lagos etc. Swimming took a back seat and I only got to fool around in the water whenever I got the opportunity to.

A few years later (NOW), I live in a city where traffic is not a problem, I have the membership of a hotel gym and I can use the pool anytime i want. I'm a registered member, I don't need to pay a dime extra. I go a bit more frequently now.

EVerytime i'm at the pool, i stay in the shallow end and just keep swimming the breath back and forth. I would tell myself sometimes it's the same skill i use for the breadth that i need for the length but would still not venture out.

The last time at the pool, hubby suggested starting from the deep end so if i got stuck, i could stop just before the shallow end. I didn't think i wasn't going because i though i couldn't make it to the end. I can swim well, it's just a four letter word FEAR. I've had episodes in the past when by myself I would stop in the middle of the water and shout 'I'm drowning'. I wasn't really drowning, I just decided in my mind I couldn't move on.

So today, I decided why not take the Mr's advice and start from the deep end. I stayed there for a while hanging on the wall for support, i tried to acclimatise, i even went down and let my feet touch the ground so i could spring up. I lost control a bit at that point and then i did what my instructor taught me, i sprang up and voila, my head came up. I waited a few minutes and then

I decided to glide forward. I pushed myself forward and instructed myself to swim. One stroke after the other, with my legs kicking, i made it to the shallow end with no incident. I made sure i stayed close to the wall though(chicken me).

Then when i swam back to the deep end, i asked hubby why i never ventured out by myself, he said FEAR. He explained how i had put a limitation on myself, told myself i could not do it and no matter what anyone said, until i told myself i could, nobody could. I went back and forth and made sure i did seven laps. I did it! I could with no help
from anyone.

Thinking about it, God taught me a lesson. He has told me I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. His word is true but when i say the word can't, my brain shuts down, i see no way around it and no matter what, I just can't.

It's like that with every area of our lives. I dared myself, I pushed myself forward, although my hubby thought i could, his words could not have done it for me if i didn't dare to try.

In what area have you said to yourself I can't, although you know deep down that if only you try, you can? Like my husband said to me, I dare you to take off the limitation on your mind and swim to the deep end.

You can!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And They Came To Town!

I was so excited. I hadn't seen my closest friend since she got married. We talked everyday but seeing each other had become long thing. So when her trip for Naija was set, I quickly booked her ticket to come to see me. We bargained back and forth on how long she would spend and eventually we agreed on a week. She arm twisted me actually, I didn't agree.

D-day! Hubby and I were at the airport and then I saw this chic with a baby carrier. I was so excited. It didn't feel like two years though, I still spoke to her the day before. First thing was to carry my goddaughter that I was seeing for the first time. I looked at her and I knew I was in love. I loved her since she was in the womb! The day she was born, I knew already she was here! I knew when her mother went to the hospital. I dreamt of them all night and prayed in the dream and she was born in my dream. When I woke up, I knew she was born that night. And yes, the text message confirmed it. I wept tears of joy that day. I loved my goddaughter already! And looking at her, I knew I was sold for life!

Ok back to my god-daughter's mother, who happens to be my friend (hehehehe), so we hugged each other and I told her she looked good (did I?). We got in the car and we just picked up our conversation like we saw each other fifteen minutes before then. It was so good to see her again. I didn't know if the room I had them in when we got home was comfortable enough or not, considering my little love, but they got settled quickly and my friend assured me they were cool.

I couldn't get enough of the little lady. She is sooooo adorable. OMG, i could play with her forever! Lol. She had a cold that night and I felt sorry for her. Hubby went out to get her nasal drops with a doctor friend while her mum and I fretted. The night flew by and the little miss had to go to bed. She goes to bed at 9 and stays in bed. Jeez! She is such a good child! My friend looks nothing like she has a little baby...hehehehe (i hope she doesn't kill me).

The week flew by, we went to the market. We bought gold for the little miss. I had dreamt of buying her earrings from day 1. We fulfilled the dream. We got scolded in the market for bringing such a little baby in the sun. Case in point, an elderly Yoruba woman who instructed us to take her home immediately. We still had a bit of shopping to do so we entered a shop and right there was the woman again. My first impulse was to 'flee' the shop, my friend and I were in sync, we both saw her, looked at each other and we were gone. When we got outside the shop, with the little miss in my arms, we both burst into laughter. We were giggling like idiots. Such great moments.

We went to eat fish and on their last night with us, hubby ordered the fish in. It's amazing how your life changes with a child in it. Great changes! But I learnt in the one week that one would definitely have to make adjustments. You can't just up and go like hubby and I are fond of doing. Many times, we had to finetune plans of going out because of her. It was so much fun!

Oh and hubby was sooo good with her. He calls her his darling (?). They had their moments where they would whisper to each other, she would give him sloppy kisses and they just said things my friend and I both didn't bother to find out. He's great with kids and I think the little miss made his week. There were so many pictures of their moments!

And my friend actually allowed me to bath her without supervision one afternoon! Wow. That really tripped me. She just told me what to do and said i'm sure you won't let her fall. You can bath for her and we went and did our thing. Oh little miss, we sure had fun in the bathroom, didn't we. She rewarded me with lots of spit on my face. She started spitting when the got here. I think she's teething. She would just do phhhbbbbttttt and there you have your face full. I love the sloppy kisses she likes to dish out. So many sloppy kiss moments. Little miss, i love the sloppy kisses you dish out and I miss them.

I changed diapers, I sang lullabies, I was pinched and I was kissed. I love them all. My friend is not clingy to her baby and I love that. Yes she has all those motherly tendencies and would say things like 'don't do that to my baby o(hehehehehehe)' but I love the way she's slightly detached and would even gist while my god daughter is crying. Mscheew, one day I yelled at her to go and attend to the baby and she said 'finish your gist'. Agbaya. She's a good mummy and sometimes I would just look at her and think, 'seriously, my friend is a mummy'.

It was a reunion of two ladies who once had hopes of becoming adults and are now becoming. Before it was just us, now it's us and our husbands and a little one. Soon, it will be us, our husbands and a good number of little ones. I see us having family reunions, get togethers, parties, barbecues etc.

One thing I know for sure, I'm sold, I'm in love. I love my goddaughter and I love her mother even more. Aloted, thank you for coming to town. We miss you and the little miss so much. See you soon at yours!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Your Word Makes Me Thankful!

The Lord does great things! He is full of wonders and it is amazing how He daily loads us with benefits. There was a time I would look hard before finding things to thank God for but when I started my thankful series last year, it opened my eyes, and I have become soo thankful. When we dwell in God's word and we let it minister to us, it's amazing how things become so colourful and bright. And like Jesus did, even in the midst of the storm, we can even sleep and even snore! We must let Christ's word dwell richly in us...that way, we can live thankful lives, genuinely thanking Him for His goodness and blessings.

Per time, there are things we desire and we keep on asking, and that i believe is unbelied because Mark 11:24 says 'Whatever you desire, WHEN you pray, believe that you receive and you will have it'. Asking over and over again is unbelief, we must believe and once we have prayed and believed, we must continue in thanksgiving, not doubting until we see the manifestation of what we have asked Him (i will probably write more about this sometime). He is faithful to do that which He promised and when we know this, we start to have a thankful heart.

I am thankful for God's word. It is amazing how as I spend time in the word, it changes my world view, impossible things are made possible, faith rises up more and more in my heart and Ieven have what to combat the devil with when doubts arise in my heart. The word of God is a title deed, when you have the title deed to a land, no matter how long it takes you to build on that land, you know it belongs to you. Over certain matters in my life, I have been able to move from the realm of doubt to being FULLY PERSUADED that He who promised is faithful. His word gives light!

I am thankful for how hubby and I have moved from becoming almost complacent Christians to ones that have living relationships with God. The last few months have seen us becoming stronger Christians, building our faith more and walking with God daily. I can say we're indeed believers! And I am so grateful for a man who leads me into the presence of God. Too many times, women are the most spiritual in their families and keep hoping their husbands can catch on.

My sister was looking for a job for some months and it was beginning to affect her self esteem and also causing some strain between us because she was having to depend on people. Hubby and I felt a leading to tell her to start a business of buying and selling, she was convinced she was not cut out for it, and found every possible excuse that made her unfit for the business including finances. We decided to give her a loan and I must say months after she's running a business and doing well. Her mentality has changed and she even talks of growing the business. I'm very thankful for this.

When my brother was going to start NYSC last year, it looked like he was going to such a far place, he was posted to a village withough PHCN power, they depend on generating sets only for those who could afford it. He has travelled so many times and God has kept him. In only a few weeks, he will be done and I'm thankful for this. I am also thankful in advance for direction from God for him.

This time last year, I knew I wanted to be published, every writer wants to get published but I didn't know that the year would end with a book that has my name on it. I'm thankful that FG got the initiave for the In My Dreams series and also that she got the inspiration to make it into a book. Now i can boldly say there's a book out with my name on it. I am thankful because my personal works will definitely get published. God has proved to me that all things are possible.

Complacency is a great disease and it has been the case with most Nigerians. All we do is talk in our houses but no action. I'm thankful that a new breed of Nigerians are starting to wake up who will not only fight for Nigeria in their actions but will also get down on their knees and fight for their countries. I'm grateful to God for being part of a church family that will not keep quiet against corrpution and every form of evil being perpetrated in this country. Dear God, I thank you because Nigeria will indeed be free in this year of Jubilee!

What are you thankful for?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Change is Coming + Giveaway

Tomorrow, Abuja and other cities in different parts of the world will witness a peaceful rally tagged 'Save Nigeria' against all the things we just sit down in our houses and complain about.

We're all experts when it comes to analysing Nigeria's issues and condemning our leaders' actions, but how many of us really get up to do something about it or will seriously do something to change the status quo even if given the opportunity? I know, i will and that is why I am joining several other Nigerians at the Unity fountain tomorrow in Abuja. The walk is going to be led by Professor Wole Soyinka and a numbe rof other prominent Nigerians.

It's high time we started to speak up and say NO to things we don't want. A lot of my friends and acquaintances live abroad and can't consider moving back home for a lot of reasons. Those of us at home are glad we can afford the comforts of life and just shake our heads at what our leaders are doing. Most of the great countries we admire took hundreds of years to build with some people even sacrificing their lives. We have to fight for our country. If we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything!

Seriously, what country has a case like Mutallab's and you don't get a press statement from the government??? What Nigeria should have done the same day and the days following was to go on air and decline any knowledge of such actions and that the country dissociates itself from any such act and given reasons to support our point of view. The US gave us a whole week to do something, and what does our government give, SILENCE. We should have gone on major TV channels all over the world dissociating ourselves from the act but our government did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Since our government won't, WE WILL save Nigeria. Be a part of the change, join the rally tomorrow if you can. In Abuja, the point of convergence is the Unity fountain at 10 a.m. You can go here for more information.

God bless Nigeria!

Interesting Stuff

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fun Times Are Here!

I'm not going to start the new year by apologising for being away from my blog. I love this blog, i love this place but sometimes a hiatus is necessary. I had things to attend to and i am not sorry I didn't blog in that space of time. I just missed some of my favourite blogs and bloggers.

I'll say my happy new year! This is going to be a great year. Fun and exciting times are ahead and this is the year for fulfillment of dreams. There are so many things that will happen this year and i'm glad to be starting it on an exciting note...will tell you all about it in a bit.

Have you written your goals for this year? I don't believe in making resolutions, they don't work most times. We end up ditching them somewhere along the line and we wonder what happened to our resolutions someday. Willpower doesn't cause change or fulfill dreams. The grace of God with careful planning does. Think about where you want to be and what you want to achieve and write them down, be specific and then present them to God. They don't have to be too many, a few things that you know will make a difference in your life.

My Christmas break was fun and busy! Hubby and I spent time with our family members on both sides. There was a lot of reunion, a lot of laughter, a lot of prayers and so much food! I think i ate too much...although my stomach usually doesn't have as much capacity as i want it to. Lol. It was rewarding to see everyone and know that we have so much to be thankful for. We're definitely blessed.

I was to meet up with Jhazmyn and Rita in Lagos, we actually planned an outing with our spouses (or is it spice since the plural of mouse is mice) but we got help up at my parents' so outing had to be cancelled. It was very painful for me. I did meet Jhazmyn though (Rita and i have met a number of times. We've actually spent a couple of days together before...don't ask me). We met in church on the 31st, and it was just like i'd known her for a long time. We've been talking for a long time anyway so it was just natural to be able to talk to each other. Our husbands even know each other from Uni; small world! They ended up dropping hubby and i off at a taxi park. It was so great meeting, we were supposed to meet the following day but she stood me up, i've forgiven her though.I was also supposed to meet my sweet blog daughter, buttercup but it didn't happen...ish..some other time

I'm sure a number of you were following our series . Well, the good news is the blog has now been made into an ebook and you all can buy and read and reread. You can buy it here. Favoured Girl worked really hard to get the book together and i must say thumbs up for her.
We're going to start the Season 2 in February so you all can watch out for that. For now, please support us by downloading the ebook or buying the paperback online. It's a great note on which to be starting this year, when last year started, I didn't think a book would be out that would have my name on it. It's a dream come true and there's a lot more to come.

This year definitely holds a lot and fun and exciting times. This year, God is pouring out His grace. Seemingly impossible things will be made possible by faith. It is a year of Jubilee (our country is 50 this year) and as ctizens, we're entitled to great things in our personal lives. For everyone, I pray that this year will be the year you'll back and say indeed it was better than last year! Whatever we do, let's remember to walk with God and put Him first.

Have a blessed year everyone!