Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Writefreak Plus One

Writefreak returns o! Well, she didnt really go away. She was just quiet...very! So I return and I'm not alone. My husband and I welcomed our little man on the 5th of February. Yes, God blessed us with a little charmer...our son.
We feel so blessed to have been chosen by God to become his parents. Everytime I look at him, he reminds me of the faithfulness and awesomeness of Jehovah Elshadai.
I'm grateful to know the joy(s) of being pregnant and eventually giving birth. It can only be God!
This is a short post, my attention is needed but I have to say this to someone. God never forgets us, He will never deny us and if there's something you're trusting Him for, hang in there, hold on to Him, stay in Him and in His word. He'll come through for you. He did for us.
God bless you all. Have to go. The king calls! :)