Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Like the Leper....

My thankful Wednesdays have been far between, there's so much to say, so much to thank God for, so little time to come on here and share them. It's the last Wednesday of the month of November and when i think about the goodness of the Lord, it makes me want to shout...actually it makes me shout!

I'm going to be like that one leper, ten were healed, only one came back to give thanks...he had a reward for coming back to give thanks but i'm not even interested in the reward right now, i'm more interested in giving Jehovah the praise. He deserves all my praise...ah! Job said though he slays me, yet i will praise Him. Understanding tells me He does not slay me, i am not even slayed, He has put me above and over, why should i not shout and praise Him?

David worshipped God with all His might, he didn't consider that he was a king, he got all emotional in the presence of his maker, did a dance, clapped, worshipped because he knew the goodness of the Lord. From a sherperd boy, he got to the throne, he chose not to forget and i choose not to forget! I remember your goodness to me Jehovah, only you are God and i worship you!

Michal was used to being in the palace, she was afterall the son of Saul, she didn't see why a whole king of Israel should embarass himself so, oh well, she did get a reward for disdaining a man who was worshipping God with all his might. The bible call David a man after God's heart. David worshipped God so much, he wrote so many psalms to him.

I will worship God, His praise will continually be on my lips because i have and continue to see his goodness in the land of the living. I don't forget, i look at my blessings and i am counting them one by one. I am thankful for every single thing in my life and that i own. It is by His mercy that i am not consumed. It is by His grace that i wake up in the morning and i am able to call him father. Ah father, my heart wells up with love for you! My soul magnifies your name because you are the God who shut the mouth of the lions for Daniel, you kept Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace and they were not burnt. How could the Israelites have crossed the red sea without you?

I have seen you hand, i have seen you move and i cannot deny your existence, i cannot deny the fact that when i call on you in absolute trust , you answer me. Jehovah, i lift my hands and shout YOU ARE GOD! And declare that only a fool will say in his heart that there is no God. My maker, i am in awe of you and i cannot stand still for your goodness.

If i had a thousand, even a million tongues, i could not praise you enough. *Oluwa bi gbogbo irun ori mi je kiki ahon, won o to lati yin yi. *Kabiyesi, oba awon oba, Oluwa awon Oluwa*, the root of the tribe of Jesse. Oba to n je emi ni!* I am that I am, I shout that you alone are worthy! No one, NO ONE can compare to you. I declare there is no other God.I call you JEHOVAH!!!

Jehovah Elshaddai: Lord you are more than enough! You are bigger than who people say. With you, i am not in need of anything. I call you my own Jehovah Elshaddai!

Jehovah Tsidkenu: Oh Lord you are my righteousness...because of Jesus Christ, i have a right standing with you. I can come into your presence and declare that i am righteous. Jehovah, you are my righteousness!

Jehovah Mekadesh/Mekadishkem, you are the God who sanctifies, you are my own sanctifier!

Jehovah Shalom, God you are my peace. Because of you anxiety is far from me, fear is far, depression is far. Oh Lord my peace, i worship you!

Jehovah Shammah; You are ever present oh God. You are everywhere with me. When i am lying there feeling helpless, you are there Jehovah! When i did that thing i was not proud of, Jehovah you were even there. Ah Lord God! I am in awe of you. You said you will never leave me nor forsake me and truly you are ALWAYS there.

Jehovah Nissi: Lord you are my banner! Your banner over me is love father and you shield me from every evil. You cover me with your love...oh Lord i am in awe of your love for me.

Jehovah Rapha: Lord you are my healer. When i let that sickness stay on my body, not acknowledging that you healed me already, you are my healer, when i choose to acknowledge it, Lord you're still my healer. Because of you, my family is not in and out of hospital. Lord you are worthy!

Jehovah Jireh: Oh Lord you are my provider. If it means creating what i want from the scratch, you will do it know exactly what i need and you supply it. I am not in lack, i am not in want...and when i need something, all i have to acknowledge is that you are my provider!

Jehovah Rohi: Lord you are my sherperd. It is because of you i am not walking about aimlessly without a purpose. You have given my life a meaning, a direction. You lead and guide me and because you are my sherperd, i am not lost. Jehovah i adore you.
I call you by your names Lord. And i declare that in heaven and on earth and beneath the earth, there is no other God! You are my God, my rock and my shield .

You might think He hasnt done anything for you, but just look around you, think very well...what is Jehovah to you?

*If all the hair on my head were like tongues, they would not be enough to praise you

*Lord of all Lords, king of all kings

*The Lord I AM THAT I AM!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Writefreak Rants!

It's a rant...if you don't want to read a rant, don't read...

Why is my househelp stupid? I mean seriously, why? You send her to do something, she comes back with something else? Is she dumb or what? You see, thats why i don't think i could ever have a live in help cos i just might maim someone! She only comes once a week and she gives me this much stress already...what's going on with the girl sef?

Two weeks ago, i sent her to the market cos i only needed to buy a few things. Let's call her J. J, please buy goat meat and turkey and i took the pains to write it all down and when through it with her. J, is that ok? Yes ma, she says and leaves. She comes back and i'm too lazy to check what she bought, was working on something so i said well, put it all in the freezer. J goes home. Fastoforward to evening, i want to cook the turkey and i can't find it, and i'm wondering what's going on...i see a tin of turkey oil in my store and i'm wondering how the heck did this get here? I thought someone gave the Mr as a gift...i kept looking in the freezer and thought i'd call to ask her exactly where she kept it. I decided to use the goat meat instead. The bag was black that it was in, i wanted to make pepper goat meat, my husband loves it...i opened the bag and i was just in shock..J bought beef, dear God, has she got cotton in her ears? So i can't hold on any longer, i call her and she said no man, na goat meat i buy, i say J are you alright? And where's my turkey? J says it's in the store, ok...i won't kill someone in Jesus name! J fall my hand, i just dropped the call while she was saying sorry ma (gosh, i will so slap that girl if she says another sorry ma...what is wrong with her?) and i made do with the beef!

So why am i ranting today? I sent J to the market again cos i had an appointment and seriously i just didn't want the stress ( i should have known better!)...i write a list; beef (not goat meat this time since she likes beef although we don't really eat red meat), turkey ( dear old turkey) and some dried fish. J, do you understand? Yes Ma, we go over it several times, she even asks me where she's not sure of what i wrote. I go for my appointment, i come back, she's not back. I have a headache and want to sleep but she's not back so i wait up..J comes back and i decide to check everything she bought...oh yes J bought everything and bought turkey alright, only this time the turkey was chicken. For crying out loud, pls help me ask this child, how does chicken look like turkey??? And i asked her, she insisted it was turkey! Miss, is something wrong with you? Is it today i started cooking turkey? I check again and the drumsticks convince me it's chicken. J says i'm sorry ma and i lose it. I yell at her and asks her how she managed it, she says they showed her and she chose what she wanted and thought was turkey, pls what happened to asking? I even told her where to go since i've been to the market with her sooo many times! I've sent her back with it to the market...i don't care how she sorts it out but she has to learn that she can't continue working with me and remain stupid...cos that's just plain stupid! So much for me not wanting to stress is why i didn't go to the market.

An old friend (are we even friends) and i chat briefly, i ask about her husband and she says oh he's fine and so is my daughter...please, who asked her? I didn't even know she has a daughter, you didn't even tell me! Why should i ask about a daughter i don't know..then i say oh my bad, you have a daughter now, and she goes oh, so you didn't know, thought i told everyone, it's my bad..what nonsense! Maybe i'm overreacting but excuse me, should you not tell me you have a daughter before i can ask about her? And i didn't ask so you might as well have said i have a daughter now..

Ok, deep breath! Wf...calm down, ok...i feel better already, now that i let it all out..

Hope you all had nice weekends and please don't ever employ a J, it can be dangerous to your health!