Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Tale of My Blenders

Any woman who has a good relationship with her kitchen knows blenders are a very essential tool in the kitchen. Blenders, you gotta love them! I have a good relationship with my pink kitchen, yes my kitchen is pink! Some days, it’s a love hate relationship as I sweat over different meals bt when I see the outcome, I fall in love all over with my kitchen.
Ok so the kitchen can’t steal the shine from its component today. The story is about my blenders. They serve me so well, I’m sure sometimes, they want to flee the kitchen as I work them to death! I don’t do the usual grinding with machines that people do. I blend everything, even the beans for moinmoin!
Five years ago, I bought a blender, it was a Kenwood one. At the time, I thought it was a bit costly as I priced others of different makes but the black and silver was so sexy to me, it got me and I had to buy it! See, I don’t like white gadgets in the kitchen, everything in my kitchen that I had an input in how they got there are silver and black/grey. I will never use my money to buy anything white, to me they’re just too clinical! I kind of kept the blender till I almost got married, so let’s say that blender has served me four years!
As wedding gifts, you get a lot of gift items, mundane and useful ones. Several weeks after our wedding, a cousin deposited a gift from an uncle to my house, it was a Binatone blender. I unwrapped it and one look at it, I thought, no way, this doesn’t belong in my kitchen. Yep, you guessed right, it was a white blender with green controls. I decided to keep it anyway as a smoothie/fruit blender. It served its purpose once in a while. I didn’t use it much. My Kenwood on the other hand was always at work!
After serving me almost three years, one of the components gave out, I replaced it with the one in the smaller cup and it continued working. Some months back, I was blending pepper, or was it beans, I don’t remember. The controls between the upper and lower part wasn’t connecting. The blender wasn’t rolling. Alas, my invincible Kenwood blender had given up. I mourned its loss but refused to part with it. I packed it up and kept it in the kitchen cabinet. I brought out the Binatone that hasn’t seen much work.
The think about the Kenwood is that the parts are collapsible, you can couple it yourself. It’s not the same with the Binatone, the only detachable part is the cup. After using for a few months though, the blender gave out on me while Jhazmyn was here. I was making moinmoin for her and her husband (points accusing finger). I used the small cup and finished it up. The plastic on the control part got burnt and that was it, the end of my Binatone blender that I had no real sentiments towards, except necessity. Two blenders laid to rest in my Pink kitchen L
Two nights ago, No Limit was here (yeah, I know, bloggers visit me and I love to entertain them J), and I was cooking, I needed to blend some pepper and it just occurred to me that I could try my Kenwood blender again. Well I brought it out, changed some of the parts of the big cup to the old one, coupled it and tried my luck. Yes, you guessed right, it worked! It so worked! I came to the living room and exclaimed to hubby and the friend that was here; ‘Kenwood rules baby’! I explained to the friend who is getting married in a few weeks how Kenwood kitchen gadgets would be better for their kitchen. He listened attentively, probably just humouring me and wondering what on earth this woman was going on about. Well, hubby told me, his wife is the convert I need to explain my theory to.
So my Kenwood blender is back, in top form, I still used it this night. And one word of advice for you ladies, Kenwood rules! Never buy inferior gadgets for your kitchen!
Have a nice weekend y’all!

Ps; the 3Ps are going well..I think I've only missed two days since starting, Sunday and the day I had shin splints...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Day 2 of the 3Ps

I got out the door at 7:46 a.m, I got back at 8:39a.m. My maths is not so good..o can't calculate how long that was. I only calculate money well :-)

I must be looking hot, two young guys said hello and winked at me as I was rounding the bend from my street. They waved and I waved back. I didn't hear them with my ipod plugged in and very loud. I waved back. It was a good start to my walk! Lol
I must make a playlist of my favourite worship songs, I had to look for them manually this morning as I went. I ws in my own world, at peace with the world and in tune with God. I played a song 'Usher me' by Aretha Murril-Crooms among others. I don't know why some drivers hooted as I went, I was on the side-walk, a few even waved at me. I don't know why! Maybe they were just fascinated! The same car passed by me twice, I wonder where he was going, it was on the same side both times.

I felt like I could go on for a while longer , maybe because I was praying but I decided not to overdo it.

Mystoriesmytestimonies, I prayed for you and I do believe you'll pass that board exam this time. Will keep thanking God for you.

Jaycee is my only committed partner, thanks girl for agreeing to do this with me. If you're interested, you can still join us...not too late!

For those of you who just want to do the 2Ps, you're welcome. I'm sure we will have testimonies in these 30 days!

YNB, thanks for thinking of me, you can see I did this!

Love and peace y'all.

Hope the formating isn't too bad! On my mobile.