Monday, July 21, 2008

Unwanted Attention!

She was going to meet her hubby for a night out, he was on the Island, they were going to see a movie, it was about 7pm, she was looking very good that evening after taking special care to make herself look beautiful that evening.

She waited for a cab, looked like most of them didn't want to go to the Island and she was beginning to wonder if she would find one, it looked like all the cab drivers had sworn off the Island. Then a brand new Honda drove past, the guy took a look, drove forward a bit and parked his car. Then he walked back towards her and said 'hey, how you doing?' She gave him a killer look then he said 'sorry i have seen your wedding ring, just admiring you', a cab came along and she walked off briskly to negogiate with the cab driver.

Some days later she was walking on her street, a few guys who looked like they were in their early twenties stood outside a boutique doing the usual jobless guy thingy, probably passing comments about any lady walking on the road. One walked towards her and sad hello, she raised her eyebrows and said hello with a question mark. He said 'i just...'She didn't let him finish, all the while she was walking, she turned back, gave him another look that said 'back off' and waslked off wondering what it was with her and these randon guys.

She got to the filling station where she was going to buy fuel and the filling station attendant was stepping to her. He said 'omoge bawo ni' (young lady, how're you?). 'This rubbish will not end', she thought, 'do i carry a mark on my head that says 'guys step to me'? She decided to pretend not to understand Yoruba. Some riff raffs, that's what she'll call them also atttempted to say hi and she pretended she could not hear them. Seething she carried her fuel and left the filling station. She has been negotiating with a cab guy in the station and the guys were trying to butt in, when the cab guy decided to go her way, the guys were shouting 'omoge, ma bo' (young lady,come back), She didn't turn back afterall at the moment, she didn't understand Yoruba. She walked to the junction with her keg of fuel and the cab driver came there to meet her.

A boy in the market grinding pepper was very rude. The pepper seller gave the pepper to him to grind for her and when she asked him for it, he told her 'lo gba nylon wa' (go and collect nylon for me). She wanted to be sure he was addressing her and she asked him. He shouted back and said 'en iwo ni mo n ba wi, se oo gbo ni'(i am talking you, yes, can't you hear me). She was so upset, she gave him a piece of her mind not minding she was in the market..'oo ri pe o baje, i de go, iwo alaileko omo yi, se mo jo egbe e ni' (You are very rude and have no training, do i look like your mate?). She stormed off and told the pepper seller to go and pick up the pepper or give her money back to her. The woman was very apologetic and all the women around apologised for the guy's obvious rudeness. She was still seething. Someone advised her to go and add some weight so she could look her weight or dress a in a more matured manner. What is wrong with wearing jeans and a nice top?

She has several other tales...she wonders if it's a commong thing with all ladies or is it that she just doesn't look her age. She is a young woman who is closer to 30 than 25...she just wonders..It is said to be a good thing though and she should be flattered that guys always look her way...maybe she's a little bit flattered...

And yes you guessed right, it's moi!I am a married woman- very happily so if i may add, guys back off!

Monday, July 14, 2008

9JA Parties & Money Spraying

I don't really like attending parties but had to attend two this weekend. I just don't like sitting down at a party and eating and drinking, seems like a waste of time to me…I guess that's strange for a Nigerian. Naija!!! We love parties!!! Every opportunity to get together and make merry and wine and dine is welcome. It's not like I don't attend parties but I just want to make sure it's important I am there...I guess they can be time wasters! But sa, I still love the way people party, have fun and laugh...we have a rich culture i must say! Anyway my digression is too much. The post is not about me and whether I like parties or not...who am i out of at least 50 million Nigerians who love to party! Lol

So a friend of mine from Uni days got married this last weekend and I went to perform my friendly duty. Thursday was the engagement; I drove over two hours to get there...thanks to the useless traffic in Lagos. They were just starting when I got there and I could see a live band already set up. It reminded me of my own wedding, we had a live band too and the guy just wouldn't stop playing even after the engagement had long finished and all the dancing groups had left the dance floor. The guy was out for blood...lo...he had to make money from spraying!

That brings me to my point...i thought the Federal Government had banned the spraying of money at parties! This weekend changed my mind though and made me wonder if we can ever lose this culture that is so ingrained in our system! It's like a part of our make think parties, you think lots of food and drinks, dancing, you think spraying the celebrant money...and so on.

So I went for my friend's wedding on Saturday and it was time for the couple to dance, a lot of people had been abiding by the rule not to spray money at parties or so I thought and assumed it would be the same here. I didn't go with

Some people had improvised at other parties I attended where they placed a tray in front of the dancing couple or celebrant for the money to be dropped but to tell you the truth, that doesn't have the feel of spraying money at least to me. So here we were at my firend's wedding and people were spraying money, no one was stopping them! And me sef i went and sprayed some someone to change money for me)

Yesterday also, my neighbour (Mrs Neighbour) was celebrating the birth of her son...this son was born almost 3 months ago o! You see when I say any opportunity to have a party is welcome in Naija..she invited hubby and I, We really didn't want to go but she made a big point of it and even her husband invited us. They started like 4 pm and from our flat, we could hear the loud music being played, she lives opposite my house o...anyway, we went there like past 7pm and stayed for about 30 minutes. Aproko that we are, we were wondering like how much money they would have spent...there were beer and wine bottles on all the tables, people were still drinking, they had Asun (barbeque goat...hope i'm short enough to eat.

Mrs Neighbour and a few of her friends were dancing to an Obey record when we got there..and yes, they were spraying money!!! And no, you're wrong; I didn't get up to spray this time. Me and hubby even looked like misfits there with everyone dressed in native attires and us wearing jeans and Tshirts and not taking any of the drinks offered except water and juice. Sure they thought we were aliens...hehehe

Anyway, so they were spraying money and it made me wonder if the law would ever hold water in Naija! Or if it will go like the way of most policies that are implemented for a short while and soon after they're forgotten.

What do you thing guys, can we ever stop spraying money at our parties? Is it a good law or is it unimportant? Does spraying money mean we don't value our currency??? I really don't know where I stand, to be honest...but I can live with any!

I have a testimony, PHCN has finally decided to give us a routine and for the past one and half weeks, we have power supply between 12 midnight and 12 noon...praise the Lord!

Have a great week y'all!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nephew's Antics!

My sister in law has a 20 month old son and i love him to bits! He's my pal (as most kids are) and i have taught him a lot of antics but the boy is getting beyond me! I have Yahoozee on my phone and sometimes play it for him, now when he sees me, he brings the phone to me and says ''Yahoo'' so i play it for him and believe me, the boy knows a few of the yahoozee steps...sometimes i wonder, have i been a good influence? lol. He knows how to peck when you say give me a peck, he holds your neck and gives you one on both cheeks, he's adorable when he does it! He knows how to chop knuckle and high five...and he sometimes tranlates some of his words into yoruba language, incase you didn't hear him in English.

For example
Nephew: Jimme gasses (meaning Give me glasses). He loves wearing glasses, he's fascinated with them. When i am wearing fashion glasses i can allow him but not my prescription ones
Me: What? (Pretending not to know what he has said)
Nephew: Jimme gasses
Me: No
Nephew: (Now raising his voice) Funmi gasses..

I just burst out laughing because i didn't expect him to get so creative and no he didn't get the

He knows where to take off the TV if you're watching something he doesn't want. He takes it off, stands triumphant in front of the TV and shouts Bayin! (Barney). The first time i saw him do it, i was he just shouts Bayin all over the house, i wonder what is with kids and that Barney sef!

He has taken to sometimes calling his mum 'Honey' because his father calls her
For a long time, my husband and i had the same name to him, he just decided one day to call us both the same name and i had to answer by force, now when i see him, he calls Aunty like 50 times, thank God for school in his life...

Now to what baffles me, a few days ago...since i work from home now and he had an eye accident at home, i said his mum should send him over instead of sending him to the school with his black he came over to my house and spent the whole day. I was dressing up, then he came into the room, i didn't see any need to send him out...then he looked at me and said ''See your best (breast)''. I was so shocked i asked what he said and he raised his voice this time and shouted ''See your byest''. How can a twenty month old say something like that??? I promptly sent him out of the room and found him a toy in the living room. God have mercy!

A few weeks ago, his mum had mentioned that he was begging her for byest as she fed his sister. He demanded water and when they brought it, he shook his head and pointed to her chest as she breast fed the baby. She told him no, it's for baby and the next thing he was saying ''pyis, jimme some''...she refused but i guess his fasination with breasts started sometime around then...

So when i read a blog last week and the topic was whether to bath with our kids, i say NO, i shall not be bathing with my kids, thank you! These days they say amazing things!!!

Do you have any kids antics? Please share! Lol