Tuesday, November 04, 2014

On Being an Entrepreneur...In Case You're Looking For Me

Just in case you've missed me here and you are looking for me, I am well and alive, so are my husband and children.

A lot is happening in my life and they are all good things. I am growing, I am evolving and I am becoming more of the woman God intended for me to be. I can say, I am fulfilling purpose. There is a lot more to come and I am definitely looking forward to it.

My little girl will be 2 in a week's time, time does fly! I'm planning a fun day for her and I do hope she has a lot of fun. She's a very smart 2 year old even if I say so myself :) so I am sure she will enjoy the day.

My business has taken off the ground and is growing steadily and so in case you are looking for me, I am always here. That's my fourth baby after my husband and children. I love babies, i love toddlers and it just makes sense that I do a business around them. I also love being an entrepreneur, so many challenges daily but it has been a good ride. I wake up everyday energised, knowing there are hurdles to cross. Oh and juggling it with the home front, that has to take some wisdom especially since I work from home. I like being able to be there for my children, doing school runs and generally working my schedule around them.

That is not the purpose of this post though, I mean talking about how I balance my work life and home front, some day I might talk about that. Recently I got interviewed by Uzezi on being an entrepreneur. You can find the post here. So if you never knew what I look like, now you know.

So check out my online store. Recommend Kiddies Treasures to someone who is pregnant, someone who has a baby or toddler, buy gifts for your nephews, nieces, friend's babies, every child in your life etc etc. Spread the love.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will be back soon again with my randomness...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Imagine if I actually came back here....
Imagine I had posts to write and I revived this blog..
What would I write?
What would be my new writing focus?
I'm not as random anymore.
Imagine that I came back...
What would I write?
Any thoughts?