Sunday, December 09, 2012

Blessed Not Once But Twice

At 9 am on 10/11/12, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world and I'm just so awed by how God could make me bring such a jewel into the world. I've been blessed not once but twice; privileged to be a part of God's creative process. I don't take the honour lightly.

I don't take being blessed with kids lightly. I was that lady who really wanted kids but for some unexplained reason was finding it difficult. The road to having mr king was long and eventful and when we eventually got pregnant with him, we were extremely relieved and grateful.

When in March this year I found out we were expecting again, I was in shock. I had been content with being mum to one gorgeous boy and finally life could move on. We now had our much desired boy and he was just enough for me. I couldn't believe it, we weren't actively planning for another baby just yet. I was in awe. Eventually I wrapped my head around it and all I could say was God is awesome, He's bigger and mightier than what we can think. He's a miracle working God and I believe in miracles, they happen to me! A friend told me God told her he was making my life a sign. I totally agree.

I had a very uneventful pregnancy, I desired a vaginal birth although my son was born via an emergency Caesarean section. We got it. She was born perfect at 40 weeks and 5 days. It was quite a long labour but God showed Himself faithful.

Today, the eve of my 6th wedding anniversary to my wonderful hubby, I think about how faithful God has been and my heart is full of gratitude. Something we used to tell each other in our waiting period was that 'the first house in a city is not necessarily the most beautiful'. We also used to say 'delay does not mean denial'. Sometimes I wondered if those sayings were right but God's word is always true and faithful.

If you're waiting for something, find a word in the bible, hold on to it, remind God of it and even it takes a long time, God is faithful to perform His word. He's proven himself to me. He's faithful to perform what He says He'll do.

Now we've been married 6 years and we've been blessed with two lovely kids. If I had my first kid when I planned, it would still be the same thing I'd be saying.

I'm just really grateful and I feel very blessed. I'm married to a great guy, a wonderful father to our kids and God chose to bless me even when I didn't expect.

Happy anniversary to us, I'd choose my hubby over and over if I had to do it again. To the man who completes my world, I say: "I loved you yesterday, I love you today and will love you forever my darling husband. Keep being the best that you are".