Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lesson from an ATM Machine- Just One More Push!

I slotted my card into the ATM machine, and heard 'please enter your secret number', i did this and punched in the amount i wanted. I waited, and all of a sudden it flashed, 'financial institution not available'. I removed my card, pissed at my bank, 'damn! that always happens when you need money desperately'. I had been through this same road so many times, it was like dejavu, this always happens! There was a particular day i tried my card in several machines throughout the whole day and i got no cash, i mean ZILCH.

I turned back and was going to leave the bank, then it occured to me to try the card again, it was immediately, i argued with myself that the financial institution would still be unavailable but decided to give it the benfit of doubt, i slotted it in, and repeated the procedure i knew too well, i heard the sound of the macine bringing out money and almost couldn't believe it. It gave me CASH! Thank God, i whispered as i retrieved my cash and card.

I walked out of the bank feeling good and then i heard within me, 'hope you learnt a lesson there' and i thought what lesson. It then occured to me there have been several times i've given up too soon on things i should have done because they were not working out the way i thought they should. I would try and once i thought whatever it was i was doing wasn't working, subconsciously i dropped it.

I had memories of times i had tried to do things and it looked like i failed and i had allowed such memories to hinder me sometimes in persevering in other things till i got what i wanted. As i saw the message 'financial institution not available', i remembered the so many times i had inserted my atm card and got that message over and over all day and that almost stopped me from trying one more time. Sometimes, it's just the one more time that's needed to get us to our desire or goal but we give up too soon.

It occured to me i had to wipe out of my brain or choose not to remember the different times things have not worked out. I have to be willing to persevere for whatever i want and always try the one more push which sometimes makes a difference between a woman giving birth through CS and a woman doing natural birth. Sometimes, it's just the willingness to push one more time that makes the difference!