Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Has God forgotten Me? Should I Praise Him?

I've found myself asking this same question so many times. Has God forgotten me? Does God even remember me? Does He care about what i want? Will He come through for me? Then i top it up with the big question, well if God really cares for me, if He really listens to my prayers, then when? I bet i'm not alone in asking these questions. A lot of us have asked them so many times. Sometimes we even think, if only He could just show me the end, then i would be able to believe and hold on.

Wait right there, I want to see the end before believing? Isn't that what i just said? Who or what tells me the end? The truth is that the answer to my question has already been provided in the word of God. The bible says 'faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen'. The bible is saturated with examples of people who believed against all odds or physical evidences. Perfect example, give me father Abraham anyday, he was Abram.

He couldn't see where God was taking Him just yet and then someday, the Lord Jehovah needed to work on His imagination, He took him out, He told him to look at the stars in the heaven, his descendants were going to be as many as the stars he couldn't count. I can imagine Abram then telling God come on, you're the biggest joker! God needed to work on his mind to get him to the point he needed to get to. Then, Abraham saw it, he caught a picture of himself the way God saw him, his name changed. He became the father of many nations. I bet he got really mocked by people around him, he's childless and he calls himself a father of many nations. He didn't consider the mockery, his wife's name even got changed, she became Sarah from Sarai, the queen of princesses. Wow! they saw, and gradually, they became!Faith calls the things that are not like they are ( faith does not call the things that are as they are not, note!).That means i really don't have to see the physical picture or see the desired end before i believe, that is just contrary to what the bible says. It is contrary to what God's word says.

I only need to go to the word, find what it says concerning my situation, and i stay with it, paint a picture of what it says in my mind, keep thinking about it, not letting it leave me, then one day, it will happen, what i desire will manifest in the physical, halleluyah!God's word has the answers to any situation of life, nothing escapes Him and He is very interested in every area of our lives. How long do i need to hold on for? How long do i need to believe for? Oh, for as long as it takes!

Unfortunately, being in and out of faith only tends to prolong our waiting days. It's like trying to jumpstart a car and putting it in reverse, everytime it attemps to move, you're back to the beginning ( i wonder if this analogy makes sense). When you step out of faith, you undo all the good you've done and you have to start again! I think i'd rather just stay in faith then so i can cut short my waiting time...It's not the easiest thing to do, but faith sure works..sometimes we get discouraged and then start asking why do we need to go through our situations?

Why do i need to have extra faith for what others seem to get so easy? Well, welcome to the real world. The person probably has something they want so desperately that they don't have to and even if they don't, comparison only makes you and i fools according to the word of God. We're running different races, so don't compare! Is God the reason you don't have what you want? No, God never tempts us with evil. Sin came into the world and all other tribulations with it which is why we must recreate our world with the word of God. When

God wanted to create, what did He do? He spoke! The bible says '....we believe and so we speak'. Speak to me for five minutes and i can tell what you believe already! You can't tell me you have faith and confess negative things. No! That is not speaks! You can't not speak if you have faith. The devil will paint pictures in your mind, you must be ready to reply him, speak! What do you speak? The word of God!Has God forgotten you and i? No..the bible says He has us etched in the palm of His hands. He has the number of hairs on our heads numbered to the last one, come on, He cares! He has loved us with an everlasting love.

God is not a wicked God, He has given us all that pertains to life and godliness. He only asks us to have faith, it is the heavenly currency in exchange for all He has already done. I bet sometimes when we pray, God shakes His head and says if only you knew it was yours already, if only you stopped praying in unbelief and give me some faith. I have done it, it's yours for the taking.You might say Writefreak is going all preachy, well, these are the things God is teaching me and i'm on a journey of faith with Him. Very soon, I will share a testimony with you all...and then, i will tell you more about holding on because very soon, very soon, there shall be a performance of the things God has spoken. Halleluyah! God is not a wicked God, He does not want us to suffer and He is not the reason some things are not working out, although He will eventually use it for His glory if we bring faith to the table. So there, we have the answer to my first paragraph, unbelief is what gives birth to those questions.Have a believing rest of the week people.

Oh it's Wednesday and for these things i am thankful...

I thank God for a very very dear person to my heart put to bed safely and i have the honour of being godmother. Lord my heart is filled with joy for this little one that you have blessed my friend's family with and i am just honoured and awed that i'm a part of it, thank you Lord.

I'm thankful for a wonderful group of women God brought me in touch with to stir up my faith. My steps are indeed being ordered by the Lord.

I'm grateful for my marriage, my husband is a solid rock and i will never take it for granted. It amazes me everytime people ask us if we're still newly weds, it's your doing father and i am indeed grateful.

I'm grateful to God because He is never late and He always appears right on the scene.

I'm thankful for my health and wellbeing and of those close to me. It is indeed a blessing...

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Are You Tired?

'Do not be weary in well doing for you shall reap if you faint not'
Sola was a very diligent teacher, she got to work before everyone else, wrote her lesson notes, gave her students the most attention and did her job with all the passion in her. She was indeed a model teacher. She did this for years with little or no increase in her salary, she persevered, then in her 7th year, she got tired. Why did she have to work so hard for no recognition and very little pay.

She got slack in writing her lesson notes. The principal of her school noticed something was wrong and asked her about it, she made light of it. Soon, she started getting to school late, she missed classes. The principal told her sadly she had to be queried. She shrugged as the principal talked to her.She got the query.

Unknown to Sola, the principal had recommended her to the committee choosing the most diligent teachers in the city and were going to promote them two levels above where their present ones. There was cash reward, a travels company was going to give her a fully paid vacation and she would get a lot of things she could only dream of all these years.

The day approached fast that the nominated teachers would be observed and the principal tried her best to warn Sola.The day the inspection team came, Sola got to the school around 10 a.m, she had woken up so late. principal had made excuses for her to them and a number of other teachers turned their noses up at her.

The head of the committee spoke to Sola about why they were there, she started to panic in her heart and wondered if she could find the good teacher in her again, the one who only knew how to do her job well.She was asked for her lesson notes, she looked ashamed as they asked. She had not written her lesson notes in two weeks. The inspector sighed. That was a major criteria to qualify for the reward.

Other teachers had been interviewed, only fifty percent of them said she was as diligent, some even said the principal was partial to her because they were related. Most of them hated her for her diligence, some wanted to be like her.The inspectors checked the 'Time book' and found her name for three weeks, she had arrived late to work every single day. They decided to flip back and saw that for so many months back, she had a punctual trend. The lead inspector looked into her eyes and said 'you would have qualified'.He shook his head and left.

The principal took Sola aside and spoke to her. Sola cried and asked why she had not been given a heads up. The older woman patted her on the back and said 'my dear, integrity is who you are when no one is looking'. Sola nodded, lesson learnt but it had cost her so much, a reward she would have gotten for all those years of service. This was definitely a very hard way to learn her lesson.(For some of you who might want a happy ending for, some months down the line, she got recommended for a promotion, just a level ahead but it was better than
Temi's wife was very cantankerous. He showed her all the love and affection he could, he pleaded with her, they went for counselling and in all her 'madness', Temi remained faithful and gentle. He was praying that God would turn his wife's heart and make her see her wrong ways, but it was taking too long. He needed an answer NOW. The answer wasn't coming, he decided to go out more. He met new people, he drank a bit more.

Then he met this sweet lady. She was everything he could wish for in a woman, they took things slowly at first. Temi's wife was staying home more, she was more quiet when he got home and she wasn't complaining but he was always too tired to notice. A change was coming over the woman he had been praying for for several months but Temi was unaware. He decided to take his relationship with the 'sweet lady' further, he made love to her. He was a godly man and his heart was heavy as he left her that night. His conscience was heavy, cheating was below him as a child of God. Then an anger came over him towards his wife. She led him into this, didn't she?

When he got home, he found a note from his wife in the living room, she praised him for being the most tolerant man on earth, she begged for his forgiveness and said ''you're the best man in the whole world, another man would have gone ahead to have an affair in all the time you stood faithfully by me, praying for me to have a change of heart''. Sola put down the paper as deep sorrow welled over him. He should just have waited a little bit longer, he told himself, just a little bit longer'.

The bible verse above is self explanatory. In recent times, I have had to welcome a number of guests to my house, family and friends, staying and passing by. I had had enough, then some friends told me they were travelling over for the weekend. I was too tired and every attempt to make them back off wasn't working. I decided to fib a little, i wasn't going to be around. But my conscience pricked me and i told them they could come. I complained to a friend who said 'pls try your best to entertain, you never know when an angel is passing by your house, Sarah entertained an angel'. Well said. A few days later, i was chatting with Rita and she said the same thing to me. I told God, point noted, thank you very much.

Am i saying it's comfortable? No way! Will I have guests right now, no please although my sister is coming in this week for a few days to do something important. My choice will be not to entertain anyone for a while. I want my space...I have decided not to entertain any guests (at least live in ones for a while) and if I do allow them to come, I must not complain. If iI don't say no, then it's totally ok by me and who knows, one of them might just be an angel :-)
What is that thing you have done for so long and it seems no reward is coming? You're about to throw in the towel...maybe hold on just a bit, your angel might be around the corner...that's what the good book says!

For a demand that is constantly placed on you, you probably have a special gift in that area, pay attention to it. It might be the key to your blessing. Selah

Have a fantastic weekend!