Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Thankful

It's been a while again...again it', been a while, this is because i don't have a computer of my own at home YET. I only get to this at work most of the time when i am doing the graveyard shift because i get to have some break and internet connection... I have had a very long night, between 8p.m and this time which is 7:21, i have only slept one and half hours, on a couch, i am not complaining though, i am actually thankful for everything...Ok i shall name the things i am thankful for one after the other ..I am thankful that i have the strength top work through the nightI am thankful that i am healthyI am thankful because i have found loveI am thankful for my family membersI am thankful that i have the greater one to rely onI am thankful that my life is in His handsI am thankful for people around meFor these and many more things i am thankful , so join me in saying THANK YOU to my father in heaven if you are reading this

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My purpose

I have been thinking a lot lately, what am i going to do with my life other than going to work, waking up and going to work, does the cycle just continue like that? What exactly am i here to do? One major purpose that has come to mind and stayed is the fact that i am created for worship, you will notice i said some of that in my previous blog.But right now, my thoughts are what do i do with the talents God has given me? A, i going to die empty like Max Lucado puts it or will i take it all to the grave. God forbid! The world needs what i have. i have so many books inside to write, so many magazine articles to write and publish, so many to edit, i cannot afford to let it all go to waste. No i can't! A part of me just wants to drag along and take life as it comes but i have to be all God has made me to be. i have so many talents, i am scared.And i am so lazy sometimes or most...I need to wake upI have a book i have been writing for God knows how long but right now i have picked it up because it will neevr get written if i do nto write it, i am going to complete that book a page at a time, so help me God! I think i am going to also register for a course in Creative writing which will help me develop my skills...I believe i will get there, reach the height of my potential, so help me God!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Have you ever worked on night shift? It is hilarious! Especially when you do what i do, talking to best and dumbest brains in Nigeria, please permit my choice of words. What do i do you wonder? Have you ever called the customer care of any telecoms company? Ok, that lady who picks up your call and says her name and asks how she might help you is me...yeah ME and really i enjoy what i do...

It's just funny atimes but when you are staying up all night, talking to all the guys around with insomnia, it becomes "unfunny" atimes...some of them just want music, some want someone to chat with but amidst all these people is the genuine subscriber who needs my help and needs to me to be alert although my back aches and i feel like i need to sleep desperately. I need to be awake for these guys and put up my best behaviour because these guys are the KINGS...they pay my bills! Lol

It's the shift where you have 12 long hours to talk..two inbetween to snooze though, the first 2 days can be like heaven but the last you just want it over!!!!!!!!! Because your body is crying for sleep! Yes good old sleep, who won't exchange sleep for a guy who calls at 3:30 a.m to say "i just called to say hello" or "please can i have your phone number"? Isn't it hilarious??? Do you agree with me?

Believe me, i'm not sure if what i am typing makes sense because i am dog tired..wait, is that a right word? And right now i just dozed off while talking to a subscriber, i just need to use my hand or is it my brain! Men i guess i'd better stop, i promise, some other day i will give you a full account of this GRAVEYARD SHIFT, the only thing is that my ears are not as quiet as a graveyard now!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hi, this is me, my first time here on my supposed page..Interesting, isn't it? I am here to write my thoughts and the HAPPENINGS!!!!! I hope i can interest you or make you want to read a bit but more importantly, i'm doing this for me....

So i say welcome to my BLOG and please take this walk with me as i express my creative self!