Thursday, June 19, 2008

He loves me even as I'm a year older!!!

Recently i got discouraged, disappointed and depressed about some things that have happened in my life (some i might share later) and i was wondering if God really loved me but when i sat down and thought about a few events that took place also, i can't doubt that He loves me. And don't i always say He never promised us a trouble free life? He just said he will be with us even in the means the fire might come!

These two events remind me of God's love for me and i want to share them...

Several weeks back, i was driving from Victoria Island through Kingsway road in Ikoyi and was going to pick hubby up from work. There was a bit of traffic, i was giving a colleague of mine a lift...we were the last in line, picture all these things as i say them. The car had given me some signs i didn't like earlier so i decided to wind down. I was feeling very good, chic driving a nice car, chatting with colleague listening to was getting dark, like i said we were the last in line....traffic stopped moving, the street light was red for thing, i saw a hand stretch into the car and my first thought was this beggar is very brave sa!

Then he was saying something,my music was too loud, i couldn't hear him, then i heard ...''sisters, your phone, now!''...
I thought oh am i being robbed, silly i know, wasn't it obvious i was going to be robbed. When i got my present phone, a Nokia N73 music edition, (i had just had a Nokia N73 that was my birthday gift last year stolen from me in less than a month that he gave this one was a replacement), i prayed over it and told God this one must not be stolen....why should i keep losing things when i pay my's worked because on several occasions i'd have lost it but i digress. It was in my pocket, usually i would put it in the cup holder but as i was leaving the office, i had the urge to put it in my pocket which i wasn't in problem though, my colleague was holding hers and was too frozen to do anything...the robber was right beside her! It was dark, the phone was black so i guess he didn't really see.

My brain switched into action mode and i quickly did the central lock waiting for my opportunity to do wind up...thank God for automatics these days...well he found me out so he said..''don't do anything funny, this is acid...'', he pushed a bottle forward.. ''and i've got a gun''..., he showed us. Who wants to find out if it's real acid or a toy gun...I was muttering Jesus and was determined not to give him my phone...risky i know! But i felt very bold at the time...

My handbag was on the backseat so i told him, 'you'll have to hold on, my bag is at the back and it has my phone in it. I'm driving so i can't reach for the bag, i'll need to pack to give it to you''...I was waiting for my opportunity, my hand was on the window control, i saw his hand move from my window to adjust something on him and i quickly wound, one hurdle crossed, he was going to pound on the window or something...and right in front of me, i saw the traffic move, that very minute!

I pressed on the accelerator and the car refused to move, guess it was my panic, my colleague shouted ''move the car'' and i shouted back ''i am trying to move''...Well the car accelerated and i sped like i haven't done before, taking the next available was then my brain realised what had just happened and i was shaking...I immediately placed a call to hubby and told him...''i just acted in a home video...and was saved miraculously''. He was probably more shaken than i

I've heard of people being robbed in traffic, it was my first experience, and God saved me. I'll never be robbed!!! God loves me

The second incident was last week, i'd just gotten some unexpected news, seemed like bad news at the time and hubby came to pick me from work...i needed to get to the publishers so he dropped off in his office and gave me the car. It was a bit of a stretch from Ikoyi to Onika..the car acted funny twice like it was going to stop but continued moving and i was wondering what could be wrong. It was only serviced a few days before then...i was now on Awolowo road, then i got almost to the end and it stopped.

A Total filling station was just a few metres ahead...then i remembered the fuel guage wasn't working...we usually fill it up once a week over the weekend..i called hubby to find out if he filled the tank over the was a tuesday and he said oh no, he forgot. So i thought, it must be fuel and right in front of me was a filling station. How would i get the fuel? Some guy selling stuff along the road waslked up to me, found a jerry can, took money and went to buy the fuel, got a funnel and filled the car. I started it and my suspicion was confirmed, it was fuel!

I asked myself loads of questions...what if the car had stopped very far away from a fillign station? It could have, it had given me the signs but God worked it out in my favour...

Oh i said two things but i shouldn't forget to add that it was my birthday on Tuesday the 17th, i'm glad He added another year to my life. Unlike most of my birthdays, this one was mostly quiet till the evening when hubby and i with a few family members went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant..i got a nice set of Swarovski jewellery from him and a new frame for my glasses! yippee! Thank you Lord for keeping me!

We might feel unloved by God, circumstances might seem not to be in our favour but when we look deep enough, we find reasons to be joyful and thankful...

He loves me and He loves you!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quirky Stuff About Me + Quick Update!

I got tagged ages ago by aloted and sagacite but i've been too busy to update my blog...

The rules are:
1. Link the person who tagged you to this post
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

This meme is about any particular mannerism you have, ok?

I did something a while back like this, hope i can still find six things i haven't quirky can a human being get?

1. I tend to forget things everywhere i go. It's so bad that when something is out of place in the office, like a glass of water by the workstation, someone is calling my name. Last week i left my phone in a cab, i got it back though...

2. My first real boyfriend is my husband...(is that quirky?) and he was the one that taught me to kiss...OMG, did i just say that?

3. I would rather write my deepest feelings than say them. I write better than i speak. When hubby and i first started dating, i would write him letters to say how i felt. I just could not bring myself to say i love you in words or tell my friends how much i mean to them. I could write two full pages that weird? Think i've outgrown that a bit but i think i still write better than i speak. Reminds me of an issue i had to thrash with someone at work, so i could express myself well, i had to send an

4. I have very very few friends but loads of acquaintances...I choose my friends like you would choose a lover..maybe i don't choose but we have to have a deep a i weird?

5. I don't drink coffee anymore...i cannot stand the smell.I used to like it but now even the smell makes my stomach churn...i move away once i see you holding a cup of coffee

6. I hate taking orders from anyone! Is that a problem? I'd rather just do my own thing...

Ok i think i have tried with the quirky stuff, though i wonder if they're really quirky..i am tagging favoured girl..everyone else seems to have done this!

On Me..

I have been so busy recently i have not even been able to do my blog rounds..TV production is a lot of work! But it's fun all the same..I finally finished my episodes and i had my first baptism into the world of being a producer...already thinking of greater my eyes oh Lord!

It's my birth month, my birthday is in less than two weeks and i'm wondering how it'll be this year...second one as a Mrs..hubby made sure i enjoyed the last one, see my post on my last brithday here

Now that i'm taking my writing more seriously, doors are starting to open...there's so much to do, so much i can brings me to the conclusion...i am a writer at heart and for real!

Will try to stay here more often, thanks for looking for me aijay and afrobabe...I'm here!