Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi people, do you know any lady who has helped another lady achieve something great, maybe to start a business, go to school or was there for the person in a trying time, i need examples of such people as i am working on something that is meant to showcase ladies who have been there for each other

Also do you know anyone who used to be a member of Reverend Kings' church and has now left? I am working on a feature on him and i need such people to be interviewed...

Do you know anyone who has a very good relationship with their father...a daughter or son, a relationship that is a model one, it could be a biological or foster father, also need such people for a feature i am working on

Good people, i hope to hear from you soon...

Please note that these people should be resident in Nigeria so it would be easy to get through to them.

Thank you

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Right Direction!

Oh my it's been almost a month since i updated! Men i have been so busy, just three weeks after i did my last post, i got a call to attend an interview, i applied to be a writer somewhere...it's amazing how you see opportunities when you decide to! I had always told myself there were limited writing roles...until i decided i was going to do things in line with my gift!

So i went for the interview, and like 25 people were there, i was shocked because i didn't expect that many people! Well i knew i could do it! Lemme not bore you with the details, i was eventually 5 out of the 25 people that made the list! To think i wasn't considering a job anymore, infact i had to think hard about it! But it was an opportunity in the very right direction, i get to write and some good exposure to TV...might give the job details later, for now, let's leave it at that.

Truth is the money isn't the motivation, infact, if that was it then i shouldn't have taken the job but to tell you the truth, i have decided money does not necessarily have to come from work, there are different ways of making money, i love my new job and i am so enjoying it! And i am meeting loads of people! It's fun.

On the book side, i have sent it to some publishers and i am getting some feedbac, not bad ones, i'm praying it is accepted! So join me in praying for a quick acceptance...that book's gotta be published real soon!

God has been good to me, there are still things i am believing Him for, of course we always have to believe, and i know He will do exceedingly abundantly more than i could ever ask or think in His time! What do you think guys maybe i should write something on God's time....

Hope not to stay away too long this time...just been very very busy!