Friday, October 24, 2008

Whom God has blessed!

Hey my peeps, once again been a while,i tend to run away for a few weeks and then come back. Don't mind me my people, you know there are just times you want to be in seclusion and sort yourself out, i've just had one of those times...And i learnt a bit i want to share with y'all. Meanwhile my dear friend aloted gave me the ''i love your blog award though the reason she loves my blog is still in contention...i'm grateful to''. I'm supposed to pass on the award to 7 people but i'm going to disobey the everyone reading this, if i've been on your blog, believe me, i love it! Thanks for being part of this blog family and sharing your life with us...And if i haven't been on your blog before, it doesn't mean i don't love it, trust me, i only need to discover it!

Anyone went to Sunday School here? Remember the story of Balak and Balam? Well i was looking for a particular scripture to encourage me and remind me of how God will always be true to His word so i searched on my phone. God bless the makers of bible software!

Anyway so i put in enchantment into my bible software, i was looking for Numbers 23:23 apparently and when the scripture came up, i decided why not read the whole chapter to get the background story. So Balak had asked Balam to curse the children of Israel and he took him someplace and built 7 altars to the can read the whole story..Numbers chapter 23

God refused to curse the Israelites, they're a chosen people, He won't go back on that and instead of Balam cursing them when he came back to Balak, he started heaping blessings on the Israelites. This he repeated about three times and Balak got upset. Balam tells him he cannot curse anyone the Lord has not cursed. God has blessed me, i am His child and no one can curse me, first thing that struck me in that chapter...and i'm like God, thank you i'm invincible...too strong to be defeated..

Verse 19 talks about the infallibility of God's word.''God is not a man that he should lie, neither is he the son of man that he should repent..has he said and he would not do it, has he spoken and He will not bring it to pass..''. What is it that i want? Is it in the word, do i have promises to stand on? Then He will do it! He is not a man to lie..

Verse 23 that i was looking for ...''there is no enchantment against Jacob and no divination against Israel''. In recent times, i've heard some lies and it seemed they were seeping into my know how Africans tend to think when something is not right, it must be some old woman back in the village. Don't say not me until you're in a particular situation. I always told myself i don't believe that crap but in recent times i've heard it a lot..i was beginning to think what if? God called my attention to His word and i am glad He did...i don't need any more encourgement than what that scripture tells matter what obtains in my environment, i am a blessed child..

God's word never fails, it works so long as we have faith...It's as simple as i a child of God? Yes..Then i am blessed and no one can curse me! I am she whom God has blessed!

So are you...if you have a relationship with Him

God bless y'all!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finally, we went to Ilorin!

For the past two years or so, hubby has developed a habit of saying he'll go to Ilorin once he's talking of running away from something or going on a road trip! It became a private joke and i promised him if i wanted to give him a treat i would take him to Ilorin to fulfill his careful what you ask for, cos you just might get it!

A very good friend of ours announced he was getting married a couple of months back and guess where the wedding was at..yeah you're right Ilorin. It was not a wedding we were permitted to miss so i told him..''guess what baby, your dreams are about to come true!''

We weren't sure if we would drive or not then our friends; a couple said they were going so we agreed we'd ride together, hubby was saved the hassle of driving. Thank God we didn't, we'd have been so lost! The journey took about 5 hours by road, from Lagos to Ibadan was a smooth ride apart from some traffic on the way, we've all done that before so it wasn't anything was a nice journey, four friends travelling together, we had fun gisting and stepping to each other.

Then we got to the second part of the journey. Our friend who was driving knew a route that would cut out the bad parts of the road and save us some good time, only we saw some indigenes telling us to change our route, we didn't know the reason but saw a few other cars turned back. We were left with the Oyo road...very terrible road i must say! Then i knew why most people don't mention travelling to Ilorin!

There were several trucks travelling on both sides of the road and the road was quite bad, i didn't sleep well the previous night and would have closed my eyes for a nap but the road was pretty bad and we all had ot be alert...i still managed about thirty minutes nap though! lol

We were really late for the wedding! The church service was over so we went for the reception, i'll save the reception we waited till that was over and went in search of a good hotel to lodge in. We had planned to spend the night in Ilorin since it was such a long trip and it was an opportunity to relax..

Making a hotel decision was easy after checking two places; Kwara Hotels and another one i don't remember the name. Kwara hotels was the winner as it was a big and nice hotel and the prices were unbelievable reasonable! The pool got us tempted! My friend bought herself a swimsuit though she can't

I needed to buy some medication so my friend's hubby and i drove to the town, it's quite easy to find almost anywhere in Ilorin as there's one long major road from which you can connect almost anywhere...hubby and my friend had a swim. I really wished i could swim too but the weather had turned cold and i was nursing the start of a flu. We had drinks and some suya and decided to go in search of pounded yam at about 9:00pm after the rain started..crazy!

So we went to the first place we were directed and they didn't have..oh no! We decided to ask them for another place and they described the way to go to Iya Yussuf's canteen. Iya Yussuf's canteen did not disappoint us though we were surprised in a good way! We all ate and had about three pieces of meat each, the food came to less than N900! Can you beat that?

It's such a peaceful city and food is so cheap! We had a buffet breakfast the following morning, the 4 of us and it only cost us 6 grand! Can you imagine? I wished i could import Ilorin to was so much like being on a vacation and it made me realise that there are several places in Nigeria where one can go to relax and have fun.

We came back to Lagos on Sunday, hubby's dream fulfilled and we're still talking about the trip. I won't be making the road trip anytime soon though! Lol