Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life is beautiful

This post is actually for today the 17th but is reading 11th because i started it last week...lazy me!

I've been so absent from blogging! There would have been a reasonable explanation if i've been so busy at work or i've had so much to do at home and didn't remember to blog but none of this is the answer. I think it's been laziness, another part is fighting the blogging addiction and trying to do productive things. So i've been absent lately and will fill y'all in on what i've been up to.

I started my over 3 weeks vacation last week and i can't believe it's a week already, i wish i could get paid for being on vacation all year long, my time is mine and i can do as i wish with it, including staying up late at the night doing all sorts, gatecrashing blogs, browsing literary sites, reading book reviews online, chatting with friends who burn the midnight oil like me(hubby has been nagging me over chatting too much, i think he's jealous:-)),just fooling around on the internet and reading anything that catches my fancy. Can you see i have been so busy?

My vacation has been fun up till date though i didn't travel to the destination i thought i would. What is vacation all about? Is it about travelling to some fancy place so i can tell my friends i saw this place and that place? Infact, i'm trying to define vacation to myself. Yeah, it's good to travel and all that, i still plan to spend at least a week outside the country but i think the most important thing when one is on vacation is spending time with family,resting and rejuvenating onself, it's a time to also assess one's life goals and see if you're on the right path (yeah i have a reflecting side). So long as those things are done, i've had a good vacation.

Monday was the first day of my vacation, i spent it indoors just lounging and working on my book...didn't do much really.

Tuesday; hubby had to go to abuja for work so we got on the plane together. Yes thank you, i like being his handbag, i spent the rest of the day working on my book, watching some TV and did some lounging in the evening, yeah and i stayed up late chatting

Wednesday; I finished Kaine Agary's Yellow-Yellow that i started reading on Monday; it's a nice book written in simple language and gives one an insight into things happening in the Delta. Got through with chapter 9 of my book, yay! I guess slow and steady wins the race, i'm moving along and will definitely get there, i'm over halfway now.

Thursday: really prayed today (not like i don't pray everyday but this was different) I started on chapter 10 and got stuck, maybe i ex[erienced what people call writers' block so i watched some TV. I hate the Big Brother Africa show, i think it's a waste of time for adults to stay cooped up in a house for three months doing nothing productive with their lives but i found myself watching and even predicting who would go out next. I even formed favourites...hmm...see what this vacation is doing to me o

Friday: I did a little writing, inspiration came yesterday night before i went to bed but somehow i didn't spend so much time writing during the day. I spent the evening going out and having some fun; checking out books etc.

Saturday: This was real faffing day! I did nothing but lounge with all day, watching TV, gisting etc. Eventually i stayed up late to continue on chapter 10, went to bed when i couldnt take no more

Sunday: Woke up late...very late! There was no church,spent sometime indoors praying, had breakfast in bed (i'm sure someone is wondering oh this is the life!), then in the evening went swimming. This time was better than the last one i went to the pool. You see i have this thing, i can swim but i sometimes think i'm drowning so i'll just stop in the middle and start asking for help (did i hear a laugh?)...well, i didn't need help this time. Writefreak got her groove on! It was so much fun and relaxing. Oh and yes, the housemate i wanted evicted left the big brother house, it was a good day for me! I also finished chapter 10 of my book, i am now convinced i can write...lol

I haven't been going out much, i sometimes eat breakfast in bed, go to the dining room for lunch and same for dinner...life is good! I'm doing no house chores, i wish this would last forever so i'm going to enjoy it as long as it lasts. Life is beautiful!