Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bless the Lord o my soul and everything within me, bless His holy name...

I'm thankful for so many things that might sound very basic but I never ever want to take God's blessings in my life for granted.

For being a daughter to God and having a relationship where I can call Him my loving father.

For being married to the most wonderful man. My husband is very busy and under a lot of pressure but he never neglects me or our relationship.

For laughter in my home constantly. There's always a reason to smile even on the very blue days!

For my mum and dad and my siblings..God continually keeps them in good and perfect health.

For my sisters in law and their kids and husbands and for my brother in law. God continually keeps them all in health and we have peace.

For healthy, safety, and provision for hubby and I. It's wonderful to know God consistently watches over us.

For the way God always tries to get my attention and get His word to me. This week I have once again been reminded of how He alone should be first place in my life and not allow anyone or anything take His place. Thank you father for reminding me of what is most important.

For the wonderful friends that surround me. Sometimes I don't find comfort/understanding where I expect but God has given me some friends who continue to stand by me.

I'm thankful for all these and more, what are you thankful for???

Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Rants!

I've been jogging almost everyday for the past one month, well over a month, remember the 3Ps, i sorta continued after the first 30 days and just intensified the pace. I cut short my length and now jog all the way for about 25 minutes and then get back. I must say it's not been the easiest thing to do, getting out of bed at 6:15 am but it's been good. I love the adrenaline rush i get from running, i love that i can talk to God as i get out that early and it has sort of helped give my day more order. I now have to make sure i shower early and start my day on time. It's had a good number of benefits. I haven't lost that much weight but i think i'll get there if i don't give up. I'm going to be adding some more ingredients to the mix that will help me lose help me God.

Even hubby has commended me on how disciplined and focused I've been. He thinks I'm really trying hard, so imagine how upset I am when I met some spoilt brat yesterday. I haven't seen this person in about 6 years and infact I didnt recognise her. She called my name while hubby was introducing me to someone important and I thought the fact that I didn't have my glasses on had something to do with me not recognising this person. I walked up to her and she introduced herself. So I was like oh yeah, sorry it's been long, I just didnt recognise you. She said something i thought wasn't funny then went on to ask me why i had added so much weight. I smiled politely, then she went on to let me know how after having two kids, she's slimmer than me (not having any kids yet). She was like 'this is not good, not good', go and lose some weight, infact you should start jogging.

I just stood there tongue tied, typical reaction when i'm upset. I wish i could be more outspoken in instances like that. I didnt bother asking for her number or anything, I don't want to remain in contact with such people. I walked back to hubby and told him what had transpired. He was very angry and said i shouldn't have let her get off with it. I wish i didn't and a part of me just wants to email to call her to order.

In the first place, Mrs 'i'm slimmer than you', who is in a competition with you? Is it my fault you have such a low self esteem that you must make yourself feel good by comparing yourself to others? You should watch it because someday you will meet your match or someone more brutal than yourself, and you could just end up with a slap. Infact, I might be glad to be the one doing the slapping! You don't know anything about me, you don't know me, other than seeing me once 6 years ago, so how dare you run your mouth like that! Just warning you, you prolly won't be reading but i'm telling you...NEVER ever stick your nose in my business again! I love myself the way i am, you don't know the effort i'm making...and just don't stick your nose in my business.

I don't know why people think it's a prerequisite to make comments on someone else's weight if they haven't seen the person in a while. Stop it! It doesn't make for good conversation. Learn some tact if you haven't got it. Unless someone asks your opinion about their weight, no matter what it is, please shove it! Or well, unless you're very close to them and it's not too personal to talk about! The next time i get unsolicited advice or comment about my weight, i would be really nasty, i think! ( i wish i could do that!. You'd think i am that big sef...nonsense.

My hair is pretty damaged, i just found out. I'm trying to decide what to do about that. I just noticed one whole side is pretty much shorter than the rest. I think i might have to let it grow naturally for some time and trim it all to the same length. It's so painful though. I remember some years back, something like that happened to me but it was even worse, oen side went bald. I really need to find me a good salon/hairdresser in this city of Abuja.

Ok, rant over, i got me some work to do!

Have a nice week everyone! :-)