Monday, March 30, 2009

My name is Writefreak and...

This is probably the randomest post you read from me..brace yourself! Lol

I don't know why I fight wearing my glasses so much! Actually I can see clearly without them..but I get these huge headaches when I neglect them like a reminder to pick them up. Hubby bought me this posh Ferre Gamo frames but o ti o, yours truly will hide them in the bag. Well staring at my system all day hasn't helped so much so I have decided to be friends with my posh glasses...don't advice me to wear contacts! I think it's torture!

Or is it cos I've been looking like a nerd that I avoid wearing them glasses? With my braids packed up and the glasses, I think I'm a perfect fit for a nerd or is it a strict teacher? Not sure...wish I could post

I'm very clumsy! Yes! I hit things, I get burns and scratch myself so many times. I just can't help it. I try so hard. I'm not as bad but Susan in Desperate Housewives remind me of myself! I try but maybe I really don't care. *shrugs*

The past one week has seen me sleeping at some very odd hours- 5a.m, 6a.m. I write late into the night and do some chatting. The guilty parties know themselves! Keeping me awake all night but really it's more of working! I have now decided to be a normal human being so I shall not be staying up longer than 2a.m anymore so help me God!

There are honest Nigerians and I believe in this great country of ours. I left my second phone on the car yesterday mistakenly. Mr and I went to cut his hair and we were there for like ages...actually we were the last to leave the shopping centre. The gateman came to us as we drove out and wanted to know if we lost a phone. I was so sure, I said No. The guy wouldn't let up so Mr asked him for the fone and dialed it, voila, it was mine! It's a cheap phone but replacing would have been an agony! We gave him a tip and Mr said to him 'with people like you, there's hope for Nigeria'...yes there is! Thanks Titus for being a honest Nigerian.

I hate not getting what I want when I want it! It sucks when I don't but delay isn't denial. I'm learning that God knows what I need per time and I should just trust Him. I hear him saying daughter, just trust fully, one day at a time. I make all things beautiful I'm MY time. Teach me to trust life is in your hands.

I'm thinking of moving to MTN blackberry. Zain has been ripping me off! Why pay more when I can pay a flat rate? Ehn?

I love sleeping in. Why can't everyday be like Sunday? Dear God forgive me, I didn't go to church yesterday. But I woke up after noon and I felt blessed. The whole house was tidy..Mr had done all the chores. Dear God, I want more Sundays!

I shop for food once a month but I absolutely don't like it. I need a paradigm shift. I wonder what can make me like it's that time of the month when my fridge is getting empty and I'm thinking oh God not again! Lol

Is it wrong for me not to have all them grand 5 to 10 year plans? I do have things written down and I know where I'm going. I just like to live one day at a time resting it all in my Father's hands!

I have less owambes to attend and I'm not feeling guilty about it. Now when I'm invited, I have the luxury of sayin...'Eh ya and I'm not in lagos o'...that is such a tenable excuse! And I'm loving it!

I miss my Mom! Am I too old for that? I wasn't home throughout last year, mostly cos she and my dad visited us a few times but I still miss her. I think I might spend some time with them over Easter!

I've been wishing I could be a child again! Honestly this growing up business isn't just for me. What happened to the days of not thinking about anything and having all my needs met by someone...having my bath in the rain though I knew it would make me sick. That's it! I am declaring that I Writefreak refuse to become an adult, I am still a child...maybe my dream will come true if I say it long enough...but wait o, there is a time for everything. God! You just know how to put me right!

My brother got posted to the outskirts of a city in Imo. He's going to be a secondary school teacher. There's no light, as in NEPA hasn't been giving them at all (not like we're better off here) and his salary from the school is 2k...I'm rotfl as I say it...isn't that just a joke. Isn't it time the govt did something about corpers' allowance? 7k5 or 9k..absolutely ridiculous!

Abuja drivers are driving me nuts! They just plain can't drive or is it that the roads are too wide and too good to be true?

I love my two year old nephew who wants to talk to me on the phone all the time! He doesn't know how to say l, he says he says to me all the time - 'I nove you aunty...he says the l in my name with an n'. He's adorable! And everytime I speak to him now, no matter the time of the day, he says 'I haven't eaten all day aunty'. I hear his mum screaming 'it's a lie'. Children are such a delight!

God gave me a new sister and she rocks! We happened on each other and she's just so cute! I've learnt a lot from her and I dare to call her 'my blessing'. Temite my lovely sister with a pink heart who can't spell... I love ya! You're my blessing and I won't stop believing in you.

I forgot to add that I did this whole entry on my phone! Am I an addict or what? That's a whole entry on its own!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The first time..

The first time for a lot of people is always the best, for some it's memorable, for some it's very embarassing....

X was a sophomore student in the University and had just made a decision to change her place of worship and found somewhere more comfortable on the campus, a fellowship that made her feel at home.

Part of the requirements for new members was to attend a basic class called Foundation school. Students were divided into small groups with volunteer teachers who were also all students who had been in the fellowship for a while.

Her friend Y, was a teacher at the Foundation shcool and she wanted so badly to be in her friend's group. The list came out and she was disappointed to find out she had been put in the class of someone that she didn't even know. She went to ask her Y why she wasn't in her class, why gave an unintelligible answer. X expressed her disappointment for being put in A's class.
She turned her nose up, disappointment and cynicism written all over her face and she turned to Y and asked 'please tell me who is that A sef?'. Y smiled and X was irritated. X persisted in her quest to know. Please tell me, i hope he's a nice person and not someone that'll put me off this Foundation school o.

The answer came soon enough, 'he's right there behind you'.
X felt like the ground should open up and swallow her. Embarassment written all over her face, she turned and said 'A, nice to meet you. I didn't mean what i said the way it sounded'. A flashed a smile and said 'it's ok don't worry, see you in class'. He sauntered off leaving X all purple faced.
Interestingly, their relationship blossomed after that, they became best of friends and six and half years later, they got married.

Yeah, that's how Writefreak met her hubby the first, you wanna share how you met your husband, wife, fiancee/fiance or boyfriend? Would love to hear...

Hope you all had a good weekend. Wish you a pleasant week ahead!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baba, you're too much!

Our God is worthy to be praised!

A scripture says 'though he slays me, i will praise Him'. What manner of faith! I wonder if i can have such faith, He will not slay me, i know but even if i go through the storm, i know He's there with me. He's an awesome God and i hope somedayi will be able to have as much faith as to be able to say 'though he slays me....'

I thought of Job and all He had to go through and His faith was still strong inspite of all the trials and tribulations. And i asked the Lord to increase my faith. He will not allow us to be tested more than we can bear but when i am going through that which He knows i can bear, may i not give in to fear and doubt, may i be able to stand strong in my faith knowing He will not allow me to go through what i cannot bear.

God is awesome and i praise Him for these reasons:

1. For my wonderful husband, he just sent me a text message that made me smile and think oh God, you gave me the best man! I'm thankful for a man who is not afraid to acknowledge his shortcomings and is willing to walk hand in hand. And oh, should i say i'm thankful that i have him to walk this journey of life with?

2. I'm thankful for my friends. A good number of them are pregnant, i pray for them everyday and God is keeping them and working in their lives.

3. I thank God for friends who help me when i need it, whether virtual or real life. Thanks FG and No Limit for your contributions to the work i'm doing now

4. I'm thankful to God for constructive criticism because through it, i get better

5. I'm thankful to God for a second, third, fourth, fifth and uncountable chances He continues to give me. Even when i choose to be faithless, i am able to go back to Him and He restores my soul.

6. I'm thankful to God for helping me be a blessing to people around me. He gives me a word in season and i am able to encourage!

7. I'm thankful to God for provision. He's an awesome God. I never lack and good thing

8. I'm thankful to God for this work in progress (me) that He keeps guiding and leading by the hand

9. I'm thankful for Standtall and what she's doing. Yours truly is this week's celebrity, Standtall has the privilege of interviewing me (hehehe, how conceited), you ran read it here.

10. I thank God for my Ayefele cd which is now my dance exercise

11. Lastly, i thank God for you all!

Baba you're too much! May you continue to bless all my friends in blogville and their families!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

All in a Week...

What do i blog about today?
Should i write another Memoir from my childhood?
Should i make it random?
Should it be about things that happened recently? Ok let's try...i'll keep typing, you'll get a post, whichever thoughts my hyper active mind decide are dominant at the moment...then we will give it a! You don't have an option not to deal. lol

BobTV film festival took place here in Abuja this last week and i attended at the Sheraton hotel. I was particularly interested in a class on Story writing. I got there first day and i didn't know it was such an organised event. There were ushers in red checking out tags and asking people to come register. My friend; a screen writer who omitted details had omitted the fact that i would have to register with five grand. I didn't have that much cash, i try not to carry cash on me cos i just end up spending what i don't need. Thankfully i had my ATM card, i got to the machines and in the whole of Sheraton, not one machince carried cash. That pissed me off.

My friend was blogging the event so i waited for him outside, i got a number of hellos from random guys who were also attending the festival and i tried to wear my nice cap. Several minutes later i was still waiting and one of the guys who had said hello earlier walked up to me.

Random guy: Hi, you're still outside?

*alarm bells go off in my head* i'm thinking obviously...would you see me outside if i wasn't outside? I humour him and instead i say

Me: 'yes'

Random guy: You must be a student. What school are you from?

For crying out loud, i tried my best to look a bit responsible. Not my usual top and jeans, i was wearing a nice indian top with jeans. How exactly do i look like a student? Once again i humour him

Me: No, i'm a writer

Random guy: What newspaper do you write for?

Oh my God! This guy is so mumu! Does every writer write for a newspaper? Dude still lives in the dark ages

Me: No i am a freelance writer. I write for screen, i write fiction....(i'm tired, i don't owe him an explanation)

Random guy: *takes a look at me from head to toe* But you're also a student?

Now i'm really annoyed, did i not just tell this dude that i'm not a student? I suppose to him i looked to young or small to be anything else? I wonder if he was trying to hit on me or not but for crying out loud, i wear two rings on my wedding finger...maybe most guys think they're a joke! Who knows?

Me: Do you know how many years ago i graduated?

I walk off and hear him say after me, has it really been that long then? Dude, yes it's been a while, almost 7 and it would have been more, no thanks to the strikes when i was in Uni.

Cabbage diet
I decided to do the cabbage diet for a week as African weight loss diva recommended. It's supposed to help lose 4kg in a week. I desire to weigh less than 65kg, i now weigh between 67 and 68kg and i thought, why not take a short cut? Cabbage gave me so much gas, i gave up the diet after three days and concluded...a lifestyle change is better than a quick fix programme. Lesson learnt the hard way, i still have some of the gas and i'm hardly able to eat. Hubby laughed at me so hard and he said...'i know we don't say i told you so, but if there was a worst line right now, i should use it...' I eyed him, i should have thrown a pillow at

I have a confession to make, i haven't gone jogging in a month! A whole month...i'm now thinking of exercising in a structured manner, like maybe register in a gym here, used to go to one in Lagos. Or maybe swim on particular days during the week and have a set number of laps...still thinking about it...your thoughts are welcome

I'm writing a screenplay, still putting the story together and now my characters are creeping into my sleep, help!

I took an afternoon nap, and dreamt that Simeone did a post, wanting to know about something personal, i'm not telling exactly what but i'm wondering ok, why is Simeone creeping into my dream? Whatever thoughts you're entertaining about me dude, time to, you sometimes gives me the creeps!

Ok, peace out! off to watch rubbish tv with Mr and enjoy some laughter together.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thankful Wednesday + Comparison Trap

'For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise'.
2 Cor 10: 11-12

Ok so what is Writefreak saying today? God is teaching me some lessons and i'd like to leave a bit of them with you my family on blogville. Comparing yourself with anyone, anyone at all, is a sign of foolishness! Have you ever heard yourself say things like these:

1. Why me?
2. All my mates are getting married, why not me?
3. All my friends have kids but me
4. Why is my life so different?

There are so many ways we compare ourselves with others and instead of focusing on what is important, we're caught in trying to be like Mr A or Mrs B. How dare you? When God has made only one YOU; each of us with unique gifts and abilities, some have disovered theirs, others are working out theirs while some are being too lazy to work it out. Whatever point we are in our lives, the focus should be on what God wants for us per time and not what the other person is about. And if we're being lazy, then we need to step up our game!

It's not easy not to compare because you always have people around you who will help you do it anyway. Even when you don't want to, folks compare you to others and poison your minds.

Real life scenario. A phone call comes in from a friend you haven't heard from in a long time. It goes, how're you doing? It's been a long time, the last time i heard from you was over a year ago at your wedding. You're happy to hear from the long time friend and you tell her, oh yes, it's been way too long! Then she asks you if everything is alright. In your innocence, you go oh sure all is perfect! Then she teasingly asks if you have a baby on the way and you say hmmm,not yet. Then she goes, oh i hope all is friend who got married with you on the same day just had a baby. My response; don't you ever compare me with anyone, God has a plan for each of our lives and whatever His plan is for my life i'm sure is not the same with that of your friend's. So my dear, when are you getting married? You guessed right, the call ended. Even if you don't want to compare, people help you to.

Asking Why me is a major pointer to the fact that you're comparing yourself to others. The experiences we go through in life are meant to shape us into who we eventually become and since you didn't make yourself, you need to let Him work out His will in your life...When gold has been tried, it becomes pure.

I'm learning that no one has it perfect and the person you're comparing yourself to has also got an area where their shoes pinch. You're not wearing their shoes so you don't know where it hurts and a lot of people wear theirs gracefully!

There's a unique YOU that no one else can be like. It's questioning God's word and authority when you ask Him why can't i be like so so person....being in the comparison trap is the worst place one can get stuck in. I'm not exonerating myself cos i've been guilty so many times, asking God questions and mentioning names sometimes. It's ok to ask God questions but don't get stuck there...move on!

What does His word say regarding me? What does His word say regarding any situation i'm in? Focus on that and not what is not working in your life but working in your friend or colleague's life. When you're going through something, it's for something glorious to come in the end...('For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory') " Cor 4:17.

Also you need to block out every factor, including humans that want to make you stay in the dumps and judge the situation of your life by that of others. Stay focused on God and what you know He has in store for you. When you fall into the comparison trap, ask Him to forgive you and help you see the greater good He has for your life. It doesn't seem like it sometimes but trust me, He's got a greater good He's cooking up most times when everything looks turpsy turvy!

On the whole, know that God never wants to punish you, the devil will bring afflictions your way that is certain but God always has a way out, an escape might not see it immediately because God doesn't work like a microwave, it might take time but your beauty will shine forth. Isaac got married to Rebekkah at 40 years, he asked God for children, Esau and Jacob came when he was 60 years. Yeah that seems like a very long time, i must commend his faith cos i think in his shows, i'd be tempted to throw in the towel and sit somewhere moping and asking God WHY ME? It might take time, your life might not look as glamorous as that of folks around you now but with your trust in Him and letting Him work in you daily, you will get there.

Be wise, do not compare yourself to others!

So it's a Wednesday and i'm definitely thankful to God for His numerous blessings. These are some of my own reasons:
1. I am thankful to God for the lessons He continuously teaches me. Right now, i am thankful that my life is not defined by anybody's opinion but by His word
2. I am thankful for the public holiday on Monday, hubby and i got to spend time together at home and it was bliss
3. I am thankful that once again, i am strong and my mind is being renewed, i'm out of the dumps, halleluyah!
4. I am thankful that God gave me the wisdom to download the display driver for my laptop using Mozilla cos IE kept terminating. Now y computer looks good! Yay!
5. I am thankful to God for family and what it means. My parents seem to bug me with their calls all the time and though i lament at how many questions they ask, i am very thankful that they care.
6. I am thankful that God helped me out with the manic cab driver i used yesterday night and He gave me patience to handle the situation. I tell you that wasn't me, typical WF would freak out! (to hear the story, you have to pay me!)
7. I am thankful that i know the one who holds tomorrow so the future is certain.
8. I am once again thankful for provision for Mr and I. We never lack and all our needs are met. Infact i don't think i have real 'needs', just wants..and God still meets them. Halleluyah
9. I am thankful for God's protection over our lives. We go out and come in with no incidents. Praise the Lord!

There must be something you're thankful for, wanna shar e?

Ps: check out the soulsistas blog if you haven't done so.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Teacher Got a Lesson

How many of you had Ghanaian ( i don't even think i know how to spell that...chei) lesson teachers as kids? I did, we had far too many and i thought my parents were just being wicked. While other kids played outside, we were on the balcony with our teachers learning and relearning and yearning to go play outside with out mates. Once the lesson was over, we made up for it by over playing. Mind you, it's not like my parents forbade us to play, they just made sure we studied first.

My parents were really into education and now i'm really grateful for that, when i was a kid, it definitely felt like punishment. My mum is a teacher and my dad used to work in the Ministry of Education, dad is one of the few civil servants who did the jobs to the letter. Anyway, so you can imagine the burden of being saddled with two educationists as parents. I remember once i was very ill and it was close to exam periods, i was in JS1 i think, my mum sat beside me going through my school notebooks with me and reading them to me and making sure i understood what she read. Please, i was ill, could i not be exempted from

When i was about 6 or 7 years i think, we had this teacher who was really really mean. Or was he? I don't remember but we didn't like him. The guy just wasn't plain nice and to our kid minds, he just plain hated us. So we decided he deserved to be punished. There was me, my sister, my youngest sister who was too young to be part of the classes, we seriously envied her and then there were our two friends, they're sisters and we were neighbours; L and B. So we kids got together and plotted a coup for our lesson teacher. We didn't consider the consequence i think. We were too young to consider the consequences of our actions.

It was a typical evening ,we were being taught but we weren't concentrating. We were waiting for it to happen. We kept staring at each other and waiting for our moments of glory, would it ever come? Then just as we were going to give up, it happened. Our wicked teacher fell inside the chair he was sitting on and it was a very bad fall. He screamed! We laughed! Silly children, he turned his wrath on us, he didn't beat us but he resigned his position. My mum wasn't sure why he had to resign because he fell. If only she knew.

The day before, we had gotten together, us kids, wondering how we could deal with our teacher and then it came to us. I can't remember who has the credit for such a brilliant idea but between us kids, we decided on the punishment. We initially thought of putting pins in his seat but we knew that would be too easy. He'd know they were planted. Then we remembered our almost abandoned dining chair which always fell in. Remember what dining chairs used to look like in the 80s? Well the cushion of this particular chair had been attached from the wood that held it but it could be placed properly and you'd hardly know. For us kids, it was easy to not fall into it but and adult weight would definitely not hold for too long. We decided to give him this chair and humiliate him.

He comfortably sat in the chair wagging his finger at us if he asked a question and we didn't know the answer. Then our moment of glory came, he fell! We had punished him. We laughed, we couldn't contain our joy and i'm sure he could tell from our faces that we planned it. I'm sure guilt and pure joy were written all over our little faces.

The teacher resigned and we were free to do as we pleased, only for a short while though. I'm not saying we were right but i guess this was part of what being a child was about.Our joy was short lived though, my mum found us a new Ghanaian lesson teacher!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thankful Again

Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I'm feeling so much love from blogville, it's amazing! It's interesting that although I don't know 99 percent of those on blogville physically, I feel like we share a connection. it's as if I know you all, although I don't if that makes sense. I'm glad to be part of the movement called blogville!
Once again I'm giving God the glory cos He alone deserves it. These are some of the reasons:
1. I'm thankful that hubby and I are alive and we have seen the 3rd month of the year(is it me or is time running by)!Only the living can praise God!
2. I'm thankful that once again God has opened my eyes to see that behind every cloud is a silver lining. It might not look like it all the time but there definitely is one! Thank you Lord for showing me that no situation is ever as bad as it seems...
3. I'm thankful for aloted's dad. God saved Him from armed robbers and I trust God for His perfect healing
4. I am thankful for the material blessing I received from a friend. It's proof to me once again that God is interested in the minutest detail of my life and will position people to help me.
5. I am thankful for a husband who constantly makes sure that I don't lack. Thank you father for provision. May our cruise of oil never fail (and yours too as you read this post)
6.I am thankful that my laptop has been fixed and is now in good working condition. Now u don't have to keep trying to get the charger to make a connection with the port
7. I am thankful that Arewa is back on blogville after 8 months absence and she is even married now!
8. And lastly I am thankful for all my friends on blogville who make it a worthwhile place. I love you all!
There's a lot more I could write...but there's so much typing one can do on a phone. I just had to put this up. God bless you all and I pray you will always see that no situation is ever as bad as it seems!

Ps: I forgot to ask....what are you thankful for?