Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Day Writefreak Became Friends With The Nigerian Police...

We have two apologies or are they excuses for gatemen. They don't know their jobs and when you decide to spell their duties out to them, they always have a reason to do contrary to what you tell them.

One is perpetually drunk, i am not exaggerating; morning, afternoon, night but he never agrees that he's drunk. If he's not sleeping, he'l lying down in the gatehouse with a woman (yes, hubby has had to wake him up to come open the gate beside a woman before!) . The other is a regular at the village close to us. I suppose he sees like minded people there but then he is employed to watch our gate, not to fraternise with villagers. Their sins are too many, i don't want to bore you with all the details. One thing is sure though, they are sorry excuses for gatemen or security.

A few days ago, our living room lock decided to act up and they key wouldn't turn. It was a Sunday and it was Sallah so we couldn't get anyone to come fix it. It wasn't so much of an issue, we live in a very secure area. I can confess that there are times i'm home alone that i've forgotten to lock the door. There's a main bullet proof door that serves as the entrance to the four apartments in our building, we all neglect to lock it atimes. I told hubby to make sure it was locked that night and we went to bed.

As our custom is (we're both night owls), we went to bed very late and then at about 2 a.m, there was a knock on our bedroom window. Yes, the gateman was knocking the window of our bedroom to answer your question! We happen to live downstairs. HUbby went to ask him what was up, it was the perpetually drunk one, let's call him N, he said his colleague S was ill and lying on the floor sick. Hubby wanted to know exactly what was wrong with him, the guy couldn't tell so he went to the fridge and brought out mist mag and panadol. The guy should choose his poison. He was on his way back from the kitchen when N started shouting 'oga', 'oga' (pronounced the northern are people with him and i can't go there'. That was a bit scary, then he started shouting round the house, calling for hubby to come out. We heard him arguing with someone so hubby decided to stay put.

In the confusion,hubby told me to get in the guest bathroom and i locked myself in. I had started shaking and trying to remind myself of scriptures i know about protection and looked up and the window of the bathroom was slightly open, some wiring was passed through there, i couldn't stay on my own, no way!I went out and hubby had locked the bedroom door, i started knocking, he asked to make sure i was cat! Thankfully a friend who is out of the country left his car with us and we could set the panic button without going out....(we have to get in our own car to set the alarm) so hubby let the alarm go off continously while he called our neighbours on the phone, they were also awake.

I have some numbers for the police on my phone, a friend who had a theft episode in her house last year gave the numbers to me. She had told me she called the police and they came, i thought it wasn't possible and only took the numbers with a pinch of salt. Hubby took the numbers and called the police, they asked for directions to our place. I also had the police commissioner's number, i called him but my voice was shaking, hubby took the phone and spoke to him so coherently. Honestly, i don't know how he does it but he was so in control! I'm proud of my man.I lay on the bed while he continued setting off the alarms, checking the window and calling the police.

Not too long after the calls, we heard a siren, they called to make sure they were on the right street, and when they heard the car alarm, they stopped in front of our house. It was like watching a movie! From our bedroom window, i saw armed policemen come in and search the premises for any intruders. Oh by the way, they fired two shots outside the gate before they came in.They searched the whole place and then called hubby it was ok to come out. Hubby and the neighbour upstairs went out to meet them. They came in three cars and there were ten of them, wow!The commissioner called back to find out if we had seen his men, we told him yes. The lady upstairs and i chatted about the incident on the phone while our husbands were out talking to the policemen.

Whoever the intruders were had left probably when the car alarm started going off. The mazing thing is a female police officer had to pour water on the second gateman to wake up after they forced the gate open. They advised us to get better security, he was obviously drunk!It didn't end there, a few minutes later, another batch of policemen came to make sure everything was fine. Honestly, i was wowed, i didn't think things like that happen in this beloved country of ours. I guess you nevere know until you try.

One thing is sure, our gatemen are going to be fired and replaced and we're going to get some kinda civil defence or mobile police patrol (yeah, i live with influential people who can get them without hassles..hahaha)...So i think the Nigerian police is really my friend afterall. If there was any grudge i had against them, i forgave that night.

When everything calmed down, hubby then started feeling tired, he had been a real man through it all and i had been a 'shaky shaky' real woman, although i tried to appear calm on the surface. The idiotic gateman had apparently opened all our living room windows from outside while he was shouting 'oga, oga' and nobody came out. That was such a foolish act on his part and honestly i think he would have attempted to come in if we hadn't locked the bullet proof door.Thank God for safety, thank God because His promises to watch over us day and night (He neither sleeps nor slumbers) were kept and thank God for the Nigerian police!

Have a nice and safe weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tell Them...

We all have people who are dear to our hearts, people we care about and who care about us in return but sometimes we never really know if these people care or they probably never know that we do..

We all go about our ways and we act normal and then when something happens to someone you love, you start thinking about them and taking stock and wondering about your relationship with them over the years. You even assess or wonder if there's something you could have done differently.

I'm against the culture that celebrates someone only after they are long gone and they don't need your praise. By long gone, it could be dead or far away from you. True the saying goes absence makes the mind grow fonder but sometimes i wonder if it really does, does it not just widen the gap? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure why a lot of people have parties when their older people die with the kind of amounts that those people might never have heard about in all their lifetime. When they're alive or around us, it doesn't mean much but once they leave, we start to eulogise and say how much of good people they were. Tell me, of what use is it to them then?

For a lot of us, it's an assumption that our loved ones know we care about them. We justify our actions, if i didn't care for her, would i have done this or that? How do i know if you don't tell me? The best way i can know is if you tell me.

There are so many people in our everyday lives that we take for granted and just never show appreciation to. How about that househelp that makes sure your house is tidy although she gets on your nerves. The issue is right now, all you see is the things she hasn't done, you forget so many the good. How about your gardener, the one who makes sure your house is not overgrown with weed, yes you pay him but a word of appreciation or a pat on the back once in a while never hurt anybody. How about your co worker who makes sure your project is off the ground because you need help. Oh well, you could have done it alone, but he still helped didn't he? What about your husband/wife? Oh gosh, he's just so annoying, do they not have any good sides? If they died today, would you or not sing their praise? If they suddenly walked out on you, will there be a gap or not?

It doesn't have to be an eulogy. It does not have to be poetic. Even a thank you at the right time will go a long way in saying how much we appreciate the other person.

How about telling people that we appreciate them right when they are there or very present in our lives and not when we lose them.

I'm going to practise my own preaching and say thank you blogville, i appreciate you, you're the reason Writefreak is here! And for those bloggers who have moved from bloggers to friends...oh, you guys are the best! You make it worthwhile being here! Love you all :-)

Have a blessed rest of the week!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thankful Wednesday + the moving out question.

It's another Wednesday, another day to be thankful to God. As always I have soooo MANY reasons to be thankful.

I decided since i haven't posted in a while, this is not only going to be a thankful post....

I'm grateful for the gift of life. It's the 2nd of September, the year is flying by so fast and through the months my family, friends and i have been preserved, long life is a convenant and I thank God that He is fulfilling His part of it.

I'm thankful for a revelation of God's word and my rights in Christ Jesus. Often times, we Christians allow things in our lives, things that shouldn't be there. I'm learning to check what God's word says about a situation afresh and declaring it over that situation. Thank you Lord

I'm thankful for a loving husband and a good marriage..
I'm thankful for good and godly friends...
I'm thankful for open doors...i didn't even need to knock on some...
I'm thankful for letting God use me as a vessel...
I'm thankful for my aburo Temite, the time she spent her and her safe journey back. My sister also travelled several hours by road and she got safely to her destination.
So much to thank God for,what are you thankful for?

So i have a question for you guys...

Is it ok for a woman well over 30 to still live with her parents and have to live there because her father will not hear of her moving out on her own at her age? Is it even ok at all for a 36 year old woman to still live with her parents?

I find this hard to relate to because i left home when i was 22 and i lived on my own from then till i got married. No, my parents don't live in the West, they live here in Nigeria. I was moving to a different city though, they raised some dust initially but we came to an agreement and they let me be.

We had this argument in my house some weeks back, some friends were present and they thought it was ok for a woman to live with her parents no matter how old she is if she is unmarried. So even if she is 40 and marriage is not on the horizon, she should live with her parents?

They said our culture does not allow for a woman to live on her own and it's almost a taboo. I remember my Grandma said it was irresponsible for a single lady to live on her own but hey i proved them all wrong. I don't think it's a good thing to think a woman should be dependent on her parents while a man is allowed to spread his wings and fly.

I understand that there are different roles men and women play in the society and the family but i also think when it gets to a certain age, it becomes control when your parents can still tell you what to do and how to live your life. Heck at 36, your father still dictates how you live your life.

I'm of the opinion that living alone matures you, it helps you gain some level of independence and maturity you might not otherwise have gained. I think when it gets to a certain age, if a parent cannot trust their kids to make the right decisions, then they have failed in their roles as stewards over them.

Lemme not talk too much, would love to hear what you guys think about this.

Hope you guys have had a fabulous week so far. Happy midweek!