Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Three Years!

Today i'm thankful for just one thing..and it's big...Mr and Mrs Writefreak are three years!

I'm thankful for the love, peace and joy in our home...i don't take it for granted. We don't exchange angry words, we never argue or fight, we're able to resolve our issues without any third party involvement, and the things i call issues are not even issues!

Today i thank you father for finding my soulmate and giving him to me...for laughter and friendship, for affection and care, for a husband that puts my needs above his and even says he can die for me if need be :-). I'm thankful for increase...we're not where we were last year, physically and spiritually...I thank you for my husband L ord, he's the best you could ever have given me..and for the things we desire as a family, i thank you because you have done them!

For those with turbulence in their hopes, father i pray for your calmness, for those who are planning to get married, father i pray you direct their steps and give them wisdom...

Thank you Lord!