Saturday, July 22, 2006

My purpose

I have been thinking a lot lately, what am i going to do with my life other than going to work, waking up and going to work, does the cycle just continue like that? What exactly am i here to do? One major purpose that has come to mind and stayed is the fact that i am created for worship, you will notice i said some of that in my previous blog.But right now, my thoughts are what do i do with the talents God has given me? A, i going to die empty like Max Lucado puts it or will i take it all to the grave. God forbid! The world needs what i have. i have so many books inside to write, so many magazine articles to write and publish, so many to edit, i cannot afford to let it all go to waste. No i can't! A part of me just wants to drag along and take life as it comes but i have to be all God has made me to be. i have so many talents, i am scared.And i am so lazy sometimes or most...I need to wake upI have a book i have been writing for God knows how long but right now i have picked it up because it will neevr get written if i do nto write it, i am going to complete that book a page at a time, so help me God! I think i am going to also register for a course in Creative writing which will help me develop my skills...I believe i will get there, reach the height of my potential, so help me God!

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