Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can i Walk on Water???

Step on the water, you can do it, walk towards me, yes you can walk on the you see me do it, you also can...

He stepped on the water in response,he was actually walking on it! doing the impossible! He could do it, he was ecstatic! And then he looked around, he looked at the water, he looked at the rest of the people in the boat, they're not doing the same thing he's, he definitely can't be doing this! He was defying natural laws, it was impossible, how could he? Then he noticed he was losing his stand, gradually he began to sink...he couldn't do what he did just a few minutes ago anymore, he had considered the outward circumstances and all the false evidences appearing he started to sink

Then he called to Him and He stretched forth his hand and caught him saying 'O you of little faith, why did you doubt?' His name is Jesus and his name is Peter. Jesus told Peter he began to sink because he allowed circumstances around him to dictate his response.

I'm so sure most of us are familiar with this story, yeah it's from the bible and when i think deeply about it, it applies to my daily life and that of most of us. I want the circumstances to be right before doing anything, i know what to do inside me but i want to wait for the signs, i don't want to step out on a limbo...i don't want to walk in blind faith but He says that's the way to go...

Without faith it is impossible to please God, without faith one cannot reach the great heights of life, without faith, we can not step out and achieve all that God has destined us to achieve, without faith we'll cling to dead dreams and visions and refuse to see new horizons...without faith, we will live life on a mediocre level...

How many times have we known the right thing to do but allowed the circumstances around to dictate our reaction or hinder us from doing what we need to do. How many times have we chosen to stay in our comfort zones and refused to step out in faith knowing when we start to sink in case we doubt, He'll stretch forth His hands to catch us.

Daily i'm learning it's very easy to live a mediocre life, make no sacrifices, take no risks, have no faith, just do the average that is required to get by in life and in the end look around and envy the people doing great things and allowing Him to take the lead. I have decided i am going to step on the water, and if i start to sink, He'll stretch forth His hand to carry me. And i will renew my faith again!



Allied said...

Amen.. funny, i just decleared the same thing this week.

I pray for the strength of the almight God, he will be there for us.

how are u?

Arewa said...

U got this so right... I was nodding along to every single sentence.
U've just lifted my spirit to the 100th degree. {bbbiiggg hhuuug} Hope u and hubby are doing good. Stay blessed.x x x

Jaycee said...

"How many times have we stayed in our comfort zones and refused to step out on faith...?"

Deep question...

Lord, I want to trust you completely, that I can indeed walk on water with u. (This post reminds me a lot abt having faith and trust in God).

Comrade said...

Quite uplifting post. As they say, Keep your eye on the ball. It's not just about taking a risk or making a move out of your comfort zone. When the move is made, focus has to be kept. Unfamiliar territories come with unfamiliar circumstances. Peter stepped on water and sudddenly the strong winds became visible. A lot of stuff becomes visible the moment one decides to make a move. It is the role of the heart to refuse to process the picture that the eye transfers to the mind.

aloted said...

Spot on!

Thought to share part of a song by 4Him that I love. Talks on Faith-

"The wind blows hard
The climb is slow
Shadows are dark
I stumble on these stones
But my Lord, You are near
I will not fear

I chose to take this road called faith
I will walk on
I trust that You will lead me through
I will walk on

No end in view
At times I feel alone and the signs are few
But at least they all say home,
And You my Lord, You're the hope I hold
Strength of my soul"

Sha said...

So true...Faith is a spiritual substance. I was reading something about this a few days ago, "Faith communicates to you a certain inner knowing that the thing you are hoping for is certainly established, even before you see any material evidence that it has happened."

Kinda deep too.

Afrobabe said...

Amen is the book thing going?

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

amen...preach on sister...that was what i needed today..

thanks bbz

rinsola said...

Faith o Faith. Hmn.......what can i say? Thanks for sharing and reminding me.

Favoured Girl said...

Very true babe. Some time ago, I realised that I was living that mediocre life with no zeal, no driving ambition and no passion, because I was afraid to take that step of faith! I also had to come to that place of trust and faith in God, believing that He is there to hold me and catch me even if I fall. (You know most of the story). Daily I renew my faith in God because He is the only one that sustains me.

Writefreak said...

His grace is sufficient for us and His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses! Thanks for asking sis, i'm very body just doesn't like the harmattan we have in naija now! Ouch! Did i just complain?

Glad i could be a vessel..iron sharpens iron my sisteh! Lol. Hubby and i are very well.

Honestly speaking babe, i can think of countless no of times that i've just refused to do what i know is you say my prayer is God should help me trust completely...

Refusing to focus on the price..(like Jesus endured the cross because of the joy that was set before Him...Heb 12:2) will definitely make us think walking by faith is an ardous task!

That song does it for me. Reminds me of Habakkuk..'Although the fig trees will not blossom..'. That guy gat faith!

Hmmm..preach sister! Faith is what makes us know whatever we're going through NOW is just a phase and not our reality!

@ afrobabe
Yes so shall it be! Book's coming up ok..took a few days break from my editing but i'm back on it! Need to get some professional views before discussing with publishers

Thanks for visiting..i'm glad God could use me to remind you!

Oh i completely understand! Am i not walking the path now and being called stupid? What makes it easy to go through life is knowing you've got the Most High's backing.

Olamild said...

Power packed message
I can relate to this... I mean really. God bless u for sharing this.
Henceforth, I am stepping out in faith. I know God's hands is everly open to welcome me.

Afrobabe said...

cool, all the best..

rethots said...

Whoa! 'tis so possible for one to be doing the right thing but, looking around and seeing we stand alone; we might be tempted to halt that which we do. Hmmmm.....

Nice one. May He not only allow us to do the right thing but, more importantly, to hang on doing it even if we have no accomplice.

Cheers and have a nice week.

Jaybabe said...

Wow! This is intriguing. Inspiring. Very appauling. Nice one girl!

When's the book out?



The last paragraph should be plastered everywhere as a reminder to us all. Thank you for sharing such encouragement!

shalewa said...

this was very inspiring.sometimes i feel alone becuz am not going with the crowd but it has paid off and this message has strengthend my resolve to keep stepping out in faith,just trusting in God.thanks for the message.

Allied said...

update now

Nogo said...

What does Selah mean? It's something I've seen in my Bible for years and sometimes just skipped over cuz I didn't get it... I'm not sure how hard I tried to find out but seeing it in your post I thought I might just ask. Inspiring post

Writefreak said...

Thanks for the compliment...selah means pause and meditate!

Nogo said...

Oooohhh... thanks :D