Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Coming Out!

As i write i sing this song, only i have forgotten the artist who sang it...doesn't matter least not to me! It captures the essence of how i feel

I'm coming
I'm coming out
I want the world to know...

Where have i been? I haven't even visited my own blog in weeks! See, my people so much has been happening!

This update is not about any inspiring topic, it's about moi and things that have been happening in my life in the past few weeks that i've been awol, nah it's not another Ghana trip, this time it's a journey of my life.

Ok so i finally quit! I stepped out in faith, after much deliberation and prayer between hubby and i, we decided it was time to move out of the comfort zone and launch my net into the deep! After several months of dissatisfaction and asking myself shall i, shall i not, I acted on my own message, sat at my computer and sacked my boss! Yes i mean i fired my boss! I had typed a sample of my resignation about 6 months earlier, just did not have enough guts to do it but i guess the time is right now!

To a lot of colleagues and friends, i took a very wrong decision, why would you leave a job you have at hand for something you do not have yet? So many tried to dissuade me. So are you going to become a housewife now? A bird in hand is better than two in the bush! No! I beg to disagree...the bird in your hand might be dead already, why not go look for something fresh? Why cling to something that is dying or not meeting your needs!

No man would ever excel without taking risks. If i do not pursue my dreams now or fulfill the nudges in my heart, when will i get to do these things? Life is not about getting a job and just doing it. For me, it's about doing something i love and contributing my quota to my society...i have been able to sit down and come up with a few things i love to do and after 6 years of graduation, i am reinventing myself and on the path to becoming the best that i can be! I am still thinking and working on it and oh yes i will get there!

And of course! Thanks to my wondeful hubby who sees the best in me all the time and encourages me to acknowledge the good things in me!


aloted said...

thank God she's back!

Wow..good for u girl...u finally got the courage to step out...all the best as u step out of your comfort zone!

God is with u all da way..

Arewa said...

life is what u make it .. and making it in life involves taking risks.
U know what u want so.. go on and claim what is urs. It is my prayer U will prosper in all that u do...and that God will guide in the the right dirction.Amen!!
U go girl!!! x x x

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new season!

You sound so much like someone i know (moi) right after she stepped out in faith believing... we are mostly renewed at the threshing floor.

Apply more of your lessons from the ATM machine...just dont stop pushing. The darkest hour is right before dawn (i would know - i just saw my own dawn break)

Mythots said...

Congrats on your stepping out... May the Lord grant you the strenght to take the "steps" now that you are "out"

Aijay said...

Wow! Welcome back WF.
All I can say is all the best as u venture into it. U go girl!!!
U're such an inspiration.

PS: How far with ur book?

Olamild said...

All the best

Writefreak said...

@ aloted
Girl, thanks for believing in me and all the support! You're one in several millions!

thanks for the prayer and word of encouragement..see you at the top!

oh thanks, maybe i still need some tutorials.:) seeing you've gone ahead..!

thank you..i pray so is not starting out that matters but how you end

missed you lady! Yeah going away was a always do it! I'm blushing that you call me an inspiration..thanks so much. Book's edited..i'm working on my synopsis so i can ship it off to the publishers and await their response. I must confess, seems i've been a bit slack!

thanks girl..hope you're doing good!

darkelcee said...

Chic, that was a BOLD step.

but hey, i wish you all the very best in life. Sometims we need those major moves to launch us into our breakthrough

Kiss hubby for me and tell him i said "thanks for the support"

Uzezi said...

Patti Something sang that song, or is it Diana Ross?

Understand the feeling of moving out of a comfort zone. Risks just have to be taken. I did it last month and my friends still think im crazy to have left my job for uncertainty

Jaycee said...

Awww...congratulations on ur new step in life dearie.

See, as far as you commit everything into God's hands u'll be fine at the end of the day. Cast all ur burdens on Him...

And may not be easy starting something that u're passionate may not come easy, it may be a little tough at the get-go...but when u're famous, u'll forget the pain and u'll laugh out loud as u sign ur autographs.

Cheers, all the best...


Oh, congrats! This is step towards true satisfaction and happiness for yourself and your family I wish you the best!


Lighty said...

am happy for u dear mrs. that is all u needed to do; satisfy urself and make urself happy. so long as hubby is in support, damn the world they always have sumthing to say anyway.

OLAMILD said...

WHat's happening hia?

princesa said...

I admire ur guts girl.
May God keep that man for you(ur hubby i mean).

Afrobabe said...

Congrats's been a long long while...glad to have u blogging again.

I know exactly what you were going through cos I went through it myself when I left MTN...people wondered, it baffled them that I would leave what to them was a great job but I felt I was more than that, I was unhappy and going to work every morning was a job on its home...
Leap with faith babe, I assure you, you will be glad you did...

Writefreak said...

@ darkelcee
Thanks sweet, believe me, hubby got more than a, there's an update to this!

i wonder how people decide others are crazy! am i not entitled to my decision about my life???

thanks girl, the path is already getting clearer and the autographs might be coming sooner than we's you?

thanks my sistah for the kind wishes!

@ lighty
no mind them o! People always have things to say!

great things are happening here! You'll get details as we go sistah has just decided to trust God with Her life and believe me, the path is getting clearer

thanks my sista for the prayer, na great prayer you pray for me!

my dear, no mind me o, i just like doing MIA! you won't believe the amazing sense of peace that i have now! Getting up to go to work was like a very horrendous task! said...

Wonderful news

`just checking on you
God will provide a better one 4 ya

Anonymous said...

Update ohh....

how far with OUR book?

felix said...

Follow your heart... you'll come to realise that you use more of your brain now than when you were in your comfort zone...

In my head and around me said...

Congratulations. I wish I could fire my boss too!!

Welcome back to blogville.