Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi people, do you know any lady who has helped another lady achieve something great, maybe to start a business, go to school or was there for the person in a trying time, i need examples of such people as i am working on something that is meant to showcase ladies who have been there for each other

Also do you know anyone who used to be a member of Reverend Kings' church and has now left? I am working on a feature on him and i need such people to be interviewed...

Do you know anyone who has a very good relationship with their father...a daughter or son, a relationship that is a model one, it could be a biological or foster father, also need such people for a feature i am working on

Good people, i hope to hear from you soon...

Please note that these people should be resident in Nigeria so it would be easy to get through to them.

Thank you



Well, I would nominate my mom. She raised me as a single mother, but her strength, faith and determination have been exemplary to me and have gotten me through college, law school and continue to encourage me in all my various endeavors.

Big 'shout out' to my mom!


Oooh, or former Principal of QC, Mrs. Namme...

darkelcee said...

sorry i 'll say no to all

but i def ask around then get back to you.

how is hubby?

Manda said...

i'll think of someone. Wont u interview me? ehn, i love kids and i guess i've helped some make reasonable decisions.lol

Howz u gurl, finally saw u!

For the love of me said...

oops, sorry dont know anyone like personally but you could try Funmi Iyanada if you can reach her, If she hasnt personally helped people, she must know other women who have.
I also wonder if these people would like to come out though, you know kind people like that do not usually wish to be celebrated.

Free-flowing Florida said...

i so don't qualify 4 any, nor do i know anyone who does. sorry

shalewa said...

no idea.wish i cud help.

aloted said...

ore, sorry most of the peeps i know, that fit, are not in Naija.

Any luck finding anyone that fits??

Writefreak said...

Big ups to your mum..mothers are just wonderful. I can say she did a fine job of raising you.
thanks sweet..i think i've found the people i need now
No i won't interview you..lol
@ for the love of me
thanks for the suggestion. I've found the people i need..it's amazing what people are doing..
@free flowing florida
not too many of us qualify, that's for sure!
@ shalewa
thanks girl..found them
thanks girl..yes found them! Is it that you don't know people in naija again ni? Lol

sagacité said...

i do!!!
Mummy, and yes you can get to her easily. she's helped too many people i know, more than i could dare. some, very grateful, others not. so there you go!!

PS, i tagged you on 'Me - Me'