Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Wednesday!

I missed my thankful series last week. I had a lot going on. I had a deadline to meet, a friend staying over, and a lot of other stuff but I'm back. I realise I might not do this every week but I will always come back to do it because I always have reason to be thankful. I will choose to always focus on the things God is doing in my life and the blessings and the positives because it means that's all I need now. If I don't have it yet, I don't NEED it yet... Really, what don't I have that I can't do without?

So Aloted had an idea that we should list 5 things starting with our name that we're thankful for. This isn't premeditated so I am just going to do this as we go along. I'll be thanking God for 5 things that start with W, let's see if I can do

I am thankful it is Wednesday. This is the day I have set apart to reflect on my blessings and focus on thanking God. It's a day that I am reminded that I have a good life and it can only get better. Wednesdays to me signify Worship.

I am thankful for a Working marriage. I realise a lot of marriages are suffering, couples treating each other to silent treatments, arguments and disagreements all the time and a host of other things but I have a blessed marriage which i don't take for granted. Ours isn't void of disagreement because then it will be a sham but we find a way to resolve our issues without them degenerating.

I am thankful for the Weather. It's bright and sunny. I sometimes complain about the sun being too much in this city but i realise some people are longing for the sun to come out. Oh and the shining of the sun reminds me that no matter how dark a situation is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I read a Karen Kingsbury book recently and learnt something fromt the character with Downs Syndrome ; 'when it's raining, you only have to look hard enough at the sky, the sun will be ready to shine'.

I am thankful for Water. I watched a documentary recently where people had to store rain water all year because they just didn't have water. I have the tap running in my house 24 hours of the day. It might look small but it isn't to me, water is essential to life.

I am thankful that I am a Writer. I have found my gift and the ability to express that gift. It is not a small blessing and for this I am thankful. For several years after University, I knew what I didn't want but I needed to know what I really wanted. I am glad to say I am finding myself. It might contradict the average person's definition of success but I am at peace and I know for me the definition of success if finding that thing you love, that God has destined you for and being able to do it.

And to show you I can find something else, a 6th, I am thankful for Writefreak who is a work is progress. I am thankful for the total ME.

Ps: I realise this is my 101st post, and I want to give y'all my friends the opportunity to ask me a question or the other which i will tackle in my next post. It will give me motivation to blog the next time. I'll leave it open for a few days or maybe till the weekend and then I will answer the questions. Please note that I would appreciate a sense of decorum and polite questions. If i find a question offensive, then I reserve the right not to answer it.
This is your opportunity if you've wanted to ask me anything about myself...gosh, i hope i don't regret this.

Have a nice rest of the week everyone!


a.k.a BaGucci said...

wow.. i must be in dream land cos I am first!

a.k.a BaGucci said...

Quite a lot to be thankful for anyways.....I'lljust sit back and allow other peeps ask the questions......Totally stumped when it comes to asking questions - unfortunately...

QMoney said...

I am thankful too!!
Karen kingsbury books always make me cry yet i cant drop them,i dunno where she gets her inspiration from.
PS:my friend has stopped giving me her books cos i never return them,instead i will bribe her with another book and be claiming that shebi she has my book too.:)

Hmmmmmm,what will i ask oooh??lemme go and think!

Adaeze said...

lol I was waiting for someone else to do this thankful series with the first letter of their name so I could get some inspiration. It seems so hard yet I am supposed to do it as well. I love all the things you are happy for and I am happy for you as well.
Hmmm...question...which city DO you live? Hehehe don't think you're off the hook yet I will probably come back with another one :-) Lots of love

downtheaisle said...

Oh u like karen kingsbury too, d down syndrome one is a thousand tomorrows i guess?have got a lib full of her bks. My new luv nw is angela hunt, she's got very nice bks 2.
I'll be bk to ask you questions as u've asked us 2. Takia

Beulah! said...

Rily?? totally in love with Francine Rivers, i've heard alot about Karen Kingsbury but never read any of her books, i think i need to, i seem to be missing out.

WriteFreak, i love ur writing style. Have u ever published any book (i mean novel)?

chayoma said...

There is soo much to be thankful for!
Some things we even take for granted!
Congrats to your 101th post!
Questions, questions,...
For now,
1. what got you blogging?
may come back with more...

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

hmm love this thankful day thing
might consider doing it.

i really want to know what type of person u are outside blogsville, are u quiet loud, do u smile often do u make friends fast, are u happy?

LusciousRon said...

This your thanful series is very innovative. Welldone on the milestone achieved. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

You did so so well with aloted's challenge...nice one!

You want a question eh?

What do you see as the best parts of your character, and what do you see as your flaws?

a.k.a BaGucci said...

Changed my mind --- have a question - a faith based one though..

What one or two or three thing(s) can you say made the difference for you in your walk of faith?

Gee said...

thankful 4 water...thats a gud one!

Original Mgbeke said...

That's pretty original. Now I have to think of things to be thankful for that start with O.
Yay...questions. Ok here are some for DB, some of them are faith based. :-)

1. What have been the greatest challenges that you faced since becoming a Born Again Christian?

2. When and why did you decide to give your life to God? Have you had any serious slip-ups since then?

3. List 3 things that you consider to be your best character traits, and 3 of your worst?


Anonymous said...

nice thankful things....looking forward to ur next blog,dnt really have nytin 4u.

simeone said...

maybe i sld read a karen book too..
being thankful is a key ..nice post..

Anonymous said...

Hello Writefreak,

I am sure I have told you I am a fan of yours because of your ability to captivate a setting.

Congrats on your 101st post. It is a milestone indeed.

1) How do you deal with Sadness?
2) Do you have a mood you have to be in before you post to your blog?
3) What areas in your life do you think we ought not to be aware of?
4) Would you ever reveal your identity as a blogger?
5) How would you defend Nigeria as a nation in spite of its reputation as a corrupt nation?
6)At what point did you realise people appreciate what and how you write?
7) Has there ever been a 'eureka' moment in your life?
8)Name a good writer in your humble opinion and why?
9)What was your background like at home, if you care to share?

How about that?

taKia and God bless

downtheaisle said...

I spill my question,

Do u have kids???, if yes, u never blog about dem y?, and if No, why (I'm just curious)

Tigeress said...

Folks have kids when they are ready and most importantly at God's time.

Anyway my questions:
1. do u ever face temptations and how do you deal with it
2. what are the most important things to look out for when looking for a partner
3. How important is God in a relationship
4. Is IVF not having faith in God
5. When Paul spoke about the thorn in his flesh in 2Corinthians 12:7-9. Pls pls pls tell me you know what it means. I think i know what it means but i'm hoping i'm wrong.

Nice thankful post Writefreeak.

aloted said...

nice nice! i will post my own A post next week...though i have the list..

i dont have any questions jare. maybe i will come up with something later

aloted said...

ah! i have question ooooooooo..hehehe. it is a jamb question o

do you think life is clear cut black and white...or are there any grey areas? Please explain

Anonymous said...

happy 101 post!Lol

Lolia said...

Awwww my favorite was working marriage! I pray that God continues to bless your marriage dear! Speaking of this post, I think I shall do my L post soon but mine is pretty easy...All the best words start with L :)
Meanwhile I can't think of a question right now but when I do I shall promptly bbm you and let you know...**hugs**

QMoney said...

Yeeeeepa,fear grip me on your behalf oh.all this questions for u alone???
i just came to give you moral support.

disguisedfeelings said...

how nice. u bring to light some things that we take for granted, eg. water! the weather! and thank God for working marriages too. God be praised.

Enkay said...

You did a good job with your "W" post!

one question - Will you ever post on this blog excerpts of any of your written works?

Anonymous said...

wow, I am surprised you kept up with the "w". wow, good, good, good for you.
congrats on hitting the big 100.

awww, I had to go back and read it again...i love everything you are thankful for; water, weather, working marriage; you, your purpose....these are the little things we tend to overlook. wish you more thankful "w's"

Anonymous said...

Oh darl. U have gone and put yourself in HOT water. U people need to LEAVE my sister alone o before I personally come and beat u guys. No TOUGH questions for her otherwise you have me to answer to. Sister sister, I have loads of questions mennn. Where shall I start...hehehe (insert EVEIL LAUGHTER)....I will spare u for now! Until larers...Strange, but I think I miss u today, u Know very well what I refer too. mscheew. XOXO

Tyger said...

i think babajidesalu as asked you enough questions for all of us.

and i love the way you have used the letter W to be so thankful... super stuff ....

do get your book out

we are waiting

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I like your 5 things with W...very creative. And it's funny, but the simple things we take for granted like water are things to be so grateful for! I'm also glad you included writing...its great to find out what makes you feel happy and fulfilled...I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

waoh, very nice 1...weldone WF...

question? what do u consider ur strenghts and weaknesses?...

Rose said...

Thankful for water too..The most refreshing drink..

O'Dee said...

I like that you are thankful for being a writer.

I have to think of a question.

Anonymous said...

One more question: If you weren't a writer, what do you think your career would be?

Olamild said...

I am thankful for the breath of life
I am thankful for all the happenings in your life.