Friday, July 17, 2009

Now I'm here...then I'm not...

Earlier this year, I found it easy to update twice a week, i would do a thankful Wednesday post and another post on Sunday or some other day of the week. It came naturally and I was sure I could keep it up. It was with the same optimisim that I started the year that I was blogging. I had so much energy.

I suddenly found myself not updating in a week or in two weeks. It's becoming consistent and now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably something permeating other areas of my life. I don't have as much energy as i did and I need to get it back. It only took my laptop falling ill to fall into a total blog drought. I'm not motivated to update my blog, I'm not motivated to read other blogs.

A few people (bloggers) have asked me what is going on and the truth is, I don't know. I just don't feel up to doing my blog rounds. Please bear with me, maybe I will get my groove back and come to all your blogs and leave comments. I've even read some posts recently and i just didn't feel like leaving comments so i quietly shut the door and walked away. Maybe it's not even a lack of energy, maybe I sometimes get very busy and blogging seems to be taking too much time.

I'm not quitting blogging, I blog because I love to write. I'm just going through a phase that will hopefully pass. Writefreak wants her blogging mojo back but it seems it's not coming back. I think it's something that has to do with more than blogging. Ok, I think I'm rambling as I usually do.

Yesterday I let things get to me, I broke down and stayed in the dumps, the whole day passed and I didn't even have a meal but by the end of the day I was out of it, I'm grateful for that.

Something great happened to me last week. I have a friend, we were best friends in JS 1 to 3 and then we both changed schools and managed to keep in touch for a little while. In those days, there were only handwritten letters, I think we got tired of sending letters back and forth. I ran into her sometime in the late 90s but we didn't talk much and that was the last time I saw her. Last week I started thinking about her, I looked on fb, I didn't see her. It occured to me she might be married and she won't even bear the same surname anymore. I asked someone who thought she could find her, she said she would try to find her. Then four days later, I ran into her in a restaurant, just like that! She lives in this city with her husband and her twins. It was a happy reunion. We've been hooking up since then. It's like picking up from where we stopped and it's amazing that we just found each other like that.

We found a church that we're at home in here in Abuja and it's cool. We didn't want to sample too many churches and God led us to the right one.

My neighbour's children are on hols and they're driving me nuts. I love them but they can be annoying because they're quite rude and don't listen to instructions which drives me up the wall. Yesterday, the oldest one knocked for several hours and I just plain refused to open the door cos I needed to get some work done. Can someone please tell schools to reopen? The summer break has got to be over already.

I'll try swing by your blogs...I have a lot of work on my plate...and it's not going to get lighter. It's good I guess.

See you around!


akaBagucci said...

sounds like quite a lot of people all have the blog flu thngy.... Guess some balance is always welcome anyways.. enjoy the rest....

doll said...

at least you are ok...get your mojo back ASAP...

Plus am glad you found your friend

Anonymous said...

well...just get it back nd come back to us.
p.s:i like yr neighbour's kids...ha ha ha.

Tigeress said...

why was that child knocking on ur door? what did u take from them? lol!! I reckon u shld get a dog for dem jare. hehehehe!

As for not wanting to blog or leave comments- i think thats normal. I dont leave comments on all the blogs i come across anymore. If its of no interest to me- i move on.

Keep ur head up me dear!

LG said...

eyaaaaaaa :-)

Sassy Trends said...

About the bloggin often thing, no be only you dey inside that pit my dear.
It's a phase - or so I want to believe - that would soon pass.


NoLimit said...

Who ever stole Write Freak's Mojo should give it back like right NOWWWW!!!!!

Enkay said...

I made a mental note to send you a mail and ask "What's up?" but I forgot.

Good to know you're okay dear.

take your time!

Writefreak said...

DB: lol at the flu...

doll: thanks, i'll try and find it...and yes, it was amazing to find her!

leggy: if you knew those kids, you'd be singing a different song, i'm telling you! lol

Tigeress:'re harsh..i should get a dog for those i'm trying to keep it up!

LG: wetin that one come mean now? lol

Sassytrends: i'm good, thanks for stopping by

Nolimit: na by fire and force abi? how're you my sister?

Enkay: thanks for thinking of can still send the email...*winks

aloted said...

seems i got the blog flu as well though i find it easier to check other blogs than to update mine..i have noticed its a bit dry on blogville..

i believe u r feeling better now?

Artsville said...

Your muse will be back and soon. How are you?

StandTall-The Activist said...

PeIe, I understand, just take it easy and we knw u r still here.

I am happy u find a church you like and waoh at the reunion with your friend.

Olamild said...


we've all been down this road
You'll get it back.
Just think about what made u start blogging in the first place'll help

Writefreak said...

aloted: thanks dearie, i feel better now. You're even better than i am, i haven't been doing blog rounds!

Artsville: i'm good sure will..that's why i'm a writer!

Standtall: thanks darling..i sure am here..

Olamild: boredom was the main reason i started those days of night my love for writing and since that ain't going nowhere, i ain't going!

Gee said...

wts up me writer?

Funms-the rebirth said...

I think I use d excuse of not currently having good internet as d reason I've not been visiting blogs. I've also lost that appeal. We'll surely get it back.
Good to know u found ur friend! What a reunion

LusciousRon said...

We all get like that once in a while. Kids can be bratty. I just stay away from them. Schools have to resume soon.
Imagine my neighbours kids pressing our doorbell repeatedly just for kicks. I am tired of running down the stairs to check who is at the gate only to hear stupid snickers behind the flowers!

You will get your mojo back.

simeone said...

i'm experincing the blog laziness too o..i hope it goes soon...