Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fun Times Are Here!

I'm not going to start the new year by apologising for being away from my blog. I love this blog, i love this place but sometimes a hiatus is necessary. I had things to attend to and i am not sorry I didn't blog in that space of time. I just missed some of my favourite blogs and bloggers.

I'll say my happy new year! This is going to be a great year. Fun and exciting times are ahead and this is the year for fulfillment of dreams. There are so many things that will happen this year and i'm glad to be starting it on an exciting note...will tell you all about it in a bit.

Have you written your goals for this year? I don't believe in making resolutions, they don't work most times. We end up ditching them somewhere along the line and we wonder what happened to our resolutions someday. Willpower doesn't cause change or fulfill dreams. The grace of God with careful planning does. Think about where you want to be and what you want to achieve and write them down, be specific and then present them to God. They don't have to be too many, a few things that you know will make a difference in your life.

My Christmas break was fun and busy! Hubby and I spent time with our family members on both sides. There was a lot of reunion, a lot of laughter, a lot of prayers and so much food! I think i ate too much...although my stomach usually doesn't have as much capacity as i want it to. Lol. It was rewarding to see everyone and know that we have so much to be thankful for. We're definitely blessed.

I was to meet up with Jhazmyn and Rita in Lagos, we actually planned an outing with our spouses (or is it spice since the plural of mouse is mice) but we got help up at my parents' so outing had to be cancelled. It was very painful for me. I did meet Jhazmyn though (Rita and i have met a number of times. We've actually spent a couple of days together before...don't ask me). We met in church on the 31st, and it was just like i'd known her for a long time. We've been talking for a long time anyway so it was just natural to be able to talk to each other. Our husbands even know each other from Uni; small world! They ended up dropping hubby and i off at a taxi park. It was so great meeting, we were supposed to meet the following day but she stood me up, i've forgiven her though.I was also supposed to meet my sweet blog daughter, buttercup but it didn't happen...ish..some other time

I'm sure a number of you were following our series . Well, the good news is the blog has now been made into an ebook and you all can buy and read and reread. You can buy it here. Favoured Girl worked really hard to get the book together and i must say thumbs up for her.
We're going to start the Season 2 in February so you all can watch out for that. For now, please support us by downloading the ebook or buying the paperback online. It's a great note on which to be starting this year, when last year started, I didn't think a book would be out that would have my name on it. It's a dream come true and there's a lot more to come.

This year definitely holds a lot and fun and exciting times. This year, God is pouring out His grace. Seemingly impossible things will be made possible by faith. It is a year of Jubilee (our country is 50 this year) and as ctizens, we're entitled to great things in our personal lives. For everyone, I pray that this year will be the year you'll back and say indeed it was better than last year! Whatever we do, let's remember to walk with God and put Him first.

Have a blessed year everyone!


Uzezi said...

happy new year. looks like this year is a new of books by bloggers coming out. I better join the train

Geebee said...

Happy New Year. No doubt 2010's gonna be super. Making d series into an e-book and paperback is definitely a step in d right direction. Congrats. . . I'm done with Uni at last so i now have the time to push my stuff out as well. . . Uzezi d train go full o. lol

Debbie said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Indeed this will be a year of unrivaled favour and God's abundant blessings for everyone of us.

Congts on the book!

simeone said...

congtatulations to you and the crew on your book..
happy new year..
yeah its goind to be a wonderful year.

Fashinga said...

Lmao @ the plural of Spouse being spice...lmao! That made me laugh.

I totally agree with your theory of writing down your goals for the year instead of resolutions.. They never worked for me either. Glad you had fun last christmas hun...

Didn't see ur email till yesterday...

Later luv!!

Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back and happy New Year again. I didn't know you were in naija. Thank God for safe trips et al. Congrats on the book and yes oo, this year is looking great already.

BBB said...

happy newyear
so happy for u guys and the book
hope u had fun in 9ja

Gee said...

happy nu year hun!
lol @ spice!!
Awww i feel sad wen u bloggers meet tho--Rita--would soo love to meet her!
kudos on ur ebook--nd good to hve u bk!

downtheaisle said...

Happy new year I was abt to send a mail to harrass
U to update. I'm glad u had fun during d hols
Happy twenty-ten

Enkay said...

Happy New Year WF!

Hmm, a new book huh? Going to check it out!

darkelcee said...

happy new year dear.isnt february too far? can we make u guys start in January.

yes i believe all things will work out for our good this year by His Grace.

Regards to Hubby

Rita said...

As if you knew I was coming to ask you to update...ur Christmas break was too long.
I agree with you about the goals. I've written mine down and for once I feel I am actually going to achieve all of them.

@Uzezi lol...u berra join the train
@Gee...would surely love to meet you too

Mwajim Al said...

Happy New Year to you too and Congrats on the new book... I definitely feel inspired to pursue getting a book published... your blog has re-ignited that passion! Keep up the good work.

HYAW said...

happy new year dear. i just noticed your e-mail of siiiiiiiiiiinnnnncccccceeeee 2009 lol. thanks for that. congrats on the e-book. wishing you a terrific year.

Writefreak said...

Uzezi, o ya join the train o! Us bloggers need to be doign great things!

Geebee; my brother how're you? Congrats on being done with Uni. I pray this year brings you loads of great things!

Debbie: Happy new year to you too and Amen to your prayer!

simeone: Yep bro! The best is yet to come!

Fashinga: Glad i brought a smile to your face..may laughter never cease in your life this year. Amen

Myne: I live in Naija..oh how come you didnt know i was here. Happy new year again!

BBB: Happy new year and thanks..actually i live in Naija!

Gee: Happy new year to you too darl..Rita is so lovable, i tell you. She's my sister :-)
Oh and so you won't like to meet me? I'

downtheaisle:wishing you a very happy 2010 too darling.

Enkay: Hope you like, have you checked it out? Happy new year!

darkelcee: You berra wait till february. How's the little one?

Rita: leave harassment o. Can't someone enjoy in peace? lol..and yes we will achieve our goals this year and even more!

Mwajim: Go start MTN will say!

HYAW: at since 2009, it was just a few days ago!

David C Brown said...

Happy New Year; trust in God's grace, and in the power of His Holy Spirit too!

NoLimit said...

Congrats on the book babes...I know this is the beginning of greater things to come!!!
I got my copy already..actually it arrived today!!!

rethots said...

"...was to meet up Lagos..." ye, am me i was busy wait at the airport to catch a glimpse of writefreak.

Happy New Year.

Original Mgbeke said...

Happy new year WriteFreak. I wish you the very best of 2010 for you and hubby. I totally feel you on the goals and not resolutions, great idea. Have a very fantabulous year. :-)

jhazmyn said...

ok...mine is a one charge count..but dont forget u stood us all up first

Welcome bak darl..and to think u updated before me...

We both know bigger things are on the way this year don't we? (wink wink).

Dee! said...

Happy New Year! This is a year filled with greatness! Greatness in ALL ramifications.

Congratulations on your ebook!