Saturday, June 27, 2015


Hello people, I used to be here a lot and this blog served its purpose. When I needed a listening ear or an avenue to vent, I would come here. If i was bored, it provided an opportunity to do something tangible.

On/through this blog, I met a lot of wonderful people,  I made friends who have stayed with me through the years and have now become like my own sisters.  People who were there with me when I had very dark days/times.  It was worthwhile.
Then life got busy,  first I lost the zeal to write when after I got pregnant with my first child.  I had thought I would be overjoyed to share the journey but I only wanted to be in my own world where I was basking in the joy of eventually being on the way to becoming a mother. Then I started a new venture; Kiddies Treasures whichkept me quite busy.

When my son turned 1, I got pregnant again and it was a miracle and a shock.  I wasn't expecting it and my life took a different turn (for good). Initially, I was upset, not minding where I was coming from but a lot of people especially my darling husband put things in perspective for me.  When I look back,  I'm so grateful our little princess came along then. She is such a delight.  I digress.

Then we had to make a major move from A Abuja to Lagos. It took a while to settle in, especially with two children under 3 years. Then the idea came to my husband and I to set up an online store for my business. We started on it and we eventually launched out last year.

Being consumed with all these things,  being a good wife and mum, launching an online portal and generally being an entrepreneur definitely put blogging on the back burner for me.

It's taken a long time but I know where my passion lies and where I am able to add value so instead of coming here to ramble or gist, I would like to blog meaningfully. I have learnt a lot about infertility, fertility treatment options,  managing the waiting period,  getting pregnant and having a baby in one's arms up to the poi the of caring for little children and I believe I do add value when conversations come up. I want to write about these things and also give mums the options to conveniently shop for their babies/toddlers.  We will talk about products too...After all that is what I do. Today, I asked my son what I do and he said 'you sell baby things'. That definitely made me smile and I gave him a high five.

I won't be blogging here (so often) anymore but you can find me here. Make sure you stop by. We have a post up already and will be looking forward to your readership and participation .

May I also add that we have a giveaway for the first three readers to leave a comment. Look forward to updates from us as often as we can get a post up.

Thank you for reading and for remembering to come back to this blog that has gathered cobwebs over the years. God bless you.

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