Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Got a full Wardrobe!

Sometimes, to get what we want in life just needs a little bit of patience...I have been trying for months to change my wardrobe or at least spice it up and i keep putting it off, sometimes because more urgent things come up. My husband promised he was going to change my whole wardrobe and i almost forgot about this, I keep saying i'll do it next month and the next and the next...

Well, earlier on i mentioned he went to SA (he was there on training and had two days to shop), he actually came back with a bag full of clothes for me!!!!!! They were all so like the kind of things i wanted, might not need to shop for clothes again this year (lol). So now i got what i want without sweating though i was only supposed to get a few things from this trip, so now he has made me a babe!..). I'm so grateful, what he did was more thank thoughful, he hardly even shoped for himself.

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aloted said...

Nice one! SO u don become SA branded chick be that...Correct!