Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tribute to a friend

Not to Udeme as the guineess advert goes....
To a wonderful friend whom i cherish so much, i know you and you know me, it's between us!
You have been more like a sister to me than a friend
When i think about our meeting, it's really funny, but i think we just had to meet. God had planned it that way.
For several years, i looked for you and one day by divine orchestration, i met you out of the blues...(really?)
We met and that was it!!
Kindred spirits, that's who we are...sometimes we complete each other's statements, we share silly things and we laugh...
You opened up to me, i opened up to you,
We've shared our laughters and our tears
Always there for me even when miles away
You're always so close
When you are away, i miss you so much
But i know you're always there, just a call or e-mail away
You're never too busy for me (i hope you feel the same way.:)
When i think of something or an event occurs, i always think you must hear this..
Just want to say i love being friends with you
You're my best friend always
You'll alway be with me everywhere i go, anywhere you are
Though oceans apart we might be
Dear friend, i carry you in my heart!!!


temmy tayo said...

Great friendship is a good thing. Glad you have someone to share it with. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tunji said...

Men, this is really emotional, i wish it was me you were writing about, wow! this friend of yours must be really lucky...I hope he/she feels the same way abt you.

Writefreak said...


well, i guess sometimes, we should get in touch with our emotional sides, abeg go find your own friend jo! Lol..and i'm sure she feels the same way

aloted said...

Reading this nearly brought tears to my eyes.
Frienship indeed is a gift from God. Thanks

Writefreak said...

it's indeed a blessing to have friends especially ones who are always there.
I hope the tears dropped. True friendship is rare and when it's found, one should celebrate it. I'm glad it touched you

Anonymous said...

HMMM! great piece.