Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Did anyone knock on my door when i was away? Or did i hear someone say i missed you? For those that stopped by when i was away, thanks so much, i was on some remote island fulfilling a mission...lol

So i'm back and real life starts today, i wish i didn't really have to go back to work, i have so enjoyed my "faffing" life that i wish the end would not come. Every good book has an end i guess so i'm singing 'back to life, back to reality!' I had fun, lots of it, i really enjoyed myself and i have the excess 4kg that i added which i have to lose by all means in the next few weeks (since some of my clothes seem to be feeling tight now). I refuse to believe they're tight! Lol

I haven't written in a week, i continue today and hope to finish real soon, pray for me o! that i will be able to resist every temptation of chatting and reading blogs when i should be working.

Anyway, work starts today, need to prapare, will try and put up a post on my trip soon when i can get myself to sit down and do it,

Till then, enjoy y'all!


Aijay said...

WF is back. Yay!!
Welcome back babes.
I can tell u had so much fun. Its over now, back to the real world. (Am I mean or what?) lol.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

welcome back- my first time here i think.. we have a lot in common.. to start with, I love writing too.. maybe we can share ideas... secondly, i love my husband tooo. lol.. thirdly, I am a christian too.. lol. just felt like outlining our similarities... ill be back to read on ur trip.. mwahXXX

p.s: are u publishing ur book? whats it like in Nigeria?

Writefreak said...

Aijay, yes you're mean and you're making me cry..lol..all i needed was some comfort and you left me out in the cold:)chei, see life!

bimby, thanks for stopping by, right..the similarities are really similar, would love to exchange notes, well i'm definitely publishing! There are not so many companies that follow the right rules here but there are a few good ones..can send you an email or something...why would one spend so much time on a book and not publish? Lol! Catchya later

LurLar said...

WB from ur trip...nd can't wait to read ur tantalizing stories....lol Thnks 4 stopping by.