Tuesday, December 11, 2007

7 Randon/Weird Facts about me- Tagged by Arewa and Aloted

It took me over three weeks to come up with these facts, yes three whole weeks!....thanks arewa for picking my brain and making me think deeply o, pay day is coming believe me! and aloted for making me finally do this! I definitely didn't think it would be this hard..i finally came up with a list and it's even longer than seven..lol

I remember that as a kid, i would not allow a boy's body to touch mine. That probably stemmed from attending a girls' only school for a good while. I would rub and rub and try to clean off the touch if a boy's body mistakenly touched mine..silly i know.:)

I am a clean freak! The first thing i do once i get into my house is to get to the sink and wash my hands..if i don't, i'd feel like something's missing or wrong..lol. If i washed my plates and left them on the rack for a few minutes, i would still go ahead and rinse them if i wanted to eat something immediately..are you beginning to wonder if i'm ok?

I can't stand looking at the back of anyone's shoes even mine! Looking at them gives me a funny feeling so i always turn shoes over. I've done this since i was a kid! Even for guests' shoes! Lol

I always rub my feet together when sitting down especially if i have carpet under my feet. I'm doing that right now infact and it drives my hubby mad..hehehe. I think i inherited it from my mum i think!

I have very few girl friends who are close to me and with most of them it was 'love at first sight'. I just have to 'click' with my friends the first time we talk and i treat my friendships like i'm in a love relationship. Maybe that's why i don't have so many, maybe i scare them off.:-)lol..ask aloted!

My hubby is the first 'real' boyfriend i had. He was the first guy i allowed to hold my hands who didn't irritate me.. etc and my first kiss was also with him.:) i'm shy and covering my face right now

Most people who aren't tall love heels..i beg to differ..not like i'm really short, not talk either but i hate heels. You see this sister loves her comfort and would rather wear flats.:). I only wear heels when there are special occasions. Sister just can't be bothered with all that cat walking.:)

I sit in the most uncomfortable positions like folding my knees behind me and sitting on them. I carry my plate on my chest while eating and would almost always get stained while eating especially at home. I wonder how i achieve such feat! Hubby always asks how i do it!

I used to be a food hater when i was in uni..i would cook but could go days without food. There was a time a group of friends had to take me out to eat and forced me to eat the food after three days of starvation, i really don't know what was wrong with me then ..

Can you imagine that i thought i couldn't write this list..now i've added an extra and could really go on and on! Thanks for helping me reach within ladies! Now i'm tagging aijay(not sure if you've done yours), favoured girl and allied...

I hope i won't be begged to update again..life just gets so busy sometimes

Very Important Note
My blogville family, help me thank God. Sunday Dec 9, i could finally say Mr and i have celebrated a wedding anniversary together..it was our first..it's been a great year..the best ever for me! I hear couple fights are common place..for us, we're yet to have any fight or real argument(we disagree to agree later sometimes) in this one year and i pray the bliss continues. Someone told me..ha you're still on honeymoon..wait till real life starts but i'm proud to say for us..we're determined to have the honeymoon forever..so help us God! Help me thank God for giving me THE RIGHT MAN!


Jaybabe said...

LOL..girl, you know like Pamela tagged me on the same topic and up to this day i still haven't come up with anything to write about? But i'm gonna write about that one. Sometime. Just tryina figure out them weird things about me. How you dey?

Lol @ washin your hands. I've got a cousin who's a nurse. He washes his hand every now and then. I think its after every 5 minutes. I've told him a million times that makes me sick. When we are eating he'll keep on going to the kitchen to wahs his hands. Dammn!

Rub your feet together ehh?..lol..you are so weirdoo!

All these points are so funny. I'm goinno read them again...LOL..

Afrobabe said...

woooooo my best friend (male) washes his hands so much it drives me crazy....

Congrats on ur anniversry...wishing you many more lovely years to come, years that will surpass the first in every thing.

fantasy queen said...

we've got some weirdos on blogvilee o...at least we can sigh and say 'thankGod its not only me'

congrats on ur anniversary, keep my fingers crossed...uhh, dont i wish.

and good luck on ur book too.

aloted said...

lol..i know about :
the carrying ur plate on ur chest when eating..weird!

the wearing flat shoes- same here!

the few girlfriends/love relationship- geez!!!

and the clean freakiness- weird, weird..

LOL..don't mine me, only shows u r different and unique

Congrats on ur 1st year anniversary

Arewa said...

yippie .. finallyy!! Im off to read be back in a mo!!

Arewa said...

Come on now.. it couldnt have been that bad.. u know u enjoyed it ?!
Aww thats soo sweet - Hubby was ur first boyfriend....why wouldnt he be when u wouldnt he be, when u scared all the others away... i guess he had a magic touch or was it love at first sight....lol(i know u want to kill me..i beg let me enjoy messsing around with u cus i know u wont spare me when u get me)
I thank God for blessing your union with ur hubby may ur marriage grow from strength to strength and may he bless u with all that u wish and pray for. Amen!!

Writefreak said...

please hurry up and do your own list, and i cross my heart..i'm not as bad as your cousin..hehehe

come o, why are you all picking on my handwashing habit? Is it an issue to be clean??? lol..thanks for the kind wish

I'd say us all are weirdos in blogville..thanks for mentioning my book

What are you feeling like now? Shouldn't have mentioned you sef...

now tell me if you're not a weirdo, you left me a comment to tell me you were going to read my list of weird things..hehehe

Queen of My Castle said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! One year of marital bliss is truly a gift from GOD.

Are you a germ-phobe? Is that even a word? LOL Sometimes I wish I was able to be a food hater!

Jaybabe said...

I came back to say happy anniversary. Be blessed with many more of those kind. No fightin', no shoutin', no arguin'..just perfect peace...xx


We thank God for you and Hubby oh! Many more wonderful, honeymoon like years fro you both. lol!

anonymous gal said...

Congrats on the first anniversary. wish u loads more.
i hate heels. so you are not alone there.

princesa said...

Congrats on ur anniversary.
Wish you more happy years ahead with ur hubby weirdo,lol!

Allied said...

You are not weird jare.. There are lots of weirdos around , so that makes u "Normal". Us Normal people are now weird. LOL

Happy Anniversary and i pray that God continues to pour Oyin and Adun into your union.

E bara yin kale.

Arewa said...

Oh girl i just stopped by to wish u and ur hubby a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year .....May God Almighty grant all ur wishes for the comming year... Thanks for all the love and support... nuff love x x x

LurLar said...

Happy New Year!!!

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Happy New Year...!!!

Phew!!! We so made it!!!
And you know what???
Juz wish for it...go about making it come true...and see yourself elevated...

Afrobabe said...

Happy new year!!!!!!
Missed you, please post something...

Allied said...

oya update.. Holiday is over

rethots said...

...and He whispered; "I have added to your joy this year."
Happy New Year

Writefreak said...

Thanks all, i am back, and will be updating in a bit, thanks for your lovely wishes!

UnNaked Soul said...

Good one babes... God bless you and your Mr

have a blissful year!

Jaybabe said...


omohemi Benson said...

madam update now!