Monday, July 21, 2008

Unwanted Attention!

She was going to meet her hubby for a night out, he was on the Island, they were going to see a movie, it was about 7pm, she was looking very good that evening after taking special care to make herself look beautiful that evening.

She waited for a cab, looked like most of them didn't want to go to the Island and she was beginning to wonder if she would find one, it looked like all the cab drivers had sworn off the Island. Then a brand new Honda drove past, the guy took a look, drove forward a bit and parked his car. Then he walked back towards her and said 'hey, how you doing?' She gave him a killer look then he said 'sorry i have seen your wedding ring, just admiring you', a cab came along and she walked off briskly to negogiate with the cab driver.

Some days later she was walking on her street, a few guys who looked like they were in their early twenties stood outside a boutique doing the usual jobless guy thingy, probably passing comments about any lady walking on the road. One walked towards her and sad hello, she raised her eyebrows and said hello with a question mark. He said 'i just...'She didn't let him finish, all the while she was walking, she turned back, gave him another look that said 'back off' and waslked off wondering what it was with her and these randon guys.

She got to the filling station where she was going to buy fuel and the filling station attendant was stepping to her. He said 'omoge bawo ni' (young lady, how're you?). 'This rubbish will not end', she thought, 'do i carry a mark on my head that says 'guys step to me'? She decided to pretend not to understand Yoruba. Some riff raffs, that's what she'll call them also atttempted to say hi and she pretended she could not hear them. Seething she carried her fuel and left the filling station. She has been negotiating with a cab guy in the station and the guys were trying to butt in, when the cab guy decided to go her way, the guys were shouting 'omoge, ma bo' (young lady,come back), She didn't turn back afterall at the moment, she didn't understand Yoruba. She walked to the junction with her keg of fuel and the cab driver came there to meet her.

A boy in the market grinding pepper was very rude. The pepper seller gave the pepper to him to grind for her and when she asked him for it, he told her 'lo gba nylon wa' (go and collect nylon for me). She wanted to be sure he was addressing her and she asked him. He shouted back and said 'en iwo ni mo n ba wi, se oo gbo ni'(i am talking you, yes, can't you hear me). She was so upset, she gave him a piece of her mind not minding she was in the market..'oo ri pe o baje, i de go, iwo alaileko omo yi, se mo jo egbe e ni' (You are very rude and have no training, do i look like your mate?). She stormed off and told the pepper seller to go and pick up the pepper or give her money back to her. The woman was very apologetic and all the women around apologised for the guy's obvious rudeness. She was still seething. Someone advised her to go and add some weight so she could look her weight or dress a in a more matured manner. What is wrong with wearing jeans and a nice top?

She has several other tales...she wonders if it's a commong thing with all ladies or is it that she just doesn't look her age. She is a young woman who is closer to 30 than 25...she just wonders..It is said to be a good thing though and she should be flattered that guys always look her way...maybe she's a little bit flattered...

And yes you guessed right, it's moi!I am a married woman- very happily so if i may add, guys back off!


naijaleta said...

Firrrrrst! OMG, I feel so childish doing that. Saw your comment on one of my earlier posts and I decided to swing by.
I think your husband must be very lucky to have such an attractive wife.
Beautiful narration

aloted said...


when i complain about small boys disturbing me, u will tell me we are not on the same level..u see your life now...

ma worry nothing do u...keep rocking and keep chasing them small boys away. ;)

goodnaijagirl said...

I'd take it as a compliment. Barring the rude people I think it would feel good to stun people every now and then when they discover your real age or see the wedding ring. :)

I would love to be in this position, just once in my life!

I must get back to the gym.

LG said...

omoge bawo???
but its not their fault na?
u too fine nor ni, lolll
norrin do u joor

Buttercup said...

i like how u spoke bout urself in 3rd

i knw attention cud be over the top sometimes but yea, thank God for ur beauty! some ppl dnt get a single glance, talk less of a 2nd one!

1st time here!

rayo said...

i rili feel u, even we single ones h8 the attention, not to talk of u the married one.

archiwiz said...

Heiyaa...Pele ohh...But please don't listen to anyone about adding any weight...It will come with time naturally, or maybe not. And you don't need to look like a mama, or wear two wrappa to "look married" joo.

princesa said...

Stupid randy guys will be stupid randy guys jare!

i tell u babe, even if u add all the weight in the world or tie two wrapper sef, the stupid randy ones will still step up and act stupid,lol!

As big as i am, some stupid markets traders wey be my youger bros age mate still call me "Small gal". I guess they just like being a nuisance abi na frustration, who knows?

Nothing do u jare, keep being a foine girl, e no easy,lol!

Tairebabs said...

This simply means you are a hot wife now! Its a good thing joh oya be doing shakara...

Jaycee said...


In Nigeria, if you're beautiful...all u can do is get used to the common banter from both unmarried and married men.

As for the pepper grinder...don't waste your speech next time...I'm sure there are others...*hss*