Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nephew's Antics!

My sister in law has a 20 month old son and i love him to bits! He's my pal (as most kids are) and i have taught him a lot of antics but the boy is getting beyond me! I have Yahoozee on my phone and sometimes play it for him, now when he sees me, he brings the phone to me and says ''Yahoo'' so i play it for him and believe me, the boy knows a few of the yahoozee steps...sometimes i wonder, have i been a good influence? lol. He knows how to peck when you say give me a peck, he holds your neck and gives you one on both cheeks, he's adorable when he does it! He knows how to chop knuckle and high five...and he sometimes tranlates some of his words into yoruba language, incase you didn't hear him in English.

For example
Nephew: Jimme gasses (meaning Give me glasses). He loves wearing glasses, he's fascinated with them. When i am wearing fashion glasses i can allow him but not my prescription ones
Me: What? (Pretending not to know what he has said)
Nephew: Jimme gasses
Me: No
Nephew: (Now raising his voice) Funmi gasses..

I just burst out laughing because i didn't expect him to get so creative and no he didn't get the

He knows where to take off the TV if you're watching something he doesn't want. He takes it off, stands triumphant in front of the TV and shouts Bayin! (Barney). The first time i saw him do it, i was he just shouts Bayin all over the house, i wonder what is with kids and that Barney sef!

He has taken to sometimes calling his mum 'Honey' because his father calls her
For a long time, my husband and i had the same name to him, he just decided one day to call us both the same name and i had to answer by force, now when i see him, he calls Aunty like 50 times, thank God for school in his life...

Now to what baffles me, a few days ago...since i work from home now and he had an eye accident at home, i said his mum should send him over instead of sending him to the school with his black he came over to my house and spent the whole day. I was dressing up, then he came into the room, i didn't see any need to send him out...then he looked at me and said ''See your best (breast)''. I was so shocked i asked what he said and he raised his voice this time and shouted ''See your byest''. How can a twenty month old say something like that??? I promptly sent him out of the room and found him a toy in the living room. God have mercy!

A few weeks ago, his mum had mentioned that he was begging her for byest as she fed his sister. He demanded water and when they brought it, he shook his head and pointed to her chest as she breast fed the baby. She told him no, it's for baby and the next thing he was saying ''pyis, jimme some''...she refused but i guess his fasination with breasts started sometime around then...

So when i read a blog last week and the topic was whether to bath with our kids, i say NO, i shall not be bathing with my kids, thank you! These days they say amazing things!!!

Do you have any kids antics? Please share! Lol


aloted said...

Your nephew is hilarious..and really smart!

Yes o..i also don't see the need of bathing with your children..there are other ways to bond!

BlogVille Idol said...

the contestants have their songs up on blogville idol page ..pls run over there to listen to then and pls vote

Anonymous said...

LG said...

hehehehehehe babes, kids r so funny, i actually had to do dat post, cos my friend's child (he's 3) luvs touching pple's breast, weda male/female, loll
n he ll tell u he wants to suck,(i dont kno where he learnt dat, since he's an only child) d bottom line is parents shld be careful wat they say/do infront of their kids (even if they cant talk, they dont forget)


Jaycee said...

LOLLLLLL...I don't think I'll be bathing with any of my future kids either...

Before they start shouting "byestt" at pre-school! Lolll.

Writefreak said...

@ aloted
The boy is too smart seriously! And neither shall i be bathing with my kids!!

I couldn't agree more with you...parents just have to watch what they say when their kids are there...they absorb things especially the bad ones!

@jaycee.. would not be funny to have your child's teacher send you a note on!

princesa said...

Kids say the darndest things!!!

BlogVille Idol said...

pls RUN over to d idol page and listen to d contestants NIGERIAN song!!!dont forget to vote!!!!d competition is gettiing HOTTER

Afrobabe said...

lmao....byest indeed...ok, I agree, no bathing with them even if they are 2

darkelcee said...


kids and their thoughts

u begin to wonder sometimes

byest ke? lolll

na so edey start!lmao