Friday, August 29, 2008

...And the airbags came out!

I've been in two accidents, both time i was driving. The difference is that the first time i was a learner but the second time, i can't really explain what happened.
Saturday night, i drove to my house at night from some far away place like this and although the roads were dark, i didn't have an accident.
Sunday morning, i felt reluctant to go to cchurch, i was tired but i pushed myself and got off the bed. Afterall the children in junior church would be there and i should be a responsible teacher, so i forced myself to get up. No one else in my house wanted to go to church, hubby was tired from his friend's wedding runs and he said he'd meet me in church for the last service.
I drove all the way to church...and passed through several major roads and didn;t have an accident. An evil thought crept in my mind as i was driving of someone dying in an accident and i quickly rejected the thought, covered my family members with the blood of Jesus and quoted scriptures on protection that came to my mind. I continued listening to the praise and worship cd i was playing.
I was almost in church and the traffic light went red, i was next in line and could have run it but i am a responsible citizen clamouring for a new Nigeria, i shouldn't run the light so i waited for the light to go green again and once it did, i moved my car, and the next three minutes, i was in an accident.
A commercial bus was at the bus stop which unfortunately leads to the entrance of the church car park which also is a secondary school and as i took the turn, the bus made to move, i was avoiding being hit from the back and then i saw people in front of me, in a moment of confusion, i swerved too much to the right and next thing i new, i heard a very very loud crash coming from the right side of my car...there was smoke all over the car and the air bags...both of them were out.
When i got out, i was shaking so much from the shock, must have taken me about 10 minutes to regain a bit of composure..for cyring out loud, this was the church entrance, i had driven all the way to have an accident.
I couldn't make sense of it and i asked God if it would have been right for me to stay at home instead of driving to His place of worship. I asked several questions as the whole thing kept replaying in my mind. What could i have done differently?
I placed a call to hubby, my anchor...i smile as i write this..cos he truly is! He asked if I was ok, I said yes, he said go and attend service and I’ll meet you. I was like what! He said what did you go to church for…so I went and attended service as an obedient wife that I was and kept getting stares from different angles, a few bold ones asked why I wasn’t looking my usual self, to those I was interested in telling, I explained what happened and everyone was ooing and ahing…so sorry…like that answers my questions or makes me feel any better. But hey, it’s not my friends’ fault; they’re only trying to help!
Hubby came and accessed the damage and met me wailing in the car…everything was just too much for me at that point, he told me to stop crying…he was trying to deal with the issue.. it was obvious we couldn’t move the car out of the church car park where it was pushed that day, we had to wait till Monday.
Well I cried myself to sleep again that night because I was feeling very guilty, we were planning a vacation and it looked like because of the accident, we might not be able to have one anymore. A friend mentioned that I should be grateful but it didn’t register then. On Monday morning, hubby hugged me and told me not to beat myself up about it, I should take responsibility but shouldn’t sink in guilt and that everything will be fine. I felt much better!
The car is at the mechanic’s getting a face lift and I am grateful to God that I wasn’t hurt, the windscreen got broken and I could have hit my head. I am not blaming God, He never promised a life without challenges and although many are the afflictions of the righteous, the Lord delivers him from them all!


Buttercup said...

oh wow...gosh, im so sorry...

we cant question God, tho i wud really want to know the answer to this one...

thank God u werent hurt, He really is wonderful..n thank God for ur hubby o..

dont worry, u will LIVE to do His work n also go on thousands of vacations, amen!


my God! I am glad you are alive and not physically hurt. Please take it easy, my sista. wow.

LG said...

He's a miracle working God'
He's the Alpha n Omega
He's a miracle working God!!!

take kia of ursef

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Oh... Sorry oh! Thanks God you are alive and well to write about it! And thank God for your husband.

Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. There was once my dad was planning to travel for a chieftaincy title. That day, I had an accident (broke my head) and we were in hospital all day. It was later we found out there was armed robbery on the road my dad was to travel. Those involved did not come out alive.

The Word of the Lord says, "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you..." He did not say you won't pass through the waters but He promises you that you will not be engulfed by it...

I am thanking God for you.

Olamild said...

The lord never forsakes his own.
Thank God for your life

lol LG
I don even forget that song sef

rayo said...

wow. thank God it u weren't hurt and ur hubby just makes me jealous of u. hold him well oh, my eyes r rovin dir. lol

Afrobabe said...

Oh Lord...we thx God u r alive oh...forget the car, its you we love...

La Reine said...

I thank God you were unharmed. Definitely Gods hand protecting you.
Abi you don't think you prayed that prayer for nothing, do you?

- Something all Nigerians should read:

aloted said...

Ore, it is well..don't even know wat to say except that I am glad we are not saying a different story and u r well and alive. Thank God

The devil cannot hold u down!

rethots said...

"the Lord delivers him from them all!" most important.

Congrats on your safety.

Standtall said...

God is your strength and He just proof He is. Thank God for you

Osondu Awaraka said...
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princesa said...

Thank God for ur life darling.

I hope u have fully recovered enough to attend the SBR O! It's on the 13th and i have booked a T-shirt for you already.
Details on how to make payment on my blog or send me an email.

NoLimit said...

Sorry about the accident and thank God for your could have been worse indeed.Who knows what the devil was planning and what God delivered you from!
Just keep thanking God 'cos once're a winner!

Favoured Girl said...

Awww sorry about the accident dear! It may look bad, but thank God for protecting you. You came out of it alive! The enemy might have planned something worse but God is alwyas looking out for His children. The car will be fixed and everything will be back to normal, don't worry. Here's a hug...

Free-flowing Florida said...

sometimes, we r always trying 2 find d 'good' n a 'bad' situation. well, except dat it makes us feel better, i personally feel daz a fruitless exercise. Shit sometimes just happens! they may not b reasons 4 dem.

am glad u were hurt. no need beating urself up cos of wot happened. there r still many years 2 come 4 u & hubby 2 take vacation. d most important thing is dat u r well & hearty. we thank God 4 dat

In my head and around me said...

Hmmm. Accidents are a life and death matter. Thank The Lord it ended with no injuries or loss of life. Cars can always be fixed.

Aijay said...

Wow! Sorry about the accident. U're well and good, thats all that matters.

Missed u babes.
Take care!!!

OluwaDee said...

Writefreak, how body?

Just marking register on ur blog.

Didn't read this post.

Tininu said...

Thnk God your alive, please don't beat urself up over it.. It's a car it can get replaced you can't...imagine what hubby would have gone through if you didn't rebuke and the worse had happenedmm

NaijaBabe said...

awwww just keep thanking God. At least u are alive and well

rebecca said...

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aloted said... don win award o...pls check my blog for details ;)

Afronuts said...

eeya! Sorry oh.

But like ur hubby said. It was an ideal thing to still go to church - an act that would touch God and cause him to turn things around for u.

u have a wonderful hubby.

This it located @ Oregun?

LG said...

just checking up on u dear,
hope u r o.k
howz oga'?