Wednesday, November 21, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 21

So i got tagged by Aijay in this wonderful chain...Arewa, you tagged me, yes i know, still compiling my list of weird stuff and you'll get to see it soon. It's just a bit harder to do than this...apologies hun

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For these reasons i am thankful o Lord:

I thank you o Lord for redeeming me from the jaws of hell and putting me on the right path..i have been redeemed by grace and because of this you call me no longer a sinner but a righteous daughter of yours....only you can do this Lord!

I'm grateful for my soul mate! You gave me a man who is crazy about me, a man who is always willing to stand up for me, protect and cherish me, a man who always makes me laugh and for this Lord i want to say i'll always be grateful and i'll always love this man; this man who, you have given me.

I thank you for my marriage, it's been blissful, it's almost a year now and we're yet to have our first fight, for this Lord i'm thankful, may our home always continue to be peaceful and full of your love...thank you father

For my unborn children, i am grateful because i know they will walk in your ways and fulfill your destiny for their lives. I know you're shaping their futures already. For being the beginning and the end, father be praised!

Lord i thank you for your protection and provision on myself and my family, for holding up your word that says only shouts of joy shall be heard in the habitations of the righteous! I praise you o Lord

My heavenly father, i am grateful for the challenges i face, they mould me, they shape me into who you want me to be. What would life be without its lessons? Meaningless! Challenges are the ways by which you teach me and i am so grateful for them! For the ones to come that i haven't faced, i say bring them on! God pass them!

Lord i'm grateful for friends you've given me, they're not many but they're wonderful and make my life beautiful, we share so many joys and laughters and when it's time to cry together, well...we let the tears flow...for this Lord i want to say thank you so much.

I am grateful for my potentials and the wonderful gifts you've given me father. You keep unfolding thwem to me one after the other. I am a bundle of potentials! Thank you Lord

I thank you for health, the gift of life, provision, my eyes, my legs and every part of my body, for every single promise in your Word, i praise you. I remember you said not a jot will go away without being fulfilled, oh i'm still going to see the fulfillment of many more wonderful things in my life and so for this Lord, i'm in awe of you

I'm thankful for Christmas, oh i love christmas, it reminds me that Jesus Christ was born for me and i really love the food and festivities :-)....thank you Lord because it's no longer far away.....

I also thank you for blogsville and for the wonderful people you connected me to through it. I laugh and cry while reading their posts and it's made my life richer. Thank you fatehr

These words are mine Lord, i thank you for who you are

Thank you Aijay for helping me to reflect on God's faithfulness, it's been a wonderful experience. I almost could go on and on and on because i'm remembering a lot of things God has taken me through this year, i have tears in my eyes, they are tears of joy for God's faithfulness and i celebrate them.

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Hope to read your thanksgiving letters, let's raise the roof with our praise!


Jaybabe said...

Oh My...this is touching oo! He is surely listening. And He shall give un to you that which you ask.

Let The Lord Be Praised!

Naapali said...

"Lord i'm grateful for friends you've given me, they're not many but they're wonderful and make my life beautiful"

Not many but good. That is a powerful concept we sometimes forget/ignore. I wish you and your husband well.

Thx for stopping by mine.

Olamild said...

Oh how sweet

thx 4 tagging me o
u and aijay sef
the post's up

Kira Fashion said...


Thanks for commenting the post about perfums!

i love that!!!

a kiss

Allied said...

Thank you for tagging me. I am so grateful that i can't count God's blessings in my life because they are so many.


God is listening to these prayers of Thanksgiving and he will continue to heap blessings upon you and yours. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thanks for the tag. I'm on it....

Aijay said...

Thank God for u & ur family.
I felt the same way while writing mine. God is good.

Believer said...

The Lord has indeed been faithful and His Word will continue to be true and manifest in out lives. Lovely post.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

if we were to think of all the things that God has done for us... for everybody... in one moment... one day... it would simply overwhelm us... I think its important to always take time out to show our gratitude... thx for growing the chain! :-)

Fumosh said...

Thank God for giving you a mind to think, a heart to love Him and the hands to write beautifully!
How far with your book?

Writefreak said...

Thanks everyone for celebrating God's goodness and faithfulness with me
FOr those that i tagged, thanks for accepting!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Just for the mere fact of being here, singing and praising God..... is not even enough to show Him thanks for waking up this morning. Father who speaks and its done, we thank you. Thank you for being You. Wow.


I finally completed it...

Comrade said...

Oh Lord, We thank thee - Jim Reeves (playing in the background)

Mythots said...

Pls uppdate oh!

what have u been up to?

Allied said...

Oya Update!!

Writefreak said...

@ all
Thanks once again for stopping by..stayed off blogville for a few days so i could complete my work

Olufunke said...

Enjoyed reading your post.
Interesting! Thnks!
I am learning to be more thankful to God than complaining.

I wish you also a very blissful christmas season!

Olufunke said...

enjoed reading yourposts!
I am learning to be thankful to God too! thanks!

I wish you a very blissfull christmas season too!