Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writefreak on Bookaholic Blog

Writefreak is on Bookaholic

Hey my people, hope you had great weekends and that your plans for the week are working out.

It's been only two days this week, and i feel like I've done so much already!

Quick one, there's an interview of mine on bookaholic blog and you might want to read. It's basically for my contribution to the In my dreams series...Hope you guys have been following!

You can find it here.

Please read and drop a comment.


downtheaisle said...

im off to read!!!!
how r u doing?

Fragilelooks said...

make i go read.

aloted said...

lovely interview. well done girl

jhazmyn said...

The unveiling begins...lol, loved the preciseness of the interview...that reminds me, I'm so behind on the "in my dreams" series season 2...gotta catch up real fast

2cute4u said...

will check it out.. have the same feelings about the week same as you..
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Enkay said...

Great interview!

Hmm, unveiling of WF in the near future? That would be something to watch for!

downtheaisle said...

Writefreak dearie, Now I know what to wish you...More stories, more articles, more books, more laughter, more love, more friendships.

I like you responses on the interview...books are truly priceless!

Anonymous said...

I read it; it's good! :)