Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick A Side

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a stickler for what I believer, most of the time when it comes to making a decision or taking a stand, I say what I believe unapologetically. I try not to be obnoxious though. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything, I totally agree with that and believe it.

There was a time when if you met a believer, by their words and action, you could say this person is indeed different or indeed a believer. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not about the mode of dressing. It's just something about them, it's the way they conduct themselves. Their conduct is not an arrogant air, it's just a calm assurance that comes from believing and having a relationship with someone greater.

I'll use the word Christian for a believer. Why the name? They were first Christians in the bible because they were Christ like. Their actions were different. They walked and talked differently and people said indeed they must be Christians. Everyone is a Christian now, so long as they belong to a church. Christianity is no religion, it is a way of life! Does Christ rule your actions and thoughts? Do you submit to His lordship?

In the book of James, the apostle said 'a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, let that man not think that he can receive anything from the Lord'. Who is a double minded man? One who can't make up his mind..one who can't decide where he wants to be, what he wants to be and how he wants to be. One who has refused to choose a side!

An interesting discussion ensued between some friends and I a couple of days ago and it has not stopped bothering me. It makes me ask the question are there still Christians (definitely)? Are we still allowing the author of life to reign in our thoughts and actions?

I came up with a story and said a believer I know is asking his wife to have an abortion since she's pregnant the third time and they're both workers in church. If she didn't do it, he was going to leave her. I said what I thought, abortion is murder and the fact that you didn't plan another kid is not enough to go ahead and kill a life you didn't give. I know pro choice ( or whatever people will have my head), no apologies, I believe the bible. Thou shall not kill has not been removed from the word of God.

The interesting bit is that I was said to be judging and that in matters of relationship between a man and a woman, every relationship has its own uniqueness. I don't really like arguing, most times I make my point and back down but you'll know where I stand. The conversation generated several topics but my issue was not resolved. It was painful to me that we were all Christians and subtly, the guy was excused from his 'sin'. A Christian guy would not be leaving his wife and asking her to have an abortion...afterall the bible says God hates putting away.

I know nothing is cast in stone and there are not only black and white lines, sometimes they're grey...with the word of God though, it's usually grey or white. God doesn't sit on the fence. I think that's why He said, 'choose o man, who you will serve'. I could rewrite that and say, 'dear human, you're either for or against me, pick a side'!

Do our unique circumstances sometimes excuse us from living as Christians, definitely not! If you have chosen to be a believer, please uphold the name of our God and live by His word. His commandments are not grievous!

On another note, women who have had real and serious reasons to terminate pregnancies (mostly medical) know how painful it is emotionally and physically and I think it's so superficial to go through it because you didn't plan another child. Can that person plan when to die? If you can, then pls plan when to give life.

I said to my friends, what if you did everything, took all measures (of family planning) and still ended up getting pregnant. It was disturbing for me that it was silently considered ok to make the choice you have to. Someone said 'if the husband allows her, she'll have a fourth'. And I dare say, it's not their fault, it's because they never stayed awake at night asking God for just one child. If they ever went through the pain of infertility, they would not think it's ok to end a life just because 'it was not in the plan'.

Part of the conclusion was that I'm too shielded, my marriage is too wonderful for me to know what's reality and I was priviledged to meet someone who really loves me and vice versa. I know I am but that was beside the point. There were insinuations that the said woman might have planned to get pregnant. In my story, she didn't plan it but I guess each person chose what they wanted to hear.

This is just one of many instances. The 21st century does not change the word of God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He won't change His mind about what He has said.

Whose side are you on? Please pick a side and live on the principles of that side.
The grass withers, the flower fades but the word of our God stands sure forever! Isaiah 40 : 8

Ps. Thank you Rita for inspiring me out of my hiatus. I don't promise to be here everytime just yet but I'll be back..
A lot happened while I was away, I added a year, a milestone, I turned 30, might talk about that later. I love you all bloggers and I kinda miss you :)


downtheaisle said...

babe how r u, its being ages!!!
have nt even read ur post, i saw ur update and rushed to d comments.
trust u r gud!

ZeL said...

kinda? Thats not good enough. lol

Long post alert oh!

True, 21st century or not, the word of God remains the same. No one should remove to it, add it or twist it to suit their selfish needs. If God really wanted to change something in the bible, I believe he does not need our help to do that

Gee said...

hey hey hey--Long time!
About this post I can definitely relate to the quote "if you dont stand for something you fall for anything", and I have also been in situation where taking my stand has been considered as judging and thats a problem. Pple r quick to hide behind the "stop judging me logo" than just accept the other party is stating just what they believe or perhaps their conscience might be convicting them of same thing but dey being stubborn to admit. I know this because I have been in the situation too--but yea i guess it never ends. In my case I just try to be polite and say what i believe in(i guess that is where wisdom comesin) and not compromise on that because the other party feels uncomfortable bout it.

How have u been???

jhazmyn said...

As long as the bible is clear on an issue, why would i argue over its rightness or wrongness?

On the issue of abortion, I don't see a mid-point, especially for a reason like "it wasn't planned for"...cos guess what, God planned it, cos He said "before you were formed in your mothers womb, i knew you"

God bless Rita...its about time :), welcom bak luv

oluSimeon said...

i miss you too..
like you said... waited a while before having a child.. they wont be thinking of right time .. wrong time..
truth his.. Gods word is Gods word .. you are either with Him or not,,

aloted said...


what is right is right,what is wrong is wrong. Because the majority keep doing something wrong and probably even get a desired result will never make it right.

May God help us all.

Welcome back ore

Good Naija Girl said...

Thanks for the reminder abi challenge that those of us who call ourselves Christians must keep striving to live lives that are God-honouring.

Mwajim Al said...

I love the part where you said - Christianity is not a religion, but a way of life - I love it, and you are absolutely right.

Mwajim Al said...
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Blessing said...

Welcome back!!!

It's pity that we Christians that know the truth often make excuses for immoral behavior!

I totally agree with ur point!

~Sirius~ said...

hey u!!!!

Long time no read!

Feeling your post.

The facts still remain facts. The word states theses things so clearly.

We as human beings with our selfish nature tend to choose when to obey God......It's amazing how He is still loves us

May God continue to have mercy on us.

Jaycee said...

You need to write more, dearie. I missed knowing you via your posts. And I definitely believe that God doesn't sit on the fence, judging what isn't necessary for some people and necessary for others...He's not a God of confusion, and His Word does not do back flips. He speaks a word and watches over that word to perform what He has already spoken.

Myne Whitman said...

Been a while dearie, hope you're good? Nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

"Are we still allowing the author of life to reign in our thoughts and actions?"

LG said...

swerri how bodi, oga nko?
Do i have to pick a side??? :)

yankeenaijababe said...

30 and happy, that's what I love...happy belated birthday to you dearie.

I can and will never support abortion in my whole life, I rather have a ten kids than kill one...OMG! What are believer turning into? When did not planning and getting pregnant become a crime? Wow! They better keep the child, no abortion, abortion is murder and will never be supported ever by me or my people.

Miss FlyHigh said...

Took the words right out my mouth...

You cannot love God and the world ..

Anonymous said...

you r so very correct...God does NOT have double standards...His yay is yay, n His nay, nay.

It's funny, n sad, how we christians explain certain parts of God's word away without batting an eyelid...

May God help us all to retrace our roots in Him, n return to our first love in Christ...

Rita said...

You have said everything finish...

Geebee said...

On issues of right and wrong, we usually know the truth in our very hearts except that we sometimes try to adjust these truths to suit our own purposes - a very wrong idea at that. We should of course live our lives to glorify God and Him alone. . . Been a while, ma'am. Glad to have you back. Happy belated birthday. 30 is indeed a milestone. I wish you many more pleasant years.

Olamild said...

Happy Birthday first of all. May the good lord bless and increase you in all your doings.

What a nice read! In my opinion, only God knows the ones that are truly serving him. It is hard to know what to follow when so many churches have un-biblical doctrines. I agree with you that society shouldn't determine what's okay for us; the word of God is sovereign.

Dee! said...

I enjoyed reading this. I wonder... why am I just seeing this post?

I believe you had a fun filled birthday! May the Almighty God grant you your wishes in line with His will for your life! AMEN!

tunmise said...

This topic is quite personal to me but won't go into details. These next thotys of mine
May be fatalistic but could happen. If after the abortion,the two or three kids they had died,and they
Wanted another. They will most def go to the same God they had convieniently&
Consciously ingnored! My people say "ti ogiri o ba la nu alangba o le wo be"
A siege has been broken and the serpent may strike. We 21st century pentecoastals take grace so for granted
The other day I blocked a friend from my FB cos he said,a sedan was made for father,mother and two kids
he said a 3rd is at best planned at worst a mistake. And ends it with plan your life people. A lot of us tried to reason
With him but he is a "motivational speaker"-how I hate that appellation. Anyways my point is
We live in a do it your self generation and it has silently creeped into the church. I'm pleased to know that some of us are still
Alive to the truth. Mercy o Lord! Maranatha