Sunday, January 11, 2009

A day at the amusement park

It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m seated in the living room with my laptop in front of me, jumping from one blog to another, reading, laughing and leaving comments…the TV tuned to Africa Magic, watching a very silly Yoruba movie and chit chatting with hubby all at the same time…he’s holding a glass of cold chocolate and I think ok, maybe I should update my blog…

Last week we had guests, our friends from Lagos came to spend the New year with us and it was fun, they were supposed to leave on Saturday but somehow we convinced them to change their flight to Sunday …I’ve been meaning to visit the amusement park since we moved to Abuja but somehow it hadn’t happened so I convinced the whole crew and off we went to the Amusement park.

It’s called Wonderland and we paid the required fee at the entrance (I’ve forgotten how much we paid), the guys picked up the bill. We decided to walk around the place first before choosing the rides to go on. Our first stop was something called the Pirate ship, it was a ship suspended in the air with some iron like things, pardon me, I don’t know how to describe it. But the pully kinda goes back and forth with the ship swaying from one side to the other. The people on it were screaming and we wondered what they were screaming about. One of our friends was convinced it couldn’t be that bad considering they had been on a more difficult one in SA so we continued our walk.

We went to do the bumper rides and it was fun, it felt like being kids again…it took me back to age 9 when the Ibadan Amusement park was still new and we’d go there to have fun, Yes it was a lot of fun. Hubby said he’d watch so four of us went and rode the bumper cars while hubby captured the moment on video. It was fun, we were laughing and bumping into each other. The ride was too short though, the space wasn’t enough for the cars and it was sort of an anti climax. It ended just when it was being the most fun..but it was fun all the same. I was a kid again! I’m always a kid anyway, people are surprised when they learn I’m just a year away from being thirty (oops, there I told you my age, but isn’t it just a number?)

So we decided it was the Pirate ship next. My friend said she wasn’t going on it, she’d be too scared. We all convinced her and I even told hubby it would give us a chance to make out in our own seat…lol…well we went on the ship, I was really excited. Then the ride started, oh it was the ride of my life..i must say I’ve never been on anything like that. As the ship swayed from side to side doing about 180 degrees turn (hope I’m right cos my maths sucks), I felt like I was coming out of my body and the only thing I could do was scream, scream like I heard those people who were on it earlier did. I was not only screaming, yours truly was shouting yeeeh…one of our friends was at the back and we had recently watched Jenifa (that Yoruba movie, the first part cracked us up) and he said no Writefreak, say ouch, not yeeh and I said ‘Nooooo…it’s yeeeh not ouch’ and continued screaming. All of hubby’s attempts to keep his wife quiet went futile, I didn’t even remember I wanted to make out, the only contact I remember having with me though he was by my side was grabbing his jeans and shouting yeeeeeeh! I think I even teared up at some point, not sure. I looked to the side, my friend wasn’t shouting but it was obvious whatever was happening in that seat between her and her hubby, we’d all pay for it later.

I only got comfortable just as the ride was coming to an end, by then my throat ached! I was glad to come down from that ship, that made me feel like I was coming out of my body. It was wild and crazy fun. Will I do it again? Yes! I’m crazy I know but now I know what to expect and I will definitely have the Mr beside me the next time so I can make good on my promise to make out on a pirate ship suspended in the air…that’s if I’m not screaming again and begging them to stop!

Apparently my friend had threatened to divorce her husband if he didn’t make them stop..she had been saying ‘I’m not marrying you again’ to him. She was shaking when we got off and was useless the rest of our stay at the Amusement park. Not me, I was ready to try other things although my throat burned from too much screaming.

First I opted for a ride that’ll calm me after all the excitement. I convinced hubby to go on a ride where we’d see the whole city from up and just go round, I’ve forgotten the name. We were up there waving at our friends (the other guys thought it was a sissy ride, I didn’t care…and I love my hubby, he humours me). It was calming, just getting fresh breeze and looking at the world from up there, it ended too soon and it wasn’t scary at all!

My friend’s husband was still petting her when we came down my head I was like haba no be the same ride. She was dolling out warnings to him quietly and shaking. We didn’t force her now though we convinced her. We were all scared up there but hey we’ve come down, move on and have some fun, but no way!

There was some water ride which hubby and I and our other friend with no Mrs went to look at, I seriously wanted to get on it but they didn’t want to get wet. There was another dangerous ride, we went there, my friend left his Mrs to calm down. I heard a girl screaming there but I was like, if I went through that pirate ship, I can do this too. The cars go up and down some kinda maze and bump into the sides of the iron maze. I wanted to ride with my Mr but thanks to his long legs, we couldn’t so I had to go alone. I was scared to pieces but I wasn’t chickening out…not when I’d said I’m a tough girl.

So I got in my own car. Held on to the iron rail very well and watch myself travel up and down bumping into things. It was like playing real life car race only I was alone and bumping myself. Was it fun? I’m not sure cos I felt like I was hurting myself for nothing but putting up my face and feeling the breeze while I did that was. What’s life without some excitement? Some adrenaline rush!

We ended it with another go on the bumper cars, my friend was still too shaken to come so she stayed behind with our friend without the Mrs and hubby joined in this time. It was fun bumping into ourselves but once again, the ride was too short and my car sorta liked to drive only in reverse

For me it was fun, crazy fun, reliving my childhood and being kids again with my hubby and friends. Who wants to grow up when you can be a child? lol


Mimi said...


but mehn..since my encounter with Rita Queen of Speed....I doubt I will be going on anymore rides......seriously!

aloted said...

LOL...i see u had so much fun...nice one...

went on one of those crazy rides as a child...don't think i shall be doing it ever again...

Writefreak said...

@ Mimi
Do tell, which one is Rita queen of speed?

yeah we had fun..but thinking of it, i think i'll be crazy to go on that ride again o!

StandTall-The Activist said...

When Adults are adults, they will get scare on things that excite the kids. What a ride

Vera Ezimora said...

Men, I'm soooo jealous of the bumper rides. I totally have to go ride some bumper cars this summer. I cannot take it anymore! I've been wanting to drive the bumper cars for ever. LOL @ you and hubby making out in your own booth. Awwwww.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Writefreak you are craziee o. Glad you had mad fun jare. I am only 23 and I never go on any rides whenever I am at the amusement park. I always volunteer to babysit the children. I dont like beeing out of control so I dont do rides. Although it would kinda be fun to be able to let go once in a while. well maybe now I will just try one ride.

Sting said...

Wow, so much fun u guys had. I am definitely going to Six flags this summmer. For sure. I need to get that experience before i leave GA.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm...... sure you had lots of fun!! took the bumpy ride with hubby once and our bodies ached the rest of the evening.

QMoney said...

Madam "experimenter"
Finally,i made it here in one piece!
i have never even been to abuja before,av heard of that wonderland oh,i should start planning before some of those things stop working

Olufunke said...

ol' girl, I enjoyed reading through your 'adventures at the amusement park'
Its good to be a child....I enjoy playing and could really imagine all the fun you had.

I pray I have the opportunity to visit 'wonderland' when next in Abuja
GOod you enjoyed your self.

Happy new year ( even I feel we should stop saying that , we're already living the year)

LusciousRon said...

I love amusement parks. That Jenifa movie was too funny I had the suliya syndrome for days on end at work. I would just blurt out something and send my colleagues cracking.

LusciousRon kan Blogville kan. *wink*

Writefreak said...

@ standtall
I refuse to be an adult...lmao

Get yourself in the bumper cars lady and have a ride of your life, will ask you during summer if you got round to

yeah i agree i'm crazy! Who wants to live a boring life? Not me...for once let go girl, and get on one of them rides!

you go girl!

ache is part of the fun ain't it? lol...

thank God o, no accident on the
please go to Wonderland and no it won't stop in Jesus name- Amen

Yeah happy new year is becoming a stale
Pls try and make it there if you get into Abuja, it might not be all you exoect but you'll still have some fun

@luscious ron
me i still have some of the suliya syndrom
No o, it's Writefreak kan, blogville
thanks for stopping by

StandTall-The Activist said...

Yes o. I refuse with you too. Most time I don't feel like am an adult (lol). I was just reffering to your friend's fear

Anonymous said...

Ouch! you beat me to it. ...was going to say, hmmm, " age 9..." to mean how many years ago?

...the fun of childhood. Yeah, let's take a journey back to those times when we had no cares whatsoever.

Good Naija Girl said...

Awww, it really sounds like you had such a fun time! I cannot get on a ride without screaming my head off; my friends always tell me that I've deafened them!

I think it's great that you enjoyed yourself so must do it again.

And those pirate ship-like rides are very deceiving...they don't look as scary as they actually are!

NoLimit said...

LMHO!!! this post cracked me up soooooo much!!!
So you're an adrenaline junkie!!!lol I'm so going on those rides when I come to abuja!!!
Life is meant to be LIVED jo!


you had fun, eh? Good. I hope you had enough fun for both of us, cos, I don't do those. lol!

LG said...


For the love of me said...

I left a comment on the wrong post. Said I'm happy you enjoyed yourself but I will never do dem crazy rides again.

fantasy queen said...

my friends n I call it wonderful land, something always comes up whenever I plan on letting em take me there:(
sounds like fun,I hear there's a nice accesories shop there. there's a go cart place somewhere in asokoro can't remember d name, u'll ve fun riding there.vast space n all

Omg, last night I watched jenifa part 2, as in, u know, scuss me, ouushhh!
jenifa kan, adetoro kan....LOL
I get crazy' when anything jenifa is mentioned, I even give serious Yoruba attitude now:)

NigerianDramaQueen said...

LOL!! I can see you had mad fun! I admire all you adrenaline rush types. Me? I'm way too scared. I took my younger brother to wonderland this christmas and trust me, I stayed on the ground!! I will let people like you have fun on behalf of people like me!!lol

Oh yeah I saw your comment on my blog about 'Everything Good Will Come'...I loved it, but like you I felt the ending was so-so. I loved it though...


darkelcee said...

i had gone on those rides once while in Abuja and i promised myslef that i will never go near it again. its crazily dangerous!

Happy new year babes

In my head and around me said...

I need an amusement park in my life. In Lagos, there's funtopia but they don' press any of my buttons at all.

Glad you had a great time. I'm green

simeone said...

wow..i enjoyed ur gist no be small...i could feel the fun are a good narator..whats with that ur friend..if you guys were not mature enough to handle it,..thats the kind of behaviour that just spoils the whole fun for the others...are you sure you have not been to coza yet...?
i'm sorry for keeping you waiting oh..hugz...

Writefreak said...

@ standtall
I thought i understood what you meant, abegi, we should remain kids jare

so now you know my age, so what? lol

scream away gorl if you's part of the
will defo do it again
You can say that again about the rides being deceptive!

Maybe you can holla when you come, then we go together? eh? lol...Nice to have fun!

HAba, don't be chicken but next time, i'll remember to do one for you! lol

@for the love of me
somedays i actually think i can't do them again...but then another part thinks of cuz you'll still try

Wonderful land have to go there, though it's not the best we can have, pls can you find out this Asokoro addy for me?
Lol...fantasy queen kan, blogville kan...yeeh,,sorry oush

You should go with me, i'll screammy head off but still try time don't stay on the
Do you live in Abuja?
Are there other Sefi Ata's books you've read? That's the only one i've read

Good to see your face around o my sistah...where you come go before?

Please turn yellow and stop being there's an Amusement park at Apapa that's ok, is that so? Never been to funtopia

thainz for the compliment, i'm mind my friend jare, jelly fish..
No i haven't been to coza...

miz-cynic said...

babe i like ur spirit jare.if it were me i would try all tryables too o;

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAOOOO @ your friend threatening to divorce her hubby. Ewoooo...
I'm glad you had a good time tho. Amusement parks are always tons of fun! brings out the kid in you...

Aijay said...

Lol. Someone has been having fun! I love rides... rollercoasters... totally my thing!

9ja's OT said...

i took the ship ride on long island NY, and i know the feeling u had....crazy sway.
this experience reminds me of my ride on the hulk in FL, first roller coaster ride in my life,...lets just say i had to run to the bathroom after the ride..pheeew
Loving your blog...

Sykik said...

I took that same ride last december, boy did i scream my lungs out. I just couldn't wait for it to stop. I told my hubby that was it for me that day. i refused to go on anything that i had heard someone scream from. My hubby has been trying to get me go with him again but i no fit. i no get liver at all.

Writefreak said...

@ miz cynic
yes o, my dear, i have to be there and do that!

@Original Mgbeke
No mind the yeye girl o, divorce ko, divorce ni...yes, loads of fun, planning to make a return trip soon

You rock girl! I love people who can have fun

@9ja's OT
Lol at running to the's crazy the things we put ourselves through for fun, but we should still have
thanks for loving my spot, think i've been over at yours? making a trip there now

Lol..ok lemme go with you then...hehehe. so does this mean you're in abuja?
tried visiting your spot but it says profile not available
is it coded?

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