Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thankful Wednesday

This is my third week doing my thankful list and i haven't had any regrets. It's helping me to see God working in my life everyday and not take things for granted...the list continues to grow.

-I'm thankful for our new dvd/home theatre that accepts USB and alllows me play my favourite worship songs that hubby copied from my laptop.... i am loving the one playing right now, it's on repeat... the song goes...

'I trust in You my faithful Lord
How perfect is Your love
You answer me before I call
My hope my strength my song
And I shout for joy
I thank You Lord
Your plan stands firm for ever
And Your praise will be, continually
Pouring from my heart

I will bless Your Lord
I will bless You Lord
How my soul cries out
For You my God
I will bless You Lord'

- I'm thankful for my hubby who knows how to reach me and always has a word of encouragement for me. The guy believes in me like no other person! Lord i thank you for this wonderful man you have given me!

- I'm thankful to God for giving me a word in season for those who need it

- I'm thankful for the idea He's given me and won't allow me to let go of. Provision is coming for the vision, watch this space! lol

- I'm thankful because PHCN has been good to us sice yesterday. Two days ago i almost exhausted a gallon of fuel. I prayed and God answered

- I'm thankful that i was able to finish my cooking yesterday before the cooking gas ran out*
- I thank God for His provision. He has been good to hubby and i

- I'm thankful that our security was able to kill the rat i sighted in our store last week. I hate rats! Thank God i have been rid of that one and may no other one show up...Amen

-I'm thankful that my blackberry is functioning properly now, it got sprayed with water two nights ago and some of the keys were malfunctioning.

- I'm thankful for Obama. Somehow the thought of him being killed occured to me, i know i have an overactive God His inauguration went well and He has now made history. Yes we can!

-Lastly i am thankful for the new blog aloted and I are co-hosting. And for those of you who have been there already..

May we always have reasons to be thankful and may joy never cease from your homes!

*wait o, Abuja people, where's best to buy gas? this one didn't even last one month, in Lagos, my gas dey last 3 months...pls holla.


simeone said...

1st oh..this is a wonderful year..

LG said...


LG said...

cheiiiiiiiiiii whoberat???????? :-

Afrobabe said...

lmao...3rd, yet no one ventured to answer ur question.....hmmmmm..clearng my throat, I shall attempt to answer so as to get elevated to 1st position...

Go to the gas shop in the corner...

simeone said...

hello madam, i'm still waiting for that number..or cheq my comment on ur last post....
o.k ..gas ..try and get it from a fuel total..i know they only accept their own cylinders so just buy their's and be rest assured that when u buy gas you are not being cheated....wot else..howz ur laptop doing..have you gotten the hp office..i think theres one in wuse 2 but can't give u specifics now..soon..
the Lord himself is ur strenght..
i am thankful for life..

simeone said...

madam dey try me o..
afrobabe ..can u be more

Writefreak said...

@ simeone, lg and afrobabe
simeone is the real first! at least na im post first appear...make you no dey fight like primary school children o, this is a no fighting

infact e be like say i go demote you to third and promote afrobabe before you, this one wey be say na so so position you dey fight

lol..which corner? you be olodo!

i will do that very soon i promise! as for filling station, i bought this one from total o, even the cylinder!
and yes i've been to the hp office in Wuse 2. Will have to relinquish the laptop to one of their engineers for some days...and it will be pp because it will cost quite a bit for hp themselves to fix it, infact the price they told me made me wonder if it won't be better to buy a new one..

yes o, tell afrobabe to give description

aloted said...

lol at the rat...thank God u got it killed...grossssss

i like the lyrics to the song..deep!

Writefreak said...

@ aloted
babe no be small thing o! I actually locked the door and opened the back door for the security guys, i didn't want it to enter the house o, i no wan shout...and me, i locked the door and went jogging while they battled with

Yep very deep song, i think i'm about to listen to it again, i'm addicted! lol

simeone said...

thats intersting..i'm happy the laptop is sorted..kinda atleast..i also noticed my gas dont last as long as b4..peace..

Writefreak said...

@ simeone
no o the laptop hasn't been fixed yet but i have devised a way to manage it for now!

~Sirius~ said...

It is indeed good to give thanks.
Love the new spot by you and Aloted.

LOL @ the rats, don't mind them rude creatures..
Ahha....Abj why now? even my cooking gas lasts longer than a month with all the cooking that goes on in my house.

Writefreak said...

@ sirius
thanks guys' words are so encouraging already, i can't wait to have our emails

rats are very very rude! much cooking goes on in your house? do

Isi said...

wow! u r indeed a grateful person. i think i should learn how to be as thankful as u.

Good Naija Girl said...

:) I'm echoing Isi today! Great list.

Good Naija Girl said...

:) I'm echoing Isi today! Great list.

Funms-the rebirth said...

im going to start emulating you in my private journal. listing these things make us realise those things we take for granted....... that Obama thought entered my head when i was watching esp when the senators collapsed......... thank God

yankeenaijababe said...

I am always loving your thankful post. I might need to incorporate it to my blog someday. I guess the more thankful I become, God shows me I am too blessed to be stressed. Hope you doing great and you got be laughing on the rat

Writefreak said...

@ Isi
It doesn't take much to be thankful my sister, just pay attention to the things around you!

thank you, will look forward to reading urs tomorrow

good idea should do it! So i wasn't alone, thank God for keeping Him and thank God He will continue to keep Him

Yes o, too blessed to be stressed! Word!
I'm good are very rude creatures that i can't stand!

Olamild said...

" I'm thankful that our security was able to kill the rat i sighted in our store last week. I hate rats! Thank God i have been rid of that one and may no other one show up...Amen"


NoLimit said...

Well I'm joining others to laff at that rat story!!!now that is a riot!!! lol!!!
Enjoy the rest of the week...

Enkay said...

The rat one really made me laugh! everytime we get rid of one, it always almost makes me dance! I thank God with you on that one! lol!

And then imagine the gas not lasting till you're done cooking! Thank God that 'kitchen disaster' was averted!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I always come back for more. You can get your gas from Vinegas at Utako, your cylinder can be refilled.


OluwaDee said...

I've been using the same gas since I got married (5 months next week).

may we always have reasons to be 10kful.

AlooFar said...

Great list.

what brand is your blackberry?

Jinta said...

i hate rats with a passion too and i will not hesitate to kill them, but isn't there a contradiction in being thankful to God for allowing you to kill one of his creations? LMAO!!

Its good to hear a woman be thankful for her husband and mean it. may God continue to bless your family

MilesPerHour said...

Wonderful list. I am so very grateful myslef for so many things in my life. I appreciate you sharing yours.

Writefreak said...

@ olamild
Lol...abi now

Thanks dear, enjoy the rest of ur week too

Lol at you dancing. It would av been a real disaster cos hubby was coming home from work for lunch and he was looking forward to it!

Thanks for the heads up, we eventually filled it there. Thanks for stopping by!

Wow...same gas for 5 months! If I may ask, how much cooking do you do?
Amen o, may our joy be full!

Thanks a lot! It's an 8800...have u got one? Maybe we can be blackberry chat buddies...hehehe

Hmmm I don't know o but I'm not sure God minds...abi?
Thank you for husband is an integral part of my life! Amen to your prayer!

Thanks a lot...also for stopping by!

princesa said...

It's good to be grateful for the littlest things. If we look around us, there are so much, so much to be thankful for.

Thanks babes for helping me see this.

FineBoy Agbero said...

hmmm.... nice list!

so, NEPA take my own lite carry dash u abi? Na ojoro o!

Uzezi said...

lol @ afrobabe. utako, after jabi park. u will get gas there. there's a reliable gas company there.

Lisa said...

May God give me a husband that will help me in the work God has put in my hands.

lol @ the rat story. I hate rats too...

I'm still working on starting up my thankful fridays. If that's the only thing I blog about, so be it!

bumight said...

i like your list.
i think i have to add u to my reader, so i can go through all ur back posts!

Afrobabe said...

See wahala oh...gas station dey the corner abi e no dey??? just check first and answer honestly....

Buttercup said...

thank God o..

i've thought about obama being killed too, gosh, i was so scared when he got out of his limo and started walking, easy target for assassins! God truly is with him..

Buttercup said...

I tried leaving a comment on ur 'iyabo' post, but i just cudnt. It was really hilarious!

Writefreak said...

@ princesa
You're welcome dear...we definitely need to keep our gratitude level up, even for the seemingly little things

if you bribe me, i'll talk to them for you so they can give you more

thanks dear...already sent someone to do it at the said place

Amen, may God give you the desire of your heart! Will be waiting to see your thankful list!

that would be fantastic, pls let me know what you think of the

i just want you to describe how to get to the corner now, is that too much to

yes God is with him and we have to keep him in our prayers!
Lol at Iyabo...