Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thankful Wednesday

Last week, i said i was going to dedicate my Wednesday posts to thanking God and so although my laptop is acting up, i have to keep holding the charger for it to make connection, my internet is being naughty and there are factors militating against it, I am putting up my thanksgiving post! nothing is going to stop me from giving my God all the glory He deserves.

''Ti omode ba dupe oore ana, a ri imii gba''*. Oh Lord i am a child in your hands and i thank you for holding my hands and leading me and for carrying me on your shoulders when the road seems to difficult to walk.

It's another Wednesday and for the following reasons, i am once again grateful:

-I praise Him for breath in my nostrils! He kept me from last week till now

-God delivered me from depression. I had a particular situation I was feeling very blue about at the end of last week but God used hubby and some good friends to encourage and bring me out of it

-He gave me the patience and wisdom to handle a trivial family situation that might have become a crisis

-For my dinner bill at Hilton that got picked up by someone

-For giving me direction and helping me to know what to do at the right time

-For helping me to lose some of my weight, now I can fit back into that size 10 dress I was given! Dear God, thank you..but I still need your help on this…

-And I thank God for my hubby who always knows how to make me laugh….even when things don’t seem too right…

Our God is a good God. You only need to look deep enough to know there’s always a reason to thank Him. He’s worthy of our praises! What are you thankful for?

Ps: My people, abeg I am raising an appeal fund for a new laptop so if God has laid it on your heart, pls do not hesitate to obey does anyone know if and where there is a HP service centre in Abuja?

* If a child appreciates the goodness of yesterday, he will be able to receive more


Original Mgbeke said...

First!!! Or am I? This one wey you get comment moderation.
I like this, we really have a reason to be thankful at all time even though we may not know this.
Thank God for blessings.
Nice blog o, make I look around... :-)

Good Naija Girl said...

I love this feature of yours o; reminds me of part of a chorus that goes:

Rejoice in the Lord always
And again I say rejoice.

I hope your laptop stops acting up soon...would getting a new charger help? Hehe, or maybe someone will be moved to buy and send you a shiny new laptop before the month is through!

Have a good evening!

FineBoy Agbero said...

Ahn-ahn? after all dat "ore-ofe" u still want us to donate for laptop???

Sting said...

It's always good to be thankful. It helps keeps things in perspective.

Lisa said...

I love this post....I'm thankful to God for life.

QMoney said...

Thank God for u oh,thank God for will u see my mail if i send it now?lol

OluwaDee said...

"For my dinner bill at Hilton that got picked up by someone."

God has been good 2 u.

Your diet plans must be working.

aloted said...

I can't believe my update thingy didn't pick your update...nawa o

anyway i am also thanking God for u...

wait o Mrs Writefreak..this ur thankful list is not complete o...u no wan publicly thank person way give u the dress go collect another ti gbo? pshew

pele about ur laptop..i hope u get it sorted...i can help u collect the donation in the UK ;)

aloted said...

and can u pls get rid of this comment moderation thingy..wetin u dey fear sef?

Afrobabe said...

We Thank God for his mercies and for life...

lol @ Agbero....

ibiluv said...

Adupe o Baba
Awa Dupe Baba

Writefreak said...

@ orginal mgbeke
Thank u my sister, na u carry first, e be like say I go remove comment moderation
moderation sef...
Yes o, our God is good!
Hope u enjoyed your look around.

Thanks dear. No getting a new charger won't help cos it's the port
that has a problem and also the battery..
Hmm pls God o move someone to buy me that shiny laptop, won't mind a
Mac air ok? Maybe na prophecy, make I quickly talk wetin I want

Actually taking it for repairs

E no dey too much now....abi?

@ sting many times I want to be ungrateful...but this helps me know
I'm truly blessed

Thanks for stopping by my spot. God has blessed us with the gift of life...

I thank God say I get blackberry so if you email me I will get it
sharply! Any other excuse? Lol

Really not on a serious diet o but I guess exercising helps me keep
fit n lose some of the excess. I've also been trying to stay off late
night eating n minimising fizzy drinks. All in all, I think I'm not
doing badly. How're u doing?

Lol...egbe...I no wan put ur name make e no be say na every week I dey
feature you but I see u like d cheap my darling, no
My people hear it o, na aloted God use give me that dress wey I fit
enter inside now...the size 10 cloth wey I mention inside the post!

Is that ok? Or I shld go and include it in the post? Lol
But sincerely, thanks for the dress, I love it n can't wait for an
opportunity to launch it!
Since you've volunteered to collect donations in the uk, do we need to
set up an account so pple will know this is serious

No fear here o!

@ afrobabe
yes o, we thank Him for His mercies, how're you doing?

i'm loving your yoruba

Jaycee said...

I love the testimonies you gave here. God is good.

Funms-the rebirth said...

nice testimonies and i claim the weight loss one...... i need it.... :)
thanx for checking up on me...... i love ur thankful wednesdays

Aijay said...

lol @ Aloted, babe na wetin now?? lol

I have so many things to thank God for.. I'm just thankful that I know its about Him and there's no me without him.

I'm thankful for u and ur family.
Been a minute babe... I see all is well with u.

aloted said...

ehn be u dey abuse like i like cheap publicity is not ur thank God i have been featured on Standtall's interview...that one na baba publicity...

no try me o! hehehe

Writefreak said...

@ jaycee
Yes our God is good and may He continue to give us testimonies to share

let's go join weight

thanks love, i thank God for you and your Mr too i hear an Amen? yes o all is well

being granted an interview doesn't make you a

aloted said...

e ma wo girl yi sha...siddon there!

besides i didnt mention the word celebrity in my comment on your blog...lo tun ka..only mentioned it in my blog and afrobabe's...we celebs know ourselves...the interview with Standtall only solidified our status;-)

beef! :P

In my head and around me said...

Your husband features in everything...the way it should be.

NoLimit said...

He sure is faithful!!!asper the last I will definitely hola at you if I ever come to Abuja!!!
Hope you've sorted your computer out...ermm I'll love to volunteer with Aloted to collect the UK donation!!!:-)

Isi said...

happy new year dear!

Writefreak said...

@ aloted
Se you want to use me to practise your yoruba abi? oo serious

anyway since blogs of the same feathers flock together, i am a celebrity by, i can't shout and as lg will say, nothing do me!

yes o, after God na my MR!

@no limit
see my comment on your blog re the

happy new year too, thanks for stopping by...

~Sirius~ said...

Your bill got picked up at the HILTON!!!!!!

Hey!!! Not fair!!! come I never get freebies like that!

God is forever faithful, and I'm always thankful for that.

For the love of me said...

Thank God for God.
I envy you the weight loss and the dinner billoooo.

See me I wan lose weight but I wan chop free food for Hilton.

How you dey? How far with your book? Have you considered self publishing.

Writefreak said...

@ sirius
Na God o, no be me! The guy na my husband's friend actually...

@for the love of me
my sister, you're in the spirit! The book don finish since o...was asking someone about self publishing today, you know how to go about it?