Sunday, January 18, 2009

Iyabo and I...going down memory lane

I was in Primary 3 or was it 4, can’t remember, I was really cute, not small…lol, I was the youngest in my class and the few friends I had were at least one year older than I was. They were more aware than I was, I’ve always been very naïve till recently. I digress, that’s not the point of this post.

So I was in primary 3 and Iyabo was one of my friends, we weren’t too close but we were friends. I used to get to school early because my mum taught in the school I went to, remember I said I was underage, she had to register me in her school when I was going to start because all the private schools said to come back the following year, she took me to her school, I was in primary 1 and I aced the exams, I got promoted and there was no looking back. Public schools were much better in those days anyway….i digress again

Iyabo always had something to say, there was always gist. This morning, we were early to school so a few of us gathered around before the assembly and she told of how a boy was hitting on her, yes, we were in Primary 4 and Iyabo knew what it meant to be hit on, they all had stories of a boy or the other, I had none. I thought of something to say quickly and then I remembered my friend, let’s call his name M, I liked him and he liked me, we just used to say hi and smile at each other sheepishly. So I said ‘can you imagine what M did a few days ago when I went to the bathroom? He was also coming out and he kissed me lightly’. I made her swear she wouldn’t tell anyone and she did. I didn’t even know what being kissed meant but I needed something to say. It was a lie and I felt very guilty afterwards, asking God to forgive me and that was the end of it or so I thought.

We were making a lot of noise in the class, I think it was a few days later, and our teacher said to put our heads on our table and hold our lips, of course, we’d still whisper underneath. Some gist was flying around and then it got to my partner who said ‘you got kissed by Muyiwa’. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Nap time was over, everyone wanted to ask me how it was, I burst into tears and ran to my mum’s class.

My mum’s partner; her friend, asked me what the tears were for. I said ‘where is my mummy?’ My mum was right there and they both wanted to know what was wrong. With the tears running down, I said ‘Iyabo said Muyiwa kissed me’. Of course, I couldn’t tell what story I cooked up. My mum’s friend made matters worse when she said ‘so is that why you’re crying? How many women has your dad kissed?’ That made me cry the more!

My mum gave me a hug and thankfully it was already closing time. I couldn’t face my classmates’ humiliation anymore. I know,it was my fault. I lied, I wanted to belong but my friend betrayed me. She promised not to tell anyone. Every time I hear the name Iyabo, it takes me down memory lane. I hate the name Iyabo (please pardon me if you happen to have that name). Till date, I don’t think I’ve ever had any other friend called Iyabo. When I hear Iyabo, my head goes ‘olofofo’*. I know that’s not true but it scarred my innocent mind…lol

I don’t know why but in recent times, memories from my childhood keep flashing in my head…I don’t like the name Iyabo, maybe hate is too strong a word!

*tell tale


miz-cynic said...

writefreak:-lol...iyabo!...since primary school!my mom is iyabo so me i think the name is just razz but i still love it....wht can i say...pri sch was funny i remember one silly incidence...i was class captain and i had this boy i liked as my assistant.he would write my name on his list of noisemakers...i'd send my emmissaries to spy and find it out and then id write his name too.teacher will come and say na 2 class captains are the one disturbing,release the rest and beat the hell out of us he used to do this i dont know

Writefreak said...

Ah pardon me, darling, no offences meant to your mum's name. lol..i also think the name is razz though *naughty me*
Wasn't primary school just fun? The days of sweet innocence! So you liked the boy? Did you ever tell him? lol

yankeenaijababe said...

@writefreak, I thought as well very razz

Thanks for stopping by about the prayer post. Keep me in your prayers.

Public schools back in the days was good but now, sucks.You bought memories back to me about primary school. Infact, I dreamt of my primary school last nite.Iyabo drama .

Anonymous said...

LOL. Poor Writefreak. I unfortunately cannot remember anything from primary school days. cuz I went to soooooo many of them. Happy Sunday Writefreak.

Nolimit said...

lol...write freak you're tew funny o!
I can imagine how you felt...but didn't finish this gist did muyiwa react?:-)

Abujamaiden said...


I gotta post on my primary school! One half-caste guy that I liked in primary4 and I was jealous that he liked my best friend and a 9ja guy that liked me in primary5....hehe

aloted said...

yes o come and tell us what M also known as Muyiwa had to say...

pls forgive Iyabo...she did not know what she was doing...

besides what if your son brings home a girl and says "mummy this is the girl i want to marry her name is iyabo"!!!

now that will be FUNNYYYYYYY!

aloted said...

ope o..she has removed comment moderation..

thank GOD!

Writefreak said...

@ yankeenaijababe
You're welcome...just said a prayer for tell wat dream did u have of ur pry school?

Poor school were d days! If I may ask why were u skl prostituting? Lol

@no limit
Am I funny? No free comedy show..hehehe..u wan hear story, u go beg abi u go pay? Choose ur choice..haha

Please tell the story..will be waiting to hear it

See u..u too like gist, you and no limit..u will have to beg to hear M's side..
And if na curse, stop am! I don forgive Iyabo but son will not bring home any girl called Iyabo..thank God most pple no dey even give their children such names again!
Remember say I neva even born d child, maybe at that time sef na so so english name we go dey hear!

Writefreak said...

@ aloted
Wetin be your own sef? Abeg stop taking up comment
Did I not say in my last post comment that I will remove it??? Or u need glasses??? Hehehe..

africa entertainment plus sports said...

I like stories like this. Brings back interesting memories a feeling of nostalgia.

Good Naija Girl said...

Awww, it's interesting how when you have a bad experience with someone with a certain name, it can sour you towards anyone with that name for a long time.

It doesn't sound like the story ever got back to I right?

And I think you've been too hard on poor Iyabo! :)

(Funny enough, I never liked the name myself!)

Funms-the rebirth said...

lol........ iyabo oooooooooo
eh ya, poor cute naive child.....
so do u know if Muyiwa ever found out about the gist? ur mum's friend is so funny

Just...Toluwa said...

awwww....dt is d cutest story ever...
"mommy, iyabo said muyiwa kissed me" so cute!

My mom wld have just laughted her head off! and smack me wen she heard the real story...

Ms.O said...

Aww that was very cute! made me remember my first crush! Poor Iyabo am sure she didn't even know the implications of her actions then.

LG said...

knock knock' na who dey haus???? iyabo don come o :-

Olamild said...

Oh my hahahah

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, funny story! But ah ah, you dey too hard on Iyabo na. In retrospect, it was just harmless little chillun gossip so no dey biased against Iyabos o. LOL
I don't know any Iyabos actually.

Writefreak said...

@ africa entertainment plus sports
you can say that again...nostalgia...those were the days!

So why do you all want to know about Muyiwa, you make the third person, you, aloted and sure i much are you willing to pay? lol
Iyabo is not a good name in my

you too...why you all interested in Muyiwa o?? Ok, yes he found out and things were very awkward for a while, not sure if he confronted me or his friends did...don't remember well...but you know how kids are, we moved mum's friend is a're still friends till date

just toluwa
thank God my mum never heard the full story...i am a proper omo teacher, the spanking for plenty!

I'm sure Iyabo didn't know but me wa for tell bout the crush *winks*

Get there behind me you this

why you laughing at me now? lol

@original Mgbeke
Maybe when i meet another one that changes my i've only met one Iyabo since then, in secondary school and she was a 'bad' girl! lol

~Sirius~ said...


Liar Liar.....Pants on fire.

See what Peer pressure made you do......Te he.

Hope you learnt your lesson.

OluwaDee said...

I know an Iyabo & she seems ok.

I'm sure u learnt that day not to try to "feel among".

Hope u r good?

Uzezi said...

lol. im laughing my head hard. those days had lots of tails we will be too embarrassed to tell

Dammy said...

Must have been very hard on you considering the fact that you were a child - not having been exposed to the cruelty that exist in human-kind. I understand if your frail heart couldn't absorb the shock and you had to let out your watery pains...

...I would cry if I were in your shoes but with age comes understanding and with understanding comes a sense of responsibility

I think it's time you allowed Iyabo go. Don't you think so?

Happy New Year.

Writefreak said...

Oh of cuz Dammy, only kidding, this was some 20 years or so ago! lol...don't even know where the girl is...
i just don't like the

Writefreak said...

@ dammy
Oh of cuz Dammy, only kidding, this was some 20 years or so ago! lol...don't even know where the girl is...
i just don't like the

Tyger said...

i am laffing so loudly!


muyiwa kissed me!

and your mum's partner is mad! lol

childhood is just funny business!

Afrobabe said...

lol...Ever saw Muyiwa again???

Writefreak said...

@ tyger
you can say that again about childhood... that woman is very crazy! she still is!

for where? No o, not sure i'd even recognise him if i walked into him, babe, how you dey?

darkelcee said...

oro ana tajo so ....olofofo ti gbelo!

how are you?

thank God i no be iyabo, i for change my name


lol! too funny. This reminds me of things from childhood.

Those were there good old days!

Anonymous said...

hahahaa...I love this piece...
I get nostalgic feelings when I remember my days of utter innocence...
thanx WF!

Adedayo Adeniyi Nigeria said...

Sis mi, u never gist us about this incident o. thank God for the blog, i'm sure i would not have known. What if I bring an Iyabo as my wife to be?

Severus Snape said...

I liked the post...

aloted said...

@Dayo- you are so on POINT! That's what I have been trying to tell has a sister in law...correct sumtin!

In my head and around me said...

Ha, you got caught out on a lie. Kpele. Iyabo sef...some children were really advanced in Pry school.

simeone said...

your story is mighty funny...but that ur mums partner is a real...dont know wot to call her..what's that statement supposed to do to the marra on ground..and u were how old..?
i'm still we'll get to see soon..please use the email addy on my last post..lemme hav ur number..

simeone said...

i also thinks dat name is so uncool.....ope o no more comment moderation...

Writefreak said...

me sef i'm glad your name isn't very razz name! she be real olofofo!

Yep the good old days! I think i'm going to write more about my childhoog. I'm remembering a lot these days

you can say that again. innocence is bliss...fancy seeing you here

you bera not try it! How old were you at this time o, young man?

thank you...glad i made you laugh, hehehe

You and Dayo, no try yourselves o!

i tell you o, me i wasn't even sure i knew what kissing meant, it was definitely a bad thing sa as far as i was concerned! lol

very funny o, i was about 8 years or so, and really her comment didn't help at all, just made me cry harder...hehehe.
No no more comment moderation...the vote is in! Iyabo is a very uncool

Olufunke said...

Very intersting story!
Ol' girl I remember primary school days.........very little to worry about except my assignments!and money to buy 'condense'

I remememebr how we all wanted to belong! and how i was envious of those students that appeared they knew a lot of things
And I think Iyabo too wanted to feel cool with the other students that she has 'hot gist'

I really wish you will 'undo' your disaffedtion for the name Iyabo with time, I'm so sure there are a lot of sweet spirited ladies out there bearign Iyabo ( who knows you might have one soon as a friend LOL)

Writefreak said...

@ Olufunke
Very hilarious actually!

Well not sure i will ever like the name Iyabo but then if God wants to bring me an Iyabo friend...way to go! lol...never say never, yeah?