Monday, February 16, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

Happy Valentine's day all (in arrears). Hope you had fun, mine was hubby made it worthwhile. Roses, cards..etc...i leave you to imagine the rest. lol

So i got tagged by YNC on the honest scrap award, so i am telling you ten things about myself that i hope i haven't shared before. If you've read it here before, just act surprised

The Rules
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon :)
3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself

So here goes:

1. I once fooled myself that i could be left handed cos i thought most left handed people were brilliant

2. I'd rather write how i feel than talk about it. Maybe i'm shy?

3. I've worn glasses since i was in SS2 but i tend to deceive myself that i have great eyesight until i get them nasty headaches

4. I got married two years and two months ago to my first real boyfriend who i met in Uni(as a virgin) and we're still madly in love

5. At a time in my life, i thought only prostitutes polished their nails and had more than one ear piercing

6. I graduated as the best student in my class in University

7. I have always left my jobs since i graduated except for one although at the point of leaving i never was sure of what i would do (think i'm crazy?)

8. I write very fast and hate to re-read anything i write. Most of my posts are first drafts

9. I hate onions, infact i hardly eat them and i pick them aside when i see them in food

10. I didn't have a train when i got married, only a maid of honour because i don't like the stress....

I think i'll add another though it's meant to be 10

11. I love God with all of my heart!

I think i'm very weird or very honest cos i can come up with a lot more things about myself but i'm guessing that's the same for a lot of people..

Enjoy the rest of your week people!

Ps: I don't think i'm tagging anyone, ok i tag y'all who haven't done this...!


Funms-the rebirth said...

lol @ 5...... i think my mum once told me
all my posts r always first drafts too, that explains some

Nefertiti said...

lol @ wanting to write with ur left hand. For me, I wanted to wear glasses at all cost cos I was convinced that only smart people wore it. But I was dumb enough to be a smartie when we went to the optician's office. I read everything on that chart like I was at the spelling Bee. Needless to say, I never got to wear glasses, and I eventually got over myself.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the glasses thing. I fought it for so long that eventually the state ordered me to go and get the glasses. Now I have to check in once a year with my optician and report back to the state. geez.
#4 is so cute. Love it.

Lisa said...

@ #8 I love re-reading anything I write but even with that I sill make some typos.
@ #1 thats funny....wish I could be left handed tho. I always thot I could learn how to be but I guess not.
@ #5 my mom actually told me that, she went on to say that it was only prostitutes that wore anklets....hmmmm
@ #4 dats really lovely.
I feel u on #11 cuz without Him we are nothing.

Rita said...

I have been posting comment since 1 hr ago. Blogger has not been very cooperative.

So what's the remnant of what I was typing? That your No. 9 reminds me of myself years back, and we'll talk offline about No. 7.

blogger shall not chop this comment Amen :-)

Olufunke said...

You are reall efiko, bestin class...maybe that is why you have been weaering glasses since

and like the number 11..........

OluwaDee said...

Why do u hate onions, they are wonderful.

I also prefer to write how I feel than talk about them.

Caelestis Angelus! said...

Awww sweet. I on the contrary LOVE ONIONS. They make food taste so cool lol. My vals day was splendid too, i admire the fact that you got married to your first true love and are still madly in love. I pray il remain madly in love and visversa till death does us path o Amen

Afrobabe said...

I can only stand raw onions in suya...anything else is a no no...

I always leave jobs as well, except for the last one which left me...

JideSalu's Diary said...

Hi ya,

1st time here. Love your honesty especially the bit about your virginity.

I need to have my eye sight tested as I have been meaning to for quite a number of years now and the headache is on the increase especially when I spend a few hours in front of the laptop.

But to tell you the truth writefreak, na hunger most times dey give me my headache o.

Thanks for visiting 'my place'- blog and I really appreciate your comments.

'c u soon'

Geebee said...

Wao. You were the best graduating student in your class in Uni. Great. I’m likely to get that as well and I’ve got one semester to go. At the moment, I only have one major competitor. I’m wondering what to do with him. lol @ the prostitute nails thing and the onion-hating. I hate onions as well. They make me cry. I’m most inspired by the fact that you met your husband in Uni as a virgin. I hope to marry my babymama someday. I met her in Uni as well . . . as a virgin. Now, am I trying to compete with you? Don’t mind me o. Congrats. You truly deserve this award!

Adaeze said...

I love this post! Very honest, and it's not easy coming up with that many facts. Congrats on the marriage and still being madly in love that's the way it should be and may it continue like that! Lol@the leftie - I'm left handed but I always wanted glasses as Nefertiti said, haha. I think a lot of people can relate to #2, I surely can.

Enkay said...

Nice. Really Nice!

I actually practiced writing with my left hand for a long time in primary school but it just didn't stick!

Aaaw!#4 is sooo cool! Your love for each other, just like fine wine, will get better and stronger as time passes!

I also got married without a train cos I just didn't wanna handle the stress!

As for #11. That's just the ultimate!

PS: 2 nights ago I had a near 'kitchen disaster' - my gas finished on me right in the middle of my cooking! Immediately I realized what'd happened I just thought about you and the thankful post you did about it. lol! Gladly though it was just stew so it could wait till the next morning without spoiling.

Writefreak said...

@ funms
i think they lied to us, init? i just hate going over my work..even in school i never used to read my essays again

i just thought it as cool to be left handed! And i felt so cool when i started wearign you were really dumb! you should have pretended you couldn't see well

Oh really? you have to report to the state? Thanks about my no'm a cutie!

wish i could be like you and just go over my work. I think our mums were just conservative, a part of me still thinks only bad girls wear anklets...though i know better. God is everything!

Don't mind blogger, it can sometimes be crazy! was nice taking the issue on the other

Not sure i was really an efiko, i was just fortunate to study i course i had a flair for and found quite easy...i think

I don't know, i grew up hating them, they just irritate me. It just makes it easier to express your thoughts

Eeewww, you love onions! you can't be my friend, i'm kidding. Amen and i pray your love lasts forever too!

Onions are just a turn off, i can manage raw ones in suya too...hmmm i think we have that in common, my last job left me too...sure you read the post! I loke the way you put

Welcome to my space..
Please go get your eyesight tested, you might need to join us the glasses wearing people! And pls eat on time to avoid the headaches, not like i eat well

Don't be too tripped at me graduating best in my class, was a fluke, ok maybe not but i had a natural flair for the course! Don't worry, you just sit tight and do what you have to do and you will graduate top of your class, you already are almost there! Oh you also hate onions? Now i don't feel so weird anymore..there are a lot of us! So you got a baby mama huh? Will like to hear the story

Thanks a lot...several years later, i don't think i could have been a but i admire people like you who are
You never got glasses, did you? We were all just silly as kids...

Writefreak said...

@ Enkay
I guess whatever hand God enables you to you is what you have a reason like a disability to re-learn to use the other hand
My sister to me o, train na palava!

Lol @ the kitchen disaster...

Original Mgbeke said...

Hiiiyaaa, I'm glad you had a very happy falentines!
Nice list you have there, I have toyed with the idea of only having a MOH at my wedding but I think I wanna give my friends some shine
How cute that you ended up getting married to your first love.
I loooove onions, cooking without onions makes me feel like I'm missing out on something.

Anonymous said...

1. of course, your thot was right.
2. shy!!! hmmm, prove it.
3. you didn't know you are a geek?
4. timeless.
6. no.3 proved.
7. entrepreneur.
8. ...they are edited in your 'minds i' before even writing 'em down.
9. do you eat sandwich?
10. at least, you had a car.
11. Whoelse could be better loved?

Parakeet said...

Aww...I go love o. Dont tag me biko, I hate tags. How are you me dear?

Parakeet said...

Aww...I go love o. Dont tag me biko, I hate tags. How are you me dear?

Good Naija Girl said...

I think #10 is very cool. A lot of people get carried away with having huge trains so it's refreshing when people don't! Did you have some hurt/upset friends?

I don't mind onions if they're chopped up really small but I always remove the large hunks out of my food! I honestly think large pieces should not be consumed by humans :)

Vera Ezimora said...

Babe, I don't eat onions either! lol. I pick them out of my food; don't wanna eat them or taste them. HOWEVER, I cook with onions. I just blend it. That way, I don't see it and the food tastes good. YAY!

Jinta said...

i used to hate onions. now i like them when well cooked or well fried

Buttercup said...

im a leftie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

wow..congrats on being the best in ur class..what an honour!

its so sweet that u married ur 1st real boyfriend as a virgin..what cud be better than that??

lol @ the prostitute thing!

Writefreak said...

@ Original Mgbeke
Thank you jare..hope you had a good one too!
You can still do without a train and let your friends wear 'uniform' opinion!

you think you know me??? lol

i'm doing well lovely, thanks for asking, ok i no tag you! lol

No i'm not sure i had any upset friends and if they were upset, they didn't say so that's you don't know doesn't hurt you! you i agree the huge chunks should be for aliens...or erm*winks*

How did you know? I do the same thing with my food o...the Mr loves them so that's our compromise

How were you able to start liking onions? I'm interested in knowing...

aww how least one of my children must be left handed
Well it was by grace really!

simeone said...

glasses huh....those headaches are not luvli ones at
how u doing..

Writefreak said...

hey you, i'm doing good..nope those headaches are a menace!
How're you?

Anonymous said...

In this age and time, its nice to see someone who finds a reason to refer back to God or their love for likey

Caelestis Angelus! said...

Babe, no thankful wednesday this week?

Writefreak said...

thanks for stopping by...He's the reason for our existence!

Done! Thanks for reminding me sweerie!

StandTall-The Activist said...

If this is your first draft, your English is very good.

I dont like editing until I see that I have mad huge mistakes in my writings

Writefreak said...

@ standtall
Trust me darling, it's first draft!

How you doing?

yankeenaijababe said...

I am going to force you to start eating onions the day we finally The whole train thing can be really stressful but I still can't have my own wedding with no bridesmaid...he he he. Wow!!!very inteligent "Mrs" we have in the house...married to her first boyfriend. I think you are a great role model in the house...enjoyed reading your tagged game.

Writefreak said...

YNB: Ok if you do meet me, feel free to force don't want me puking all over you, do you? lol
Not everyone can be like me definitely having no train so have fun babe, it's only one day!
Thanks for calling me a role model, i blush!