Monday, February 02, 2009

Randy Landlord (the conclusion)

So sorry i am only just putting the conclusion of Randy Landlord up.I had some family matters to attend to but i'm back now If you didn't read the first part, you can find it below or here . So y'all enjoy the rest of the story and let me know what you think still...

The next week I got a simple email from him telling me he was working onsomething and he would get in touch as soon as he finished. I was mad, this was no way for a man to treat his wife. Had he even forgotten about our son?

My landlord and his wife paid us a visit someday and the woman in her caring way wanted to know what was going on. I surprised myself when I burst into tears, I had been bottling up my emotion. The woman just came to me, wrapped me in a hug and promised me that she was sure whatever the situation was, everything would be ok. The husband had an ‘I knew it’ look on his face and I hated myself for breaking down in their presence. When I calmed down, my landlord’s wife turned to him and said: ‘’honey, why don’t you take our young friend with you to the club today to get her mind off things? I really don’t want to go, you can cheer her up and you will have company. I’ll take Dammy (my son) for the evening’’

I wondered if this woman could not tell that her husband was hitting on me. Why had fate planned it this way. I tried to get out of it but she would hear none of my protests. I needed to go out and be cheerful. I was stuck with the old goat.

I was tense all the way to the club and barely said a word throughout the drive. After having a few drinks though, I relaxed and an evening with ‘the old goat’ as I was fond of calling him turned out not too bad after all, he had a great sense of humour and made me laugh a lot forgetting my problems. I must have been tipsy a bit. I was surprised he didn’t ask me for anything that night, he only asked if I wanted to do it again with a glint in his eyes. I found myself saying yes and I knew the next time, there might be no turning back. He put an envelope in my hands as he said goodnight, when I opened it, there was a sum of N20,000. My heart leapt for joy. I needed cash at the time.

We had a nice evening and he introduced me to some of his friends at the club as his friend and also his tenant, one of them winked knowingly at me and I felt a pang of guilt. I was probably not the first lady my landlord had brought to this place. We enjoyed the evening and I braced myself for what I knew would happen when we left the club

My landlord instructed his driver to drive to a popular hotel far from where we lived. My heart was pounding in my chest as I knew what I was about to embark on was unfaithfulness to my husband and our marriage vows but I rationalised that a woman had needs and my husband had not been there in a long time to fulfil those needs or do his duties. I rationalised that my move was justified. My body craved intimacy and my purse needed cash. My landlord was providing both.

I went into the bathroom to have a shower and left my landlord on the bed, it kept occurring to me that I was doing the wrong thing and I would live to regret it. In all our married years, this had not happened once, not even when we were dating. Would I be able to live with the consequences. I begged my heart to let me rest, afterall I had committed the adultery in my heart already but it would not be quiet. I was wondering if I could go through with the deceit and ever look my husband in the face again or even the landlord. What could be the end of this affair but shame?

I walked out of the bathroom and heard my phone beep with a text message. It was from my husband and it simply said: ‘baby I love you, I am sorry for the agony I have put you through. Please forgive me. I’ll be home tomorrow morning and we can work things out. I am very sorry’

I looked at my landlord, shook my head and told him I couldn’t go through with it, grabbed my clothes, hurriedly wore them and ran out of the hotel room, leaving the man watching after me with mouth agape.


Hope you guys liked the conclusion, if not, you can write your own ending in your comment...I

Have a nice week!
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aloted said...

me i love the ending o! good for her...she didnt succumb to temptation...thank God the sms came before she did!!!

way to go ore!

Favoured Girl said...

Nice one! I'm glad she got out before the deed, but she and her husband will have to work out their issues. Good work girl!

Writefreak said...

@ aloted
Glad you liked it girl!

@ FG
Yep they sure will...Thanks dear

qmoney said...

oooooh,dont u want 9ja movies,u would have done part3!!lol
anyway,so she went home and hwat did they discuss??lol
i like d happy eneding sha..

NoLimit said...

That's what you call saved by the phone!!!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Well, you can't conclude it like that o. We need to know what happened btw her and her run away husband

But thank God she didnt do what she will regret. Sleeping with her landlord would have led her heart into a journey of untold agony

miz-cynic said...

i dont like the fact tht the woman even thought of succumbing.*i will not play with u again*...walks away sulking and shaking head.....

Funms-the rebirth said...

i was worried she was going to give in........ nice timing of the text.. great job

Writefreak said...

you can fill in the gap darling...

i like that...maybe i should even title it Saved by the phone!hehehe

Ha! you no like the ending? heheheh..just fill in the gaps in your head

Ah please o, let's not fight my darling, was just tyring to be realistic...people always have temptations..and her husband paved the way for her to be tempted..

Thanks hon, for a while there, i thought she'd give in myself...i didn't know how it would end till i got to the end..;p;

Writefreak said...
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Danny Bagucci said...

Talk abouut a classic "way of escape" right at the very

yankeenaijababe said...

Interesting ending, I thought she was going to give in to temptation. ..I felt like I was watching a movie in my mind.

In my head and around me said...

I am not sure that the end is very realistic. However, this is the end that I would have written for myself. I do so like it when people get one over temptation.

Nefertiti said...

Wow! I'm glad she was able to resist the temptation. There is some work to be done in this marriage, that's for sure. Cos the devil don't stop.

Nice work, babes!

Jinta said...

good conclusion, however, what if the text had not come in at that time...?

ibiluv said...
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ibiluv said...

i hate that she went along with him to the hotel

even though *i* could have gone along
and maybe i'll let him see and touch booby........*wink*

but being outside marriage is a big no-no

Afrobabe said...

lol...that ending is morally good but not very realistic in this society oh...

Lolia said...

I love the ending as well :)

Meanwhile lol at 'co-host'...It sounds like you guys have a tv show ^_^ Will be sure to check it out though....Xxs

simeone said...

the ending is nice ...
but maybe i woulda said ..." honey i'm sori..., i'm home now..where are you..?"...

StandTall-The Activist said...

No. The ending was not bad. I just wanted more. Well, guess I will tke ur advice and do what I normally do, I will figure out the rest (lol)

OluwaDee said...

Like the ending.

Not sure its realistic to say, the landlord's wife asked him to take her to the club.
I personally wont do such a thing. Especially for a lonely woman.

Writefreak said...

@ Danny
very classic hey? i just couldn't watch her cheat on her husband!

Aww that's nice, hope you thought it was a nice movie though and not like some home videos we frown at

I wouldn't think it's not realistic cos i've seen people who have been in situations like that...and gotten out even at the last minute...thanks a lot

thanks babes. i agree the marriage needs work but so long as both parties are willing, i don't think any marriage should be given up on..
btw i wanted to send you an email, will still do

hehehe...just imagine it..

whether married or not, temptations abound, it is for one to be able to, sex outside marriage is a NO NO

na you think so o, things like that actually happen

@lolia guess i used that word cos i didn't know what other word to use jare my dear

simeone say things in different ways

you wanted more? my siter na short story jare...a good story should leave you wanting more and wanting to fill in the gaps...i think

Hmm well, if you consider that the landlord and his wife are old enough to give birth to this lady and that the woman trusts her husband to be a good man, then i wouldn't think it's unrealistic...

Dee! said...

A very true fiction!

Such things really happen in our society these days. Although I love the ending, I am of the view that the young couple have to work very hard to make their marriage a success.

ShonaVixen said...

love the end!!

Buttercup said...

wow..temptation has to be the most difficult thing ever to go through..if the text didnt come in, she just might have succumbed..hmm!!

'sola said...

First time here so i had to read the previous post. Lovely story. entertaining, yet very realistic of our society. The husband had a perfect sense of timing, not applicable in real life though where the message would have arrived just after the deed. NOOO!

FFF said...

my own conclusion: the landlord's wife & d woman's husband rushes into the hotel room, with d landlady screaming 'i don catch u. ehh! so, i set trap 4 u, u come fell into am. na me & u today. u go explain 2 ur husband today wetin u & my husband dey do 4 hotel room'. hehehehehehe

aloted said...

@FFF i like this your conclusion

bumight said...

i knew there was a reason why i didnt read this post on time.

loved the story, and the conclusion as well. i just dont like the part where the wife insisted on the landlord taking the woman out. i dont think that is realistic, especially in lagos! lol

Good Naija Girl said...

I liked the story's ending too, but I would have been happier if she had handed the landlord the envelope of money on her way out. That way there would be nothing left between them. And maybe when her hubby comes home they can discuss moving somewhere else.

Beulah! said...

My heart was beating as i read till i got to the end. Thank God she didnt give in....Nice ending!

Writefreak said...

@ Dee
Marriage sure takes a lot of work!

thanks hon...i'm glad you love the end

yes o, may God continue to deliver us from temptation

thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the story...sometimes, things like this happen in the nick of time!

girl you're see you love

abi o...FFF's conclusion is just funny

glad you liked it...i don't know if it's realistic but i don't think it isn', remember they're an old couple and the woman prolly just trusts her husband enough(or maybe she wanted to set a trap for him...borrowing a leaf from FFF's conclusion)

@GNG wey she don spend...ok, maybe her husband will refund the if in the process of returning the money, the guy grabbed her and overpowered her? hehehe

Glad you liked the story at heart beating fast!

I should write more i think!

doll said...

saved by the phone. I like d ending

Original Mgbeke said...

The ending seemed slightly rushed but all in all, a good one. Thank God say she no fall into temptation.

Anonymous said...

i guess the ending could be argued either way..and in this case,it was obvious a higher power stepped in when she had no more strength of her own. and thats the hope we have in God; that He will come through for us when we are at our wits end.
great job,WF!

Anonymous said...

i guess the ending could be argued either way..and in this case,it was obvious a higher power stepped in when she had no more strength of her own. and thats the hope we have in God; that He will come through for us when we are at our wits end.
great job,WF!

Anonymous said...

I think the end made the story very weak. i would have suggested that she slept with the landlord in her desperation and the resulting guilt will awash her with shame and the arrival of her husband's text will be the anti climatic factor. Here there'll be a sort of balancing and more realistic factor as she cannot all of a sudden be happy with her husband's text after his abandonement of 2months. i will suggest in my case that the receipt of the said text at that crucial time is/was poignant and will be a propelling factor to go ahead and sleep with the randy landlord, if not out of desperation but out of sheer spite in order to get even. But if you insist on taking the moral route, she should have resisted at the point of 'entry' - meaning she should have shook her head because of her principled mind and not as a result of a text received by a husband who has been found wanton. Sorry 'bout the long message and i hope you all get my drift...