Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thankful Wednesday

I didnt do my thankful wednesday last week, not because i didn't want to but i was really busy. I have a lot of things to be thankful for but the chief of them are these:

1. I am thankful for the gift of life, being able to sleep and wake up is a miracle and i don't take it for granted.

2. I am thankful for the most amazing news i received from my very good friend...i prayed and God answered. Father i am indeed grateful

3. For bringing our household stuff to Abuja safely from Lagos.

4. For the 1kg i lost in the past one week....still about 3 more kgs, Lord i know you can do it.

5. For my husband who is totally open and honest with me. Thank you Lord for giving me a good man

6. For the friends i made on blogville recently. You guys rock!

7. For the miracle He is about to perform in my life. I know it! i just know it!

8. I am thankful for the hope God has given me in His word, He continues to open my eyes.

9. For the healing He gave me from headache once i stood on His word

10. For the may blessings He continues to shower on me..some i might not remember but i am indeed very grateful!

'Great is your faithfulness o Lord my father'

What are you thankful for?


~Sirius~ said...

I'm Thankful that everyday I wake up I have a reason to be thankful

I'm thankful that we all have things to be thankful about.

Enjoy the rest of your week....:-) Jesus Loves you.

Brown Sugar said...

I am thankful for GOD giving me the patience to go thru wat i am experiencing now........... I know i will thank HIM even more at the end of it.

Love ur blog!!!!

Olufunke said...

Thanks for this post
you have reminded me not take for granted that I sleep and wake up everyday, and
I am also thankful to God for the miracle He is about to do for me!

Caelestis Angelus! said...

Im thankful for the grace to carry on knowing that because he lives my tomorrow is established.

Im thankful because God causes all things to work together for my good because i love him and im called according to his purpose

Im thankful because i am blessed and highly favoured beyond human imagination

Im thankful for you and the inspiration i get from your blog.

Nefertiti said...

I'm thankful for the wellbeing of my family

I'm thankful because I have a job to go to this morning.

I'm thankful becos gradually, God is anwering my prayers about helping weed out friends that are bad for me, and giving me new good ones... wink wink

I thank God for your blog, for making me appreciate not just the big things, but the seemingly little things as well.

NoLimit said...

I join you to thank Baba God...and I'm tapping into your thankfulness to become thankful for #2,#5,#6 and #7 did you shout amen!!! :-)
how have you been?

simeone said...

I'm thankful for the gift of life too and the fact that i know my cloud is so so loaded and it doesnt have a choice but to open up and pour down..

Funms-the rebirth said...

i am thankful for the new friends i made over the weekend

i am thankful for God's strength in my life

I am thankful cuz my faith is being restored gradually

I am thankful for that job i believe he's about to give to me

I am thankful for the opportunity to visit this blog

princesa said...

I'm thankful for life, family and friends.
I'm thankful for the wisdom he has given me and the help in my pursuit.
Thank You Jesus!

aloted said...

Havent done my TTT in 2 weeks..oh well..I am still thankful...

I am thankful that despite the plans of the enemy for me to fall down badly on this dreadful ice i did not. I think i sprained my leg though, but I have spoken healing to it.

The Lord is good and the devil is a liar!

Writefreak said...

@ Sirius
Thank you, Jesus loves us all

@Brown Sugah
I believe God with you that you will thank Him at the end, even in the fire, He's with us

I join you in thanking Him

I'm thankful you're blessed by my blog

I join you in thanking God for the new friends..*wink*

Wait, young lady, do i know what you're talking about? lol

Yes o, it will not rain, it will pour!

Ah thank God for you, i'm thankful for the restoration of your faith too!

ore mi, i'm thankful you didn't fall o, God forbid evil! Yes you're healed in Jesus name!

Tigeress said...

I thank God for the miracle of sleeping and waking up!

AlooFar said...

Praise God somebody!

Writefreak said...

@ Tigeress
I thank God with you!

@ Aloofar

Jinta said...

i am thankful

StandTall-The Activist said...

I am thankful cuz it's not late to be thankful. I am thankful for the creation of weekend to rest,sleep, eat etc

Buttercup said...

lmao @ aloofar!

im thankful on ur behalf..

im thankful for life and all my loved ones!

yankeenaijababe said...

I am thanking God with you too. May God grant you all your desires o sister wa. We love you too Hope you have a great Sunday. Muah.

Writefreak said...

@ Jinta
me too..

Lol...hope you had a fun weekend

Aloofar is just funny...
thanking God for you too sweetie

Aww thank you ya right back! Sunday was great and was made up of some packing and travelling..i thank God cold has gone!

QMoney said...

dont u owe me a lonnnnnnnnnng reply young lady???

Omosewa said...

Awww you moved to Abuja, it's pretty!

I need to stand on Gods word myself, this toothache isnt cute anymore.

I really enjoyed your Randy Landlord story, especially 'cause the main xter found her place somewhere she must never have imagined. Life will always test us, it's important to stand our grounds on some matters and be unshakable...

Have a great week!

Writefreak said...

@ QMoney
My friend, will you go and check your email? lol

Yes we moved my sister...nice place though i'm just a tad bored...i'm kinda playing housewifey at the moment..

Glad you liked the story

Have yourself a wonderful week...anything happening for valentine? *winks*

Smaragd said...

i am thankful for my BMW M3 that's getting spruced up at the factory... *wink*

i'm just thankful for everything!

Naijalines said...

We Should always be thankful.

For the love of me said...

('s the link.

I am thankful for opportunities.)

Olamild said...

4. For the 1kg i lost in the past one week....still about 3 more kgs, Lord i know you can do it.

hahahah that's funny
You said God can do it yes o
cause i am praying 4 the same thing

Geebee said...

Losing 1kg is not too bad now. I wish I could put on like 10 or 15 kilos more (I’m 23, 6ft 2 and weigh 71kg. Bad for my height!) Maybe you could pass those 3kg or more to me. Lol. Thank God for his faithfulness generally. His abundant mercies just keep me constantly amazed. If I were God, I’d have killed me. Regards to your family. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Omosewa said...

LOL@ valentines q?, hehehe, not that i know of o, im going to work. I will keep u posted:D

Writefreak said...

Amen to your BMW! lol

Yes we definitely should all things we should give thanks

@For the love of me
thanks sis, i checked it out

so how're you doing your own o? we have to shed this weight! Did i hear an Amen? lol

You're welcome...ok yes, you can have the weight, infact i can give you more than 3kg...mind you it's not like i'm that big o...that your weight is too small for your height isn't it? though when i was 23 (although i'm 5', i must have weighed like 55kg or i weigh 68 kg)..i've come a long way init? lol

You work on saturdays? I am definitely going to take you up on that! you have to keep me posted

Anonymous said...

...'tis so easy to be appreciative if we just sit to reflect.

doll said...

thank u lord Jesus on behalf of this thankful blogger

Writefreak said...

@ rethots
i agree!

thank you Lord on behalf of this blogger who is thanking you for