Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Wednesday on Thursday

My people, it's Thursday, but yours truly forgot to put up a thankful post yesterday cos i was neck deep in work...and then i had guests who i had to attend to..what else? I can come up with a million and one
I already thought i'd just leave it till next week until Caelestis reminded me, here i am doing my thankful post because God is indeed worthy of all the praise and glory! Thanks babe
So i am thankful for the following reasons

1. I am thankful for the wonderful man God has blessed me with and for my marriage. Valentine's day was wonderful. I had planned hubby's surprise, i wasn't focusing on what i could get. Dude had sent a message the previous day saying not to bother with a gift but he didn't know i had things planned. I played along. Should i just say eh was surprised? I got flowers and some other stuff ...*winks
2. I am thankful because Mr and i are in one accord. Without previous discussion, i bought him 9 cards and he bought me 9 roses, we both had the same thing in mind, we've been together 9 years in total!
3. I thank God for new godly friends. I'm in a new city, i know very few people but God is gradually bringing people that love Him my way; the kind of people i can be proud to associate with
4. I am thankful for open doors, He sets before me an open door and no man can shut it. Halleluyah!
5. I am thankful for Vera's valentine's day. I prayed she would get a surprise and she did..hehehe
6. I am thankful for my dad's life. Yesterday, he turned a year older. God continues to keep him and the rest of my family
7. I am thankful for friends who can tell me the truth without fear.
8. I am thankful for provision. God continues to meet our needs
9. I am thankful that my neighbour's wife had a safe delivery and he goes to see his wife and first born son on Sunday. God is good!

I am thankful for a lot of things, but if i decide to fill this page, i won't be able to accommodate your list, what are you thankful for?

Ps: Blogville help me o, i have a stalker and because of him i have stopped jogging! He met me one day in the morning while i was going and he said he was a health instructor and i was doing the wrong thing, depleting minerals in my body without replacing them. Jogging isn't good for me bla bla...i told him well thank you, can i continue? He said he trains pple, dance classes, mild yoga etc. Where? On a schoolfield, i said ok, even asked the address to get him off my back. I didn't go jogging for a few days cos i wasn't feeling too good...only yesterday i wanted to go out jogging and the security guy came with a flier in his hands from this guy. He said the guy dropped it.
Please help me, blogville, how did this guy find my house? I'm scared to go out now o!
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(I've had to remove the hyperlinks because i think they're making it difficult to open my blog, i wonder why!)


miz-cynic said...

WRITEFREAK,dont mind tht stalker jare...he wants u to be scared.....nothing can happen...i looove ur romantic afta 9 yrs.....wht wont i give to have a man tht will

Olufunke said...

I really thank God for the relationship you have with your husband....I envy you o!

and as for the stalker me I dont know what you will do o! You cant stop joking or having your life because of him, I think you should talk to him the next time and be stern about it.All the best dear

Uzezi said...

thank God for the relationship you have with your husband.

jjust put that stalked in God's hand.

Afrobabe said...

Tell the stalker your husband has commanded you to continue jogging with no input from him..

awwwww, u r so mushy...make me wanna fall in love...

NoLimit said...

Loving your list gal! how have you been...hmmn he must have followed you @ a distance the last time you went jogging...either that, or he heard of the neighbourhood "jogger" and decided to chat with you :-)...either way you are divinely protected so nothing do you men

Caelestis Angelus! said...

Thats more like it, thankful wednesday. Maybe you should get a treadmill at home for abit before you resume jogging

Good Naija Girl said...

Another great list! I love that you express thanks for your hubby alnmost every week, and I'm glad you had a lovely Valentines Day.

~Sirius~ said...

Ok, you might want to change the hyperlinks in your post.

Please alert your security guard, this is not funny at all.
Then again when you go jogging be on the look out for him, chat and mention your husband, maybe he'll get the message.

You and your Hubby make me want to get married......too cute.

Writefreak said...

@ Miz cynic
erm...well we haven't been married for 9 years, only 2...but yes, i pray you will find a man like or even better than him!

lol @ envying me. I'll see how to handle mr health instructor

thank you jare...i think that's the way to go

hmmm...might try that...and yes i am VERY mushy! You should fall in love o afro and this one wey you don chase that guy in church nko? lol...

I'm good thanks, haven't taken a bath today(don't tell anyone)...been working and reworking a script! Yes o, God dey my side, norin do me!

Yes o! I've thought of that, just that most of the ones i see or like are a bit pricey. WIll convince Mr to go treadmill hunting this weekend, hope i

Thanks dear..he's my partner in life now (not crime* winks*) i always thank God for him

thanks for pointing my attention to it darling, i think issue has been resolved now!
I won't even stay to chat with him if i go jogging...
Thanks at the should get married, it's a wonderful

Afrobabe said...

You no serious...guy from church wey sound like agbero from love is blind no reach that level...

Writefreak said...

@ afrobabe
lol...afro, you no go kill me! Agbero for oshodi ke? was his voice cracked or what?

Scarlet said...

i was initally wondering why 9 cards and roses.....its such a sweet way to celebrate 9 years of marriage. awwww... me to i pray for marriage like that.
Dn't let dis stalker put u off jogging. if u do see him i think mentioning you husband might do the trick and tell the guards to tell him off if he eva come back!

Enkay said...

9 cards...9 roses...9 years together! Talk about synchrony! It says a lot about the beauty you both share. I thank God for your marriage.

As for that stalker. Don't let him put a damper on your routine. Like uzezi said. Put him in Baba's hands!

Writefreak said...

@ scarlet...
No o, i have not been married 9 years, we dated for 6 and half years and then got married...and we've been married for a bit over 2 years, this is our 3rd year..

Thanks darling
I shall surely put him in baba's hands!

Funms-the rebirth said...

u and Mr are so adorable.... totally in sync. thank God u decided to still put up the thankful list....
this stalker? ha, be careful dear.

Naijalines said...

'Tis always good to be thankful. God save us from stalkers o.

AlooFar said...

Inspiring list.

Writefreak said...

@ funms
thank you..i'm blushing..i will be careful dear, how;re you doing?

Amen o! God save us!

Writefreak said...

@ aloofar
thank you, how was your birthday?

Danny Bagucci said...

wow... nine years ago i was a beardless teenager trying to get thru my first degree........ Being together for 9 years, and still thinking alike is a really big thing to be thankful for....

Original Mgbeke said...

Awww, I am thankful for you too. Glad you enjoyed your falentines day.
Hia! I cancel and reject all stalkers o and I believe that you will come and do a thankful wednesday post saying that all the stalkers are gone. Amin!

Writefreak said...

@ Danny
Yes 9 years ago, i was just getting into my 20s too and was getting thru my degree....hubby was also with me in uni...hehehe (cradle

@Original Mgbeke
Thank you darling
Amen o! Now he has made me too lazy to get out of the house but i do some exercises at home for now...

QMoney said...

Get hubby to jog with u the next time,if he's too busy,get an ipod and after saying hi,u plug it right back in and continue.....
for now,he jus looks like he's persistent for a client:)

Writefreak said...

@Q money
Hmmm good idea..just that hubby can never make the time i go jogging! I think i might get an ipod...been longing for one, this is a good excuse! lol

Sting said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Ciao.

Nefertiti said...

Babes, I finally got to read this ur post sha. I thot the aproko people at my job saw 'freak' in the URL, and decided to block it or something.

Awww I want to be like u when I grow up. Me, when I see stalkers, I spray them with water, and start yelling blood of jesus. They u usually get the message 'my crase pass ur own'

Happy TGIF ;) Hope u 'worship' to ur heart's content ;) ;)

simeone said...

i'm thanking God for you o and the *words fail me* relationship you have with ur husband....:-)
i'm thankful to god for open doors too o..

Writefreak said...

@ Sting
Thanks for checking up...i do appreciate!

I bind everything that makes it hard for you to open my wasn't your job jare, i could only open on IE after i changed the hyperlinks, i wonder why

Hmmm your style also sounds good..i'm getting me an ipod soon so no time for jagbajagba
Worshippers in the house! lol

Thanks, i'm sure you can still find the
How're you doing? We should hook up again shouldn't we?

yankeenaijababe said...

Truth be said, YNC is crazy busy. I love the thank you post as usual. 9 years with your hubby, WOW!!! That is big. I am proud of you two together and pray for such for us all. The stalker thing is annoying, just ignore the guy and keep jogging...don't forget you are on a mission and he can't stop you from achieving your Have a good weekend.

Buttercup said...

Im thankful on ur behalf. Gosh, ur marriage is just so admirable! :)

Hmm..maybe u shud get a pepper spray..

Writefreak said...

Yeah i know the busy part hon, i hope things quieten down a bit for you soon...yeah 9 years, counting our uni days...etc. Amen i pray even a more wonderful relationship for you! I took to doing aerobics and other exercises at home for now...might get back out on monday

Thank you darling...i'm blushing..
So if i may ask, how do i carry pepper spray while jogging? Is it that light? Never seen a bottle of one before!

MilesPerHour said...

When you find true love it is the absolute best. It took me awhile but I found mine.

Just in case things got out of hand I gave my GF a 2 inch retractable knife to carry. It is sharp as a razor and 1-2 sticks with it should send someone running. I might also suggest carrying a referee's whistle.

As much as I would like to be there I cannot protect my GF 24-7. Don't let fear stop you, or any butthead either for that amtter.

darkelcee said...

Beg hubby to go with and after a while u can go back to jogging on ur own.

I am thankful too.

thanks for the thot. i dont have gtalk on my laptop but i will def send you a mail.

Jaybabe said...

**whispers** Don't tell anyone okay? Seems like finally somebody has changed my mind about getting married. Seems like very soon i'll be calling someone my husband! Can you believe that? Hey, dont tell anyone k? Secret.

aloted said...

hope mr stalker no dey stalk again ooo

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Soooo we hv guyz in Naija who also stalk pipo like dey do in Yankee?
Lo ba tan!!! We will hv to be dressin' like Eleha now so dem no go dey see us o...

Anyways, Writefreak, how have u been? U've changed ur blogging style...but I like...and I have to write that you are truly blessed. Take care of u...

Geebee said...

9 cards, 9 roses, 9 years. Perfect compliments. . . Just shows how closely knit you guys are together . . . a good reason to be thankful for. Stalker? Bumight also has a stalker (an e-stalker now). What’s up with the stalking trend these days? Wait, did you say the guy located your house? Now I think you should call the cops. Well, maybe not. The guy might just be trying to be friendly but it's best to be careful though. Thank God for seeing us through another month (February's almost done too.)

Writefreak said...

was nice catching up...

yay! i'm so excited for you babe..honestly marriage to the right person is great!

haven't been going out jare...been trying to exercise at home

miss opeke
long time!!!!!
i tire for stalker o! but me i no wan be eleha
How you doing? Me, i'm good!

Abi o...yes he located my house but thank God no news from him since. Maybe he was just trying to advertise like someone said but i ain't taking no chances!

Man Cee said...

Per the stalker...
Get ur hubby to bash his head in. Or you could just tell him to bugger off politely... Then bash his head in later.
Per U & hubby
It's good to see u guys understand that this love crap is meant to be 2-way. Looking forward to ur 90th year :-)
I wish all the females reading/ commenting on ur blog have that much sense and not expect the guy to just do all for their relationship.